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Mickey’s Pick$ & Pa$$es – Week 7

YA BABY!  3 wins, no losses last week.  That’s why your friend Mickey is there for you.  I’m back again for another week as Vinnie is still “away with his little friend”.



Recapping Week 6


Seahawks at Patriots (-4).   Pats -4 to the bank.  3-stars!  *** 

Was touch and go for a second, but a last minute TD by the Pats breaks the game open to a 10 point lead.  In the bank, like I said!


Steelers at Cowboys (-3).   Steelers +3, 3-stars!  ***

Go back and read it.  I said the Steelers would outright win and they did.


Chiefs at Jaguars (+2)  Jags +2, 1-star. *

A small play, but another win made me 3-0 for the week. 



Week 7


Ok gang, onto this week. 


Rams at Dolphins (+6.5).  Has anyone noticed the Rams sneaking up on people and being a pretty decent team.  They are.  The Dolphins stink.  Period.  I see no reason that St. Louis isn’t going to roll over the Fins and leave them for dead.  Take the Rams -6.5, 3-stars


Cowboys at Packers (-3.5)  For the first time in my life I actually see Parcells reeling a bit.  His team is not responding to his Hall of Fame techniques.  He says he wants to be a .500 team by November.  Does that sound like the Bill you and I know?  This week he swaps disgruntled wide receivers with the Browns.  Sorry, a road game at the Packers is not the way to turn your season around.  Take the Packers -3.5, 3 stars.


Broncos at Bengals (+6)  Let’s throw out the Monday night game for a flyer.  I don’t feel as comfortable with this one, so I’ll throw in a 1-star play.  The Broncos look like a train coming that no one can stop.  I mean I could probably be the starting Running Back on a Denver team, since it seems anyone that takes on that roll ends up a star.  The Bengals season last year where they looked like a legitimate team seems over.  Take the Broncos -6, but only for a 1-star play.



To Recap


Rams -6.5, 3 stars

Packers -3.5, 3 stars

Broncos, -6, 3 stars


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G’Luck to all of you!


Your friend, Mickey.




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