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Lundy’s Top Ten at 11 (Week 8 Edition)

Welcome to the Top Ten at eleven! Yes, that is right; I have the only top ten that goes all the way up to eleven. Yes, I did in fact steal that concept from Spinal Tap or the Big Ten conference, but who cares. I will do whatever the heck I want since I am Lundy Blankenship, and I rule everything about this article, and simply, I am better than all of you. And even if I am not I will pretend to in my own little Lundy World. Anyway, each week I will be ranking the Top 11 teams in the National Football League that will be forever known as the Lundy’s Top ten presented by Bus. (Bus is the mastermind behind this whole ordeal so I have to give him much due credit, so be sure to e-mail him if this article sucks).


This is all just my opinion after eight weeks. Preseason and perceived expectations mean nothing to me if that team hasn’t produced on the field. If a hyped preseason team is still looking like crap (aka

San Diego and

Indianapolis you still looked like recycled trash and have for a long time), they won’t be in my Top 10 or even sniff it. I don’t care if you think they may be better or whatever your reason is than teams in the Top 10. Quite frankly they aren’t better right now. You may not agree with my rankings and that’s fine, but don’t just say, “OMG … Indy or SD so deserve to be in the Top 10!!!” Ok … that’s great. Don’t get your feelings hurt if your team isn’t in the Top 10 or where you think they should be. It’s not personal. It’s just my not so humble opinion. Now it’s show-time.




Unless, you are mildly retarded or you have a New York Giant fetish, you have to agree that the team formerly known as the Houston Oilers is above and beyond the best team in the league at this point. Did you see how they just manhandled Peyton and his pretty boys? I was already impressed before, but now, they are even more awesome then I am in fantasy football. To make that kind of impression on me, you have to be really good and they are. That defense scares the bejesus out of offenses and they will knock you into next week with a loss.


New York


Okay, I will admit it, I was wrong about the Giants as they are a pretty good team. I still think Eli Manning is a punk, but I will save that argument for another day. How they wore down the Pittsburgh Steelers and took that game from them in the fourth quarter proved to me that they are indeed for real and deserve to be number two. Speaking of number two, this week they are playing the Cowboys, who are playing like number two. This is the Giants’ opportunity to bury the Cowboys and make all the Cowboy haters around the world cheer in unison for the New York Football Giants and all the peasants would praise the Eli almighty (and that includes me and I hate the guy).  




I am not one to make excuses for a team, but I heard there was an Iron City Beer shortage and this caused many sad faces in Steel town. Besides that, the Steelers went up against the world champions with less than a full deck to work with. They still should have won and all of the Steelers players, coaches and fans let me down. I lost some money on this game and I am peeved. I may never get my lucky nickel back. Where was I? Oh yeah. Even though, they lost to the world champions they are still number three according to what I saw. One thing is for sure, this team hates the NFC East as their only losses came from the Iggles and the Gints.




The comeback against the Cardinals showed that this team has guts. However, getting destroyed by

Tampa when they did showed me they don’t deserve to be higher than four. Don’t get me wrong, I like this team, and I could possibly see them making a Giant-type run all the way to the Super Bowl. They could be the most complete team in the league, but to be honest, I don’t know a lot about this team. I just have more interesting things to read and watch then stuff about the Panthers. Frankly, they bore me and I don’t like the colors of their uniform. I don’t really hate the Panthers, I just don’t really care. But, hey, don’t cry you lonesome Panther fans, I didn’t care about the Giants last year either and look how far they got. That’s some good karma.




I really wanted to put them at four, but they could have lost to the Lions. Yes, you heard me right – that same Lions team that has been rebuilding for 51 years as part of their 75-year rebuilding plan. However, don’t go out drinking thinking that the Redskin team is a lost cause. I mean I wouldn’t exactly be up to play a team that dresses in baby blue, so I understand. Here is your chance to prove to me you deserve to be at four (I know that is such high dreams to aspire for.) If you can beat the Pittsburgh Steelers this Monday Night, I promise to move you to four. You should win too. It’s not like they can beat a NFC East team anyway.


New England


This team is like a bad Halloween movie. They just won’t die! They are like a slasher in the night that wants to hear you scream just before they take whatever is left of your small pathetic pedestrian life by spilling your cold blood on your field of dreams. Are you scared of Jason, Freddy or Michael Myers? They have nothing on the gore hound known as Belichick. Just when you think it is safe for the teams to come out, here he comes as bloodthirsty as ever to take what is left of your life. They are back to wreck havoc and terror on the NFL. So, be afraid. Be very afraid. (Insert Evil Laugh Here)! 




Wow, did the Bills ever lay a stinker against the Miami Dolphins last week or what? If they continue to play like that, then they will be chased in the AFC East woods by Patriots and killed off never to return. That performance was just awful, but I am a big Trent Edwards fan and I think they will be able to rebound. Bad games happen to every team in the NFL, except for the Titans thus far. Their struggles on the road concern me, but they will intercept Favre 19 times and beat the Jets setting up the match up with the Patriots who they can finally kill off once and for all, maybe.




I can’t believe they won. It is my lifelong dream to forever keep them out of my top ten, and now, there are some dark times in top ten lands because no matter how I analyze it, they deserve to be here. There is just no more justice in this world. Even though they won, they surely didn’t convince me they are no more than a mediocre team. Can Brad Johnson throw the ball over 10 yards? I know I speak for the rest of the civilized world that we all hope the Giants can know the Anti-America’s team out of the top ten and this will make Lundy a very happy boy. So for one week, Go Giants!





As impressive as you have been


Bay, you have disappointed me last week in your loss to the Cowboys. What in the world was that? You could have buried the Cowboys, but you let down many kids that watch football and hate the Cowboys.


Bay’s offense is as inconsistent as a bipolar woman with a split personality. One week they look good enough to compliment and the next week you wonder why you ever started dated them after they chase you down the street with a machete. Last week, Jon Gruden, you were chasing us all down the street with machete. Thanks a lot for nothing. The good news is next week you will look attractive once again because that’s how the stars will align.


Green Bay


There is nothing bigger than a woman in

Wisconsin, unless of course it is the Packers. Despite an early bump in the road, I believe the Packers are back and will continue to take their place on top of the NFC North. It doesn’t help that they have to play the almighty Titans this week, but you will hear it here first. I think the Packers will shock the Titans and beat them this week as they move up. This team is better than their 4-3 record and now they begin to prove it.



Eagles/Atlanta Falcons

Yes, there is a tie at 11 but so what? I still like the Atlanta Falcons but I could not put them ahead of the Eagles since

Philadelphia beat them. It was a close game anyway and the Falcons could have easily won that game if the call on the muffed punt was made right. I know I am going to hear from all of you to have the guts and pick a team, but I really believe that they are tied for 11th. Side note: Matt Ryan and Roddy White are awesome; that is all.


Other Notes and Garbage that even Narcoleptics Don’t Care About

San Diego

is in panic mode after firing their defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell, and Norv Turner should fear for his job. Well, there is a case he should have never got the job in the first place, but I digress. The sad thing is they are still in this thing because

Denver equally sucks.


can’t win on the road or even worse in the Eastern time zone. Just when I was starting to think they could be different, they come out the same old sorry Cardinals. They could make the playoffs with a 7-9 record in that even sorrier division.

Mike Singletary is my hero. Yes, he got crushed by the terrible Seahawk team, but for the first time in a long time a coach showed his player who was boss. More important he showed an assistant coach who was boss. When J.T. O’Sullivan was yanked for Shaun Hill, Singletary was sending a message to Mike Martz. It’s his team now and he will do what is right. Sadly we will still suck.

Could it be that the Ravens could be a dark horse team? They are already showing more character on offense then they have in many, many years. You already knew they had a defense, but who knew they could be this creative on offense? I recommend getting Joe Flacco in your fantasy lineup as your third WR.

Feel free to disagree with the almighty Lundy by posting your own top ten at the following link.

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