Thursday - Apr 25, 2019

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Mickey’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

Made my 3-star play last week, didn’t hit on my 2-star play.  I’ll take that and move onto this weeks 3-star plays.  Haven’t seen many of you at my sponsor lately  Please visit them if you get a chance.


Review of last week:


Packers at Redskins (+2), Take the Packers for our 3-star play of the week.

Result – Win.  I analyzed this game and got it perfect.  Not like that next game where I went on a hunch.


Falcons at Broncos (-6.5), Take the Broncos for a 2-star play

Result – Loss.  So much for Shanahan working his magic.   His defense gave up 41 pts.


This weeks plays:


Cardinals at Dolphins (-3)

The Cardinals haven’t won a road game in 2 years!  The Dolphins have never lost to the Cardinals, never.  You want to believe this is the time.  I don’t.  Take the Dolphins for our 3-star play of the week.


Saints at Chargers (-6)

What’s with Drew Brees?  Where did this guy come from?   Duece is coming off a sore ankle.  I don’t see him back to full speed.   Take the Chargers for another 3-star play of the week.


Bears at Giants (-9)

The Giants have a dominant defense.  The Bears rank 29th in offense in the league.  Huh…wonder what will happen this week in New York?  Krenzel’s going to get killed maybe he’ll top his 168 yards passing last week.  I doubt it.  Go with the Giants for a small 1-star play this week.





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