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Lundy’s Top Ten At Eleven (Week 12 edition)

I have to apologize in advance to make this probably the shortest of these that i will write. I promise that next week it will better written and more thought out. I am just busy with Thanksgiving and all I thought I would go ahead and post it so at least you know where i stood with the teams. You all should know the criteria by now so lets roll with the eleven……

1. New York Giants

If you need a visual I can show you but right now I have a size 9 and a half Vans shoe in my mouth. (I highly recommend vans for wearing not for eating) I want everyone to read this and I want to be as clear as possible. As of right now, the Giants are the best team in the NFL. Yes, it was very hard for me to say and even more difficult to stomach. Oh, and I hate Eli Manning but he is turning into a heck of a QB

2. Tennessee Titans

I have been hearing all over the media on how the Jets are the best team right now in the AFC. Slow down the horse, son before you trip over your own two feet. The Jets are proving their worth, and they did go down to Music City and kicked the snot out of them, but did you really think that the Titans were going to win all their games. This is the wake up call they needed and they will get back to playing well and winning games.

3. New York Jets

I know I was a little harsh on the Jets just a moment ago, but the truth is you are contenders now. The Jets are doing it by running the ball and studly defense. What is that? You mean Favre has a small part in this. Maybe so, but he is just a game manager now. They are keeping the throws short so he doesn’t Favre a game away and its working. This team is for real and now the league knows this.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

The best defense in the league and it isn’t even close. That’s right… Let me repeat that. Best defense in the league and it is not even close. The are the top run defense. They are the top Pass defense. They could be the best team in the league if not for their offensive inconsistency. That line is killing their running game and Ben has to run around on what looks like every play. That is just too bad as far as I am concerned.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Even though they look bad at times, you have to give them credit, they are still rolling. Of course playing the Lions will do that to you, and I won’t even mention the fact they fell way behind early, but they stormed back and took it over and won the game. Garcia is a gritty leader and Antonio Bryant is finally living up to his once great potential.

6. Indianapolis Colts

This team is back and on a roll and everything is starting to click again for them. Just as I say that, however, their all world center Jeff Saturday is hurt again and could affect their roll. Their defense desperately needs Bob Sanders back if they are ever going to make a run once they get into the playoffs.

7. Atlanta Falcons

This team proved once again that i was right and I am going to continue to pat myself on my back until my arm tires out or the falcons let me down. So far, so good for the Dirty bird attack. They took it to the Panthers last Sunday by running it down their throats. Micheal turner had 4 touchdowns in one game. He is going to tell his grandkids about that one just like Al Bundy

8. Carolina Panthers

Do you hear that sound? It is the sound of the Carolina Panthers screaming as they fall in the Top Ten (11.) The Panthers have not looked good in the last 3 weeks at all. Oakland made them look ordinary and well, they made the Lions look like a competitive team. They survived those two tests of manhood but when the falcons came with the beat down of a lifetime, they two could hear the sound of their ranking falling.

9. New England Patriots

Anyone who doesn’t think Matt Cassell is a capable starting Quarterback in this league please stand up. OK, now you idiots can just sit down because you are making a fool out of yourself. After a few live game reps this guy is making reads finding the right guy and probably doing it quicker then that other guy they had. It is truly a credit to how the Patriots just keep developing the talent they get.

10. Dallas Cowboys

You know what? I am still not impressed. They crushed the 49ers but come on, that is really not saying much now is it? In fact, if not for a couple of backbreaking plays by Terrell Owens to Nate Clements, the Niners D did a good job on shutting the Cowboys down. The Cowboys were still making the kind of mistakes high school teams make and will be one and done in the playoffs once again.

11. Baltimore Ravens

I really wanted to put the Dolphins here, but after their lackluster attempt at beating the Patriots at home, I am putting the Ravens here by default due to their better record and the fact they are more consistent even with a rookie QB. Plus, with the exception of the Steelers has one of the best shutdown Defenses.

Other Notes that will have the same effect as Tryptophan

I will try to keep these notes short as it is Thanksgiving and all, but one thing I noticed is How bad the AFC West is. the winner of that division could be 7-9 and well, that sucks.

Whether or not McNabb plays the rest of the season, look for him not to be an Eagle next season. My guess is he will be a Bear.

Last but not least, happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the awesome games they are giving us on Turkey day. Can you just feel the sarcasm in my writing?

Sorry this is so short but it is the holidays and I have more important things to do like get stuffed and pass out in front of a Lions game.

Feel Free to complain and make fun of me

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