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Lundy’s Top Ten at 11 – Week 2

Guess what is back! That’s right; it’s your old pal Lundy, bringing you the first edition of the Top 10 at 11. (It’s the greatest Top 10 ever because we have enough nerve to go all the way to 11.) Some of you are going to complain that I am a week late and that I should have done this after Week 1. Hey! I am like the BCS standings, I don’t come out until I have had a chance to sift through the teams and digest what is going on so far. You know how I do this, I do not take into account previous year’s success or what prognosticators tell me who is good and who isn’t.   I base this solely on what has happened so far, who I think are the best teams from their performances so far. I also try to be funny, but I understand that the consumption of alcohol will go up with the reading of this trash. So bottoms up and let’s get started.


New York Giants (2-0)

OK, I am the biggest critic of Eli Manning, and to be honest, I always thought, well, he stunk and was overrated. I am not thinking that anymore. After two weeks and that drive in the excess known as the Jerry Dome, I think he is one of the grittiest quarterbacks out there. They doubted him when they said he has no one to throw to. He just said, “Awe shucks, I still have Steve Smith. Wasn’t he a Pro Bowler in

Carolina or something? And Mario Manningham is sort of like Manning but with a ham, so he has to be good.” Okay, maybe I made that quote up, but I am not making up the fact that Giants are the best team in football right now.


Baltimore Ravens (2-0)

That play Ray Lewis made to shoot the gap and stop Darren Sproles was a thing of beauty. It made me appreciate the art of linebacking that much more. I can honestly say I never expected for the Ravens to be this good, or that they would allow Joe Flacco to become more then a game manager, but both are happening. For the first time ever, this team has a quarterback that can dictate things to defenses. Sure it helps that they have a three-headed monster running the ball, the defense is still awesome and Lewis is playing like it is 2000.


New Orleans Saints (2-0)

This team is like a video game on offense. Drew Brees is on pace to throw like 145 touchdowns or something like that, and he is right now, the best QB in the league, fantasy or reality. He throws the ball all over the place and is always in Tecmo Bowl Mode. There defense is still mediocre and the offense is sort of disguising that fact, but really, who needs a defense when you are scoring 45 points a game? This should be an interesting battle between the top two teams in the NFC South.


Atlanta Falcons (2-0)

I know I talk about quarterbacks a lot, but if you have one and he is actually good, that gives you a tremendous advantage. Matt Ryan is good, folks, and though he isn’t in the Brees class, yet, he will be soon. I will be the first to admit that I thought he would be a bust, so maybe I should quit writing stuff and spreading my lies. The South is rising again, thanks to the Falcons and the Saints. When do they play, because I can not wait to watch that game? (

Editor’s Note: They play on Nov. 2 and Dec. 13).


Indianapolis Colts (2-0)

No, they cannot stop the “wildcat” formation, but there is plenty to like with this team. For one, Peyton Manning is still on that team the last time I checked. (Notice the QB trend here). He doesn’t need long drawn out drives to beat you and hold the ball to win the time of possession battle. Just ask the Paul Pasqualoni,

Miami’s defensive coordinator. He will tell you all about what Peyton can do in 15 minutes. More than most other signal callers can do in 30 minutes, that is for sure.


Minnesota Vikings (2-0)

Would this team be as good without Brett Favre? I am thinking the answer is a resounding no. Is Favre the quarterback he was when he was winning all the MVPs? That answer is also a resounding no. All Favre has to do is just enough to make sure Adrian Peterson doesn’t see 12 in a box. That is not too much to ask for, but I sense Favre will do something stupid like try to win a game himself. Viking fans sure hope not.


New York Jets (2-0)

I am not an objective person so with that being said, I hate Rex Ryan. He is brash, bold and has a big mouth that I am hoping someone will come along and stick his foot in it. But this is certain, as much as I hate him; he has the Jets defense being feared. All of the sudden the AFC East has Rexophobia. The defensive aggression is something I have not seen since the 85 Bears, and they can get away with it because they have Darrelle Revis, the best cover man in the game.


Philadelphia Eagles (1-1)

The Eagles without Donovan McNabb is a terrible team, and with him they are a Top 5 team. I prefer to be a positive guy and rank them eighth. Listen, their defense has all the tools to be successful, but without their QB (the theme keeps rearing its ugly head), they are not much better then the New England Patriots (more on them later). Brian Westbrook looks to be on his last legs so I say, bring on the LeSean McCoy show.


San Francisco 49ers (2-0)

In Mike Singletary’s first press conference, he claimed that he wanted winners. Well, by golly, at 2-0, he has winners, at least for now. That defense is the fastest I have ever seen in

San Francisco, and they want to not only hurt you, but punish you. Matt Hasslebeck and Kurt Warner are proof of that statement. However, unless the offense improves, they will be nothing more than NFC West champions.


San Diego Chargers (1-1)

This is the most talented team in the league. Unfortunately they have the worst coach in the league. Norv Turner is going to hold this team back and has shown this season, especially in the game against the Raiders. LaDainian Tomlinson is on his last legs and the whole team just seems to be getting old and losing site of the magical window of opportunity.


Cincinnati Bengals (1-1)

Admit it, this one shocked you a little bit. By default, I guess I should have put the Broncos here since they are 2-0, but what I have seen out of the Broncos is they got lucky against the Bengals and that the Bengals went into Lambeau and just beat Aaron Rodgers to the ground. Let the hate mail commence.

Other Notes and Stuff You Do Not Care About

No, I didn’t forget the Pittsburgh Steelers, they just haven’t looked that impressive to me. Of course things can change, but they lack a running game and Jeff Reed needs to be assassinated or at least removed from the

Pittsburgh metro area.

The New England Patriots are an overrated team this year. They should be 0-2. They got lucky to get out with a win over

Buffalo. Tom Brady seems tentative, probably due to the knee status. They are losing defensive starters like flies. Good luck, Patriots.



Tennessee, what happened? You used to be good. Well, in this league, it is difficult to keep up every year. (Objective note:

Carolina can go 0-16 for all I care, as the 49ers own their pick).

Jay Cutler is the best QB in the NFC North not Aaron Rodgers, who seems to choke like a Tony Romo playoff performance when it counts. Cutler gets it done when the game is close; he just needs to learn to manage the game better.

The Bills are for real and I predict they will be in the Top 10 sooner than you think, as long as Terrell Owens keeps his mouth shut.

Go ‘Niners, this is the first time I have something to be excited about, so forget objectivity …

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