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Mickey’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

You wanted Vinnie?  Forget about it.   Your friend Mickey went 2-0 last week and is back for more!


Let get right into this week.


Tampa Bay at New York Jets (+3.5)


The 4-0 Bucs go into New Jersey against the 1-3 reeling Jets this weekend.  Big ‘ole Vinnie Testeverde is back with the Jets just to make sure he reaches 67 before he starts to collect social security checks.  Vegas is trying to sucker you in with the extra .5 on the 3.5 spread.  Don’t buy into it. Go Tampa big this weekend. 

Tampa -3.5, 4 stars


Chicago at Cleveland (-3)


Well, this is a joint venture pick between both Vinnie and Mickey.  Although Vinnie is still paying off debts to society from his last set of stinkers, he did call in that he loves Cleveland at home.  Mickey has to agree this week with his cousin.


Both teams are coming off the bye week and post the same 1-2 record.  The Browns have had multiple “blunders” in their last game.   Romeo is going to correct that this weekend without a doubt.  Chicago has no passing game whatsoever.  Go with Cleveland big at home.

Cleveland -3, 3 stars


Detroit vs Baltimore (+1)


Not a huge one for Mickey this week.  Baltimore and Detroit are both 1-3 going into the weekend.  Both have not looked good at all.         The Lions are without Rogers for 4 games due to “substance abuse”.  Whatever that means.  Not that he did anything last weekend either.  Harrington has not looked good lately.  Go with Baltimore to squeak in a win. 

Ravens +1, 1 star


To Recap:


Tamps -3.5, 4 stars

Chicago -3, stars

Baltimore, +1, 1 star


G’ luck!


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