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Lundy’s Top Ten at 11 (Week 9 Edition)

First of all I have to apologize for being so late with this. This week I have been so busy at work, and I haven’t had the ability to even think about the top ten teams that actually go up to 11. I mean seriously, why does the boss man want to work me to death? Doesn’t he know I have priorities like making a fake list of the top ten (11) teams in the National Football League? I know he doesn’t think things like this are important, but there are at least three readers’ lives depending on what I write every week in this feature. Even as I write this I guarantee they are refreshing the main page in anticipation to see what I have to say about this week in the NFL. Well, this is your lucky F5, because it is now here. Enjoy my loyal triplets of readers.


I know I say this every week so I hope you will still understand the criteria of deciding who goes into the greatest top ten in the history of the internets (because it is the only one that goes all the way up to 11.) Past seasons and reputation means nothing to me. I know the 49ers are one of the greatest franchises in the history of the sport, but that doesn’t mean they are a top team. I go by what I know so far this season, not last year or preseason. So, you will not be seeing the Cowboys or the Chargers in this list because simply they have sucked so far this season and do not deserve. So after nine weeks of blood sweat and tears, I give you the Top 10 at 11 or something like that.




I am beginning to get tired of being wrong about this team. I know I picked them to lose to the Packers last week and they almost did. But, that only counts in horseshoes or corn holing, a game they love to play in the volunteer state. In fact I hear that Jeff Fisher himself does quite a bit of corn holing and is quite the corn bag pitcher. I think I know just a bit too much about this game so I will quit discussing it now. I will say that the Titans are still far and above the best team in the National Football League and no one even compares. Talk of going undefeated is a bit premature as I don’t think that will happen, but I also said they wouldn’t beat

Green Bay, so don’t take this moron’s word for it.


New York


It is a great day for the

United States of America! No, not because Barack Obama was elected president, that is small fries, I am talking about the Giants knocking the Cowboys back out of the top ten. It is now time for everyone in the

Western Hemisphere to line up and give the Giants the gratitude that they deserve. They have made the top ten more enjoyable since they completely destroyed the Cowboys, who are no longer in the top ten, and all the villagers are dancing in the streets. Did you not see it all over the world? Alright I have to admit Obama had a small part in this week’s celebration, but the Cowboy haters were dancing because of the Eli, not Barack.




The fact that the Steelers just have a brutal schedule is lost on people. My God, their schedule is tougher than three-dollar steak sitting out in the sun for 48 hours and dipped in concrete. After losing to the Giants, did they feel sorry for themselves? Heck no! They buttoned up their chinstraps and went to

Washington and beat the holy living tar out of them. Despite having the unquestioned toughest schedule in the league, they are still 6-2, only losing to the Eagles and Giants. That is not too shabby. This week they get to play the Colts, who are on some sort of a mini roll, but I have a feeling the Steelers will put an end to that real quick.




The 2008 version of the Panthers remind me of the kid in gym class who is very good at sports but no one wants to hang around with or knows anything about. I admitted before that this team does nothing for me and I know nothing about them, but according to record and performance they are number four even though I have no idea how good they are, which should be scary for the rest of the league. They can sneak up on you and take you out. I am looking forward to watching them this weekend against

Oakland. Ah, who the hell am I kidding? I would rather watch paint dry on growing grass then watch these two teams.


Washington Redskins

Wow, did the Redskins ever get spanked by the Steelers and get embarrassed for the second time on national television (the Giants did the honors in week one.) However, I don’t think losing to a very good

Pittsburgh team is something to get all whiny and gloomy and doomy (is that even a word?) over. There is no need to hang your heads because the Steelers beat you like a rented mule. Speaking of which: has anyone actually ever beat a mule, much less a rented mule, and where can you rent a mule? I still like the Redskins in my top five and I think they will prove it this week. Wait, you are telling me they are on a bye? Hmmm, I guess I should have done more research.




The more I watch this team the more I am convinced that McNabb is not the MVP of the team, but Westbrook is. They seem to me to win a lot more games with Westbrook in then without him. I could almost be convinced that they are a Top 5 team but they still have to do a bit more proving me wrong. Have you noticed a trend with the top teams in these imaginary rankings? They all have great defensive play and lean more to the conservative running on offense, and the Eagles have that just as much as the other teams. The Eagles are one team that seems to be getting better as the season progresses.





You know this team should be ashamed of itself. One week after getting embarrassed by a weak Cowboy team, they barely hold on to beat a not so good

Kansas City team. They should be lower then this but I can’t really find a team any better. They really need to work on their offense or they will not be in my top ten that much longer. I am pretty sure that will motivate them to do better, for those of you that can’t catch what I just said. That was indeed sarcasm. The bye couldn’t come at a better time for this team that seems to be on the verge of a downward spiral.




Oh Atlanta, I hear you calling. I am coming back to you one fine day. Who in their right mind would have figured that they would be back this fine day? This season turnaround after all the stuff that happened last season is nothing short of remarkable. The play of a rookie QB is perplexing at best. Matt Ryan has become a better QB in eight games than Michael Vick has in eight years, and it shows up in the team’s performance. He is the leader in the huddle this team hasn’t had since Chris Chandler and soon he will prove to be better than that. I hope he has higher goals than that of course, but if you do not think that the Falcons are not for real than you probably need to reevaluate your analysis.




Raise your hand if you have Tim Hightower on your fantasy team. I know this is not a fantasy writing, but I just thought I would throw that in there for those who patiently kept him on their bench just waiting for the opportunity to use him and it paid off. And, it’s going to pay off for the Cardinals too, as they will now have a more consistent running game to help balance the high octane passing game. I still don’t trust old man Warner to lead this team in the playoffs but they should win the West easily.




I know what you Bears fans are thinking. What in the world took you so long? Well, I have to admit I wasn’t convinced until just now. I was hesitant to put them this high since they barely the worst team in football. I am also hesitant since Neckbeard might not play and Rex Grossman will probably throw 27 interceptions in the next game. Like it matters who is going to be quarterbacking anyway, as they play the Titans, who will probably make them play like the Cubs in October.


New England


Wow, has the AFC fallen or what? I had no idea even to put at 11 as I went back and forth between them and the Jets. I know the Colts beat the Patriots last week, but I still think they will win the AFC East and scare some teams in the playoffs. I still don’t trust Favre, and the Bills may be a year away. The Patriots seem to be doing just enough to survive and lurk and that’s a sign of a dangerous team, one way or the other.

Other Notes That Might Not Interest Apathetic Aardvarks

Green Bay is 4-4, but since they lost I just couldn’t put them ahead of any 5-3 team, but hear me out. I think they are one of the better teams in the league, and they almost beat the almighty Titans. They will make some noise, I promise, before the end of the season.

How in the world have the Raiders won two games? They are easily the worst-run organization in the NFL, and I really feel sorry for all of you Raider fans. Not that I can say much (I am a Niners fan) and our organization sucks as well.

What is up with these rookie QBs this year? Along with Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco is continuing to impress. I hope GMs and fans don’t start getting unrealistic expectations after this season when their teams draft a first-round signal caller.

You might not read this until after the Thursday Night Game, so if you do, I never took into account that game. Not that it matters, both teams smell like last week’s garbage.

Speaking of Thursday Night games, I do not like them. As a fantasy player it really messes with my weekly planning and waiver pickups. This Thursday game particularly snuck up on me.

In closing, I would like to add that this season of football has kind of been boring. Maybe I am just getting too busy with life or maybe it’s because my 49ers are terrible, but who knows? I am just not as excited about football as I used to be.

Even though, I am all-knowing and always right, if you feel you want to disagree with me, feel free to post your own top ten and reasons why I am some kind of a nutjob.

As always, if you have any hate mail, fan mail, complaints, death threats or if you just want to drop a line telling me how awesome I am, e-mail me at I might even answer some of your deepest darkest fantasy questions as long as it is about football.

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