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Lundy’s Top 10 At 11 – Week 7

I thought I would take a different approach to the Top 10
at 11 this week and see where it goes. Because, frankly, I am running out of
things to write about when ranking the teams, especially when they decide to
take a week off. I mean who do these teams think they are, anyway? In case, you
weren’t paying attention, I am not a huge fan of bye weeks. Oh, I will still
rank the teams somewhere in this piece of garbage I call the Top 10 at 11. I am
sure my seven loyal readers would appreciate that.

In addition to the Top 10 teams, I am going to be bold,
maybe even a bit ambitious. Since this is a fantasy football Web site, I
thought I might actually do something that might help you in that area. I am
going to rank the Top 10 at each position from this moment going forward in
standard redraft leagues. These are the players I would personally want on my
team ranked 1-11. Before I continue, I do everything by my enormous gut. I do
not study schedules and I don’t worry about stats. Did I also mention that I am
a little insane and bipolar and I do not take medicine? The disclaimer is
written so lets get on with it.


1, Matt Schaub – Out of all the big money quarterbacks, he
is the most consistently money. He has been shredding good defenses.

2. Peyton Manning – This guy just keeps passing even with
20-point leads. Be wary of playoffs when he might sit.

3. Drew Brees – He could pass for six touchdowns in a
game, or he could not. He has been too hot and cold for my tastes.

4. Tom Brady – The knee was the issue but I think with the
last two stellar performances he will do well going forward.

5. Phillip Rivers – If the Chargers know what is good for
them, they will run the ball more. Good news for Rivers, though.

6. Ben Roethlisberger – He has been steady thus far, but
the weather going forward in will be a concern in western


7. Aaron Rodgers – The guy still gets points, but the
offensive line is not the best in giving him more then a nanosecond to throw.

8. Joe Flacco – This guy is as cool as the Fonzie in a
refrigerator. It would help if his receivers wouldn’t drop every other pass

9. Kyle Orton – Yeah, that’s right, I have him ranked
above Jay Cutler. Orton is the messiah of the Bronco religion and you don’t ever
doubt him.

10. Matt Ryan – Another one of those young quarterbacks
with ice in their veins. The resurgence of Michael Turner will negate his

11. Matt Hasslebeck – Yeah, he looked terrible against the
Cardinals, but his schedule is not bad and before that game when he actually
played he was good.

Honorable Mention in order – Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb,
Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Jay Cutler, Eli Manning, David Garrard, Brett Favre, Mark
Sanchez, Matt Cassel

Running Backs

1. Adrian Peterson – Regardless of the lack of production
for the No. 1 back, he is too good to be held down for long.

2. Maurice Jones-Drew – Even though

Jacksonville will be behind a lot and will
have to play from behind, Jones-Drew still catches a ton of passes.

3. Ray Rice – Yes, I do believe the hype. He is main rock-toter

and with that offense; there will be plenty of touchdowns.

4. Cedric Benson – Another running back that proves that
the rankings in preseason mean squat and this is all just a guessing game.

5. Michael Turner – You have to think the Falcons will get
back to what made them successful last season, and that is running the ball.

6. Thomas Jones – Forget Shonn Green, the real fantasy
winner of the Leon Washington injury is Jones, who will be relied on even more

7. Chris Johnson – Still explosive, and like Jones-Drew
can take passes and go the distance every time, no matter how far behind they

8. Ronnie Brown – The Wildcat is alive and well, and don’t
let Ricky Williams’ production last week worry you.

9. Frank Gore Alex Smith has a stronger arm than Shaun
Hill, and now has Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis to throw to. This will open
it up for Gore.

10. DeAngelo Williams – He finally came out of his shell
the last couple of weeks and started producing. I would not start him this
week, though.

11. Steven Jackson – I will make a prediction and say that
he will actually score a touchdown this week.

Honorable Mention in Order – Steve Slaton, Rashard Mendenhall,
Brandon Jacobs, Ryan Grant, Joseph Addai, Knowshon Moreno, LaDainian Tomlinson,
Matt Forte, Kevin Smith, Pierre Thomas, Brian Westbrook, Marion Barber, Marshawn
Lynch, Clinton Portis, Ricky Williams, Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells

Wide Receivers

1. Andre Johnson – Sure, the chest injury is a bit of a
concern, but the guy produces week in and week out with a big game sprinkled
in, now and then.

2. Larry Fitzgerald – The Cardinal seem to be dusting off
the cobwebs and Anquan Boldin isn’t the healthiest horse in the stable.

3. Reggie Wayne – Peyton isn’t letting up and this is
Manning’s favorite target. He gets the yards and the touchdowns.

4. Randy Moss – If I believe that Tom Brady will be back
to normalcy, then logic says the dame thing about Randy.

5. Steve Smith (Giants) – A lot of folks smarter then I am
are worried about him because of Hakeem Nicks. I am not one of those as he is
the best receiver they have.

6. Brandon Marshall – This guy has answered any and all
questions with his play on the field rather then with his mouth.

7. Donald Driver – While Greg Jennings has fell from the
fantasy landscape, Driver has thrived.

8. Vincent Jackson – Phillip Rivers still throws the ball
more then he should, and

will catch a lot of those.


Ochocinco – I am not sure I even spelled that right, but he is a lot better
with Carson Palmer than Ryan Fitzpatrick, his quarterback last season.

10. Mike Sims-Walker – I have been trying to trade for
this guy in all my leagues, and you should too.

11. Calvin Johnson – He would be ranked a lot higher when
and if I knew he was coming back from injury. I am guessing soon.

Honorable Mention in Order – Roddy White, Hines Ward, Marques
Colston, Wes Welker, Dwayne Bowe, Greg Jennings, DeSean Jackson, Sidney Rice, Santonio
Holmes, Braylon Edwards, Steve Smith (Panthers), Miles Austin, Anquan Boldin,
Derrick Mason, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Santana Moss, Steve Breaston, Devin Hester,
Michael Crabtree, Hakeem Nicks, Johnny Knox, Nate Burleson



ght Ends

1. Owen Daniels – As long as Matt Schaub is throwing the
ball around the yard, this will be the No. 1 TE.

2. Dallas Clark – This is Peyton’s security blanket and
other than Reggie Wayne, gets the most balls thrown his way on that team.

3. Antonio Gates – Yeah, he hasn’t lit the fantasy forest
on fire, but he hasn’t been as bad as Jason Witten either.

4. Tony Gonzalez – He was just what the Falcon passing game
and Matt Ryan was looking for, and Ryan looks for him a lot.

5. Heath Miller – Do you realize in my leagues that he is
the second-ranked tight end in production so far? And the Steelers will keep



Davis – Guess who leads the league in touchdown
receptions? He is finally living up to his potential.

7. Jason Witten – I am certain he has disappointed many
when he was ranked as the No. 1 tight end in preseason.

8. Jeremy Shockey – He looks likes he feels right at home
in this high-octane saints offense.

9. Visanthe Shiancoe Brett Favre is very, very good for
the fantasy prospects of the tight end to whom he is throwing.

10. Kellen Winslow – He is making a decent year out of a
terrible situation in


Bay. Good thing that
young quarterbacks like throwing to tight ends.

11. Brent Celek – You would think that Donovan McNabb
would throw him the ball more since it looks like their offense is off rhythm.

Honorable Mention in Order – Greg Olsen, Zack Miller, John
Carlson, Tony Scheffler, Todd Heap

The Top 10 at 11 Team Rankings

Here is the normal Top 10 so awesome that it goes all the
way up to 11, with less commentary of course.

1. New Orleans Saints (6-0) – They are still No. 1 after
proving they can come from behind on the road.

2. Indianapolis Colts (6-0) – They killed the Rams and I
am afraid they are going to do the same to my 49ers.

3. Denver Broncos (6-0) – They took a week off but they
are still shockingly undefeated. I was pretty sure they would lose last

4. Minnesota Vikings (6-1) – It’s midnight

Minnesota, your luck is
running out. I expect them to be 6-2 after they lose in the most overhyped game

5. New England Patriots (5-2) – One thing is for sure: they
can sure beat up on teams like the Buccaneers and the Titans.

6. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) – After a disappointing loss
to the Texans, the showed the Bears how good they are.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) – Still not ahead of the
Bengals. Now, how does that make you feel, Steelers fan?

8. Atlanta Falcons (4-2) – With the loss to

Dallas, they will learn
that they are a running team with Michael Turner.

9. Arizona Cardinals (4-2) – They have won three games on
the road, and they haven’t done that since Ronald Reagan was in office.

10. New York Giants (5-2) – Losing two in a row has to
sting a little and Eli Manning needs to start eating his Wheaties because he
has not looked good lately.

11. Dallas Cowboys (4-2) – As much as it pains me to rank
them this high, I have to. At least they found the replacement for Terrell

Well, there you have it; I hope you enjoyed the detour
from the normal trash I write every week. Who knows what I will try next week?
I am crazy enough to do just about anything. As always, feel free to discuss,
entertain, call me bad names and let me know what you think.

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