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Mickey’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

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Ok…I lied. Vinnie’s out of the hospital now, but still recovering. Lucky for all of you that Mickey’s back for another week. After going 2 for 3 last week, I’ve been on one heck of a roll the past 3 weeks. Let’s see what this weeks got in store.

Let’s review last week:

Houston @ Jacksonville (OFF). Final Score: Houston 0 – Jax 27. 
Pick JAX. DAMN!! I really love They do a great job, nice user interface, and lots of options. If you haven’t tried them you should. But, they didn’t post this game. I checked right up to game time. This was the one I had the most confidence in. So, I had to call “a friend”. It was never a worry at all. Jax romped.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans (-1), Final Score: TB 14 – NO 7
Pick NO -1. Could NO do anything right at the end of the half? Please…they gave this game away. In 1:40 they missed a TD, turned the ball over, had a punt blocked, and gave up 2 scores. Other than that TB played a lousy game. Oh well…a loss is a loss.

Dallas @ Phily (-5.5), Final Score: Dallas 10 – Phily 36
Pick Phily -5.5. I was only worried about Phily covering because of the approaching snow storm. If you looked at the weather though before the game, you knew that the storm had moved out. After that point it was never a concern of mine that they would cover. Another nice win.


Onto this weeks gems:

Carolina @ Arizona (+6)
I love this game! Arizona looks terrible. Carolina has been reeling a bit lately, but look for a strong game against a weak ‘zona secondary. Delhomme should have a great game as well as Mushin Muhummad and Steve Smith. Pick: Carolina -6 (5 stars)

Dallas @ Washington (pick)
Washington stinks. I’m sorry, but they do. I have faith in the Tuna to pick Dallas back up and make a push to the playoffs. Dallas pick (5 stars)

Green Bay @ San Diego (+5)
As Ron said in his Start/Bench list….Giddyup! Green Bay should steam roll the Charges this weekend. Flutie’s got some magic in his bones. But, he doesn’t play in the Charges secondary. Pick: Green Bay -5 (4 stars)

Weekly Teaser:
You know how much I like teasers, much more than my cousin Vinnie. So here’s this weeks (3 stars).

New York Giants @ New Orleans (-7.5)
Bit of a scare on this one. Collins is out for the week and that means Tiki will get all of the work. Indoors he should do well but he’s going up against a solid NO D-line. I question whether NO can cover the 7.5 points. Jesse Palmer’s going to throw a pick or doubt. To take the guessing out, let’s take NYG +7.5, then tease to +13.5

Jacksonville @ New England (-7)
New England has much to play for being the #1 seed and is looking for that to continue. I see no reason Bellicheck won’t find a way to make Leftwich just look silly. That defense is playing great. However, Jax looks terrific lately. Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see a close game. So, let’s make this a no brainer and tease JAX +7 to +13.


In Summary:

Carolina (-6) – 5 stars
Dallas (pick) – 5 stars
Green Bay (-5)  – 4 stars
Teaser, NY Giants (+13.5) & Jax (+13) – 3 stars

G’Luck Mickey!

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