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Marty Knows Prospect: Version Five

San Francisco Giants-Andrew Susac, C.
  A little deeper here to start today’s
  Susac was a 2nd round
draft pick last year, but possesses great power, and likely would have been a
higher 1st round pick if it
were not for a wrist injury that affected him for most of the year.
  He has significant raw power, and I have a
feeling that it will play well in the big leagues.
  Defensively, he has no real gaps either, and
he could be an impact backstop for some time.
The problem for Susac is, he has a Buster Posey problem in front of him,
along with a Hector Sanchez problem, and a Tommy Joseph problem.
  All catchers in front of him have big upsides
as well. I think Susac will be a starting option in the big leagues, but it may
not be with the Giants.

Seattle Mariners-Taijuan Walker, RHP.
This is another one that may not be a secret, but nonetheless people who do not
follow the prospect world may not know this name.
  Walker, along with James Paxton and Danny
Hultzen, make up a triumvirate of tremendous pitching prospects.
  Some may have questioned the M’s trade of
Michael Pineda, but it makes perfect sense here.
  All three are going to be impact players, but
I think Walker is going to be something special.
  Plus offerings at fastball and curveball make
him very difficult for lower-level hitters to adjust to, and that was evident
in 2011.
  As he goes up the ranks, I
think he may struggle, as sometimes he just trusts his raw stuff instead of
focusing on mechanics and repetition.
Still, if he can harness this, you’re talking about a guy with #1
  Since they already have a guy
with #1 stuff in King Felix, Walker could fit right in as a #2.
  I truly believe that Paxton also has #1
upside, and Hultzen has #2 stuff.
  If all
comes together, and frankly it looks like it may, the Mariners do have a bright
future here.


Tampa Bay Rays-Mikie Mahtook, OF.
  There are a few other players that stand out
to me in the Rays system, but I’ll wait just a bit before highlighting them.
Mahtook is intriguing to me because he has all 5 tools as above average, but
nothing really sticks out as tremendous.
He plays hard, and has a knack for putting himself in positions to win
the game for his team.
  In that way, I
see Mahtook out of the Hunter Pence mold.
Pence doesn’t do much pretty, but wows you with his effort and
  Mahtook might look more like a
player, but his swing is a bit unorthodox as well.
  Still, the Rays could do a lot worse with
their OF prospects, and I definitely think Mahtook can start in LF for them in
the future.


Texas Rangers-Ronald Guzman, 1B/OF.
Ok, he’s only 16.
  And he’s light years away.
  However, As a 16 year old, he possesses
tremendous batspeed and power, and projects as a middle of the order bat.
  The Rangers did not invest $3.45 million
dollars on him because they thought he’d be an average player.
  They’re banking on superstar potential.
  There are a few video clips out there on
Guzman, all of him taking batting practice, and his approach is very
  He’s very big for his age, and
there’s a reason to worry about just how big he’s going to get.
  However, it is very easy to get excited about
what he can do-and I know Rangers fans should be very intrigued by this
prospect. He’s miles and miles away from contributing, and likely will play in
the DSL this year, but monitor his progress.


Toronto Blue Jays-Jake Marisnick, OF.
Big strong, and lean, he’s one of those 5-tool players that make scouts very
  I truly believe Marisnick
projects as a near 30/30 player, but have some doubts about his power.
  I do not have those doubts about his
  In my opinion, he should be a
.285/20/30 player in his prime, and that is VERY appealing for all of us
fantasy players.
  He is still likely a
full year or two away from making a contribution at the big league level, but
look for him to supplant the Thames/Snider/Davis combo they have in LF.
  In fact, I think Marisnick takes over for
Rasmus in CF by the end of 2012.
  I love
the makeup of this kid, and definitely the prospect of him in my fantasy


Nationals-Tyler Moore, 1B.

2010, Moore hit 31 HR. In 2011, Moore hit 31 HR.
  That’s a lot of power for someone that you
likely haven’t heard of, and is generating no attention on the prospect
  To be perfectly honest, there is reason for a
lot of optimism here. Along with the HR numbers, he hit 43 and 35 2B
  The biggest reason he’s
not on most prospect lists are the strikeouts.
111 in low-A in 2009.
  125 in
high-A in 2010.
  139 in AA in 2011.
  He’s not going to be a batting champion, but
I can see him contributing to fantasy teams a la Carlos Pena at some
  I’m very intrigued by him, and
will be watching closely in 2012.
should too.

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