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Mickey’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

Well as usually happens once a year our Caribbean connection, Vinnie gets into trouble.   Taking over for Vinnie for the next four weeks is his cousin Mickey.


YO everyone out there in sharkland.  Glad to be with all’s you peoples.   My cousin Vinnie has once again got himself in a predicament.  So, I’ll be taking over for him for the next four weeks.  Truth be told if you looked at my record last year, you’ll all be happier with me.


A little recap of Vinnie’s last weeks picks.


Vinnie’s pick:

Atlanta –1 / Seattle –1 *** , it looks soooo easy.


Mickey’s response.

Yo Vinnie.  Ah, both didn’t cover even with you teasing these team.  Just YUK!


Vinnie’s pick:

Raiders +9 ***


Mickey’s response:

You were not even close.


Vinnie’s pick:

Jets –6.5 ***


Mickey’s response:

Well, I can at least say the Jet’s won the game, but they didn’t cover you lose.


Like I said, you’ll be MUCH better with the ‘ole Mickster this week.



Week 6


Ok gang, onto this week.  A couple of nice plays and one let’s see where this goes.


Seahawks at Patriots (-4).  I’m sorry.  But, the Pats are playing terrific ball right now.  I just don’t see the streak being broken at home.  Yes, the Hawks are a good team.  But, they aren’t nearly as good as the Pats.  Take the Pats -4 to the bank this week.  3-stars!  ***


Steelers at Cowboys (-3).  I don’t know what it is about Rothlingsberger, but I like him.    The Cowboys on the other hand are in disarray right now.  Parcells just can’t get through to these knuckleheads.  That the points and watch the Steelers win the game out-right.  Steelers +3, 3-stars!  ***


Chiefs at Jaguars (+2).   I’m going to take a flyer on this one.  I like the Jags this season.   They are gritty, have a nice defense and a decent offense.  On the other hand, the Chief can’t seem to get their act together.  It’s a little worrisome that the Jags can be run on.  And with Holmes coming to town that concerns me.  But, I like the points with the Jags at home.  Not a big play, but take the Jags +2, 1-star. *


That’s it this week.  


To recap:

Pats -4, 3 stars

Steelers +3, 3 stars

Jags +2, 1-star



G’Luck to all of you!


Your friend, Mickey.



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