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Mickey’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 3

What are you going to do with my cousin Vinnie? He calls me Friday morning last week to “cover” for him (both on this article and other ways). Hello, cousin. I’ve got a couple of things going on that day. In any rate, Vinnie did OK for the first week. 2-2 for a week is fine, but not great. Let’s see if ‘ol Mickey can do better.

Buffalo @ New England -16.5

Does any in this world not think this is going to be a complete romp. Please neither do I. Buffalo hasn’t beaten New England since 2003. Camera-gate has motivated a team that really didn’t need any motivation. The question isn’t them winning, it’s just how big. A 16.5 spread certainly pushes the envelope. If you’re worried, grab 6.5 points and count the check

. New England and the points, 3 stars. ***


(+7) at


Can someone explain this one to me? Detroit is 2-0 and Phily is 0-2, yet Detroit is a 7 point underdog? Sorry, I don’t get it. Detroit’s aerial attack may finally after years of experimentation come together. On the other hand, nothing seems to be going well in Phily. Donovan, just stop talking, please. Take the Lions big this weekend.


+7, 4 stars!

New York

Giants at



The Redskins defense might surprise a few people this year. On the other hand so does Big Blue in a totally different way. The Giants cannot spot the pass. The Packers absolutely torched the Giants defense last week. Expect much of the same this week as Campbell starts to become a household name and little Manning continues to take all of the blame.

Skins -3, 2 stars **.

G’ Luck this week!


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