Monday - Oct 26, 2020

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Mickey’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

Vinnie was too busy this week to get an article together and since he gave his cousin Mickey two seconds notice, well you get what you get.

To make it short and sweet.  Here’s what Mickey’s picking this weekend. 

There line is WAY skewed on the Pats side.  Minus 9, I mean please!  Would it suprise anyone if the Pats squeeked out a win, would it suprise anyone if the Jets squeeked out a win.  Nope.

Parcells also has his job and maybe his career on the line this weekend.  It’s a must win and the troops will be ready.  Seattle is overrated.

Lastly, The Giants stink, Phily doesn’t.  Please someone try to disagree with me.

So, Mickey’s playing a bit on the safe side this weekend.  He’s 6-pt teasing all three games and parlaying them together.

Cowboys +2.5 + 6pt tease = +8.5
Eagles -7 + 6pt tease = -1
Jets +8.5 + 6pt tease = +14.5

Take that and run with it. 

G’Luck!  Enjoy the weekend.



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