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Missing In Action

It’s concerning when anyone goes missing, but it’s downright scary when your fantasy stud disappears for the first month of the season. Here are some of the biggest disappearing acts in the first four weeks of the NFL season and some predictions on whether we’ll find them again soon.

Andre The Giant


, we have a problem. Of all of the studs who haven’t lived up to this season’s hype, there is no bigger head-scratcher than Andre Johnson. Admittedly, the whole Texan team stunk worse than my toddler’s dirty diaper during their first two games, but when Matt Schaub lit up the Jags’ defense for three touchdowns and over 300 yards, AJ seemed to be the only Texan not in on the action. Can this be the same guy who hauled in 60 catches in nine games last season? Is it time for owners to cut their losses on this guy who has a harder time staying healthy than a myopic daredevil? Nah! AJ is too talented a receiver to bail on. If he doesn’t get on track during this weekend’s potential shootout against the Colts, he’ll have plenty of chances during the following three games against the lowly defenses of


Detroit and

Cincinnati. And with an early bye in Week 2, Johnson has played one less game and therefore as one more game to get back on track.

Manning Overboard

Most people look forward to about 5 p.m. on Friday, but if you are Peyton Manning, you are giddy when it’s finally Saturday again. Some speculated that the return of center Jeff Saturday would do wonders for the Colts, but when they lost on Sunday to the Jags and fell to 1-2, it was obvious that Manning has bigger issues to iron out. Manning has not lived up to the first- or second-round stud status that owners likely afforded him during their draft. Through three games, the Colts’ usually dominant quarterback has averaged only one touchdown per game and has thrown four interceptions in his last two. Some are concerned that he may not be completely recovered from a nagging knee injury, and the worry warts will pop out in droves if Peyton can’t thump the defensively challenged Houston Texans on Sunday. Coming off the Colts’ bye week, Manning should be focused, rested and ready to do some damage. I expect the only break he will gives his knees will be at the end of the game when he bends down to kill the clock in the waning seconds.


To The Bone

¿Que Lastima?! While Mr. Ocho Cinco may have had his harness removed, he and the rest of the Bengals will continue to feel the weight of the world if they don’t get a win soon. “Eight Five” may have had slow starts before, but this one takes “el nombre.” And if quarterback Carson Palmer’s elbow doesn’t recover soon; it’s going to be a long season in

Cincinnati (though it doesn’t seem like #85 has played much worse with backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick). Despite

Chad’s disappearing act, coinciding with the loss of his former last name, it’s amusing to see that he hasn’t lost his ability to talk some smack. His promise to kiss the star logo when he scores a touchdown at Texas Stadium shows that at least he hasn’t lost his bravado. While he hasn’t lost his moxy, it remains to be seen if he still has the skills to pull it off.

Pack Your Bags, You’re Through

There is no bigger tease in the NFL than Ryan Grant. (There, I wrote it.) Every bust I can think of, from Braylon Edwards to Tory Holt, either (a) is dealing with an injury, (b) is playing for a lousy team or (c) will likely to get out of his funk. However, in the case of Mr. Grant, I can’t think of any more excuses to make for him. With a dominant offense like the Packers’, it’s puzzling how he has managed to score as much as my 92 year-old grandmother this season (that’s zero times, if you are wondering, but it looks more and more likely that my grandmother might make it to the end zone first). Some more fun facts about Grant: he has as many receptions as fumbles lost and (2) and his completed passes have totaled negative yardage. In a venue known for their cheese, this running back is way past his expiration date. If you made the unfortunate decision to draft this Green Bay Gouda, it may be time to shop for something a bit fresher.

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