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Mickey’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

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Well our cousin Vinnie has been forced to take a sabbatical for the next week or two. Thankfully, the hospital thinks he’s got a good insurance plan. Which is lucky. Since, after last weeks crappy picks a big guy named Louie came calling. In his place for the next week or so is his cousin Mickey.

Last Week:
What can I say, my cousin was awful last week. 0-3 what was he thinking? He took three away teams with big point spreads. Hello McFly? Anyone home? They are dogs for a reason my cousin! And all playing on the road no less. Nice going buddy.

Let’s take a look at last weeks debacle.

New York Jets +6 @ Indianapolis: Vinnie’s pick: Jets +6 (2 stars)
Well maybe I can give my cousin a punt on this one. A fake field goal to win the game. But, please you got suckered into the 6 points on the road and didn’t deserve to win this one.

Arizona +6.5 @ Cleveland: Vinnie’s pick: Arizona +6.5 (2 stars)
Vinnie, are you nuts? Holcombe passed for 392 yards and 3 scores. Nuff said.

San Diego +7.5 @ Denver: Vinnie’s pick: San Diego +7.5 (2 stars)
Ah…Vinnie final score of this one. 37-8 Denver. You weren’t even in the ball park.

Onto this weeks gems:
Mickey’s got a few gems for you this week.

Jacksonville @ New York Jets (-4)
I’ll go with the New York home team. I know my cousin Vinnie doesn’t like to root-root-root for the home team, but in this case Mickey’s making an exception. The Jets look terrific with Pennington at the helm lately. Jacksonville looks awful. Give up the 4 it won’t be this close. Jets -4, (3 stars)

Cincinnati @ San Diego (+3)
Cincinnati is really coming into their own lately. San Diego on the other hand is totally flubbering along. What a mess there. The QB situation, the WR situation. Even Toml looked horrible last week. Give up the 3 points and take it to the bank. Cincinnati -3 (4 stars).

In Summary:
That’s it for this week. Too many games with huge point spreads (see Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, and Oakland). I’m not touching those disasters.

Cincinnati -3 (4 stars)
NY Jets -4 (3 stars)

G’Luck Mickey!

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