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MOCKING THE MOCK: 2019 Shark Tank Draft – Round One

Several members of The Fantasy Sharks Forum (The Tank) participate in a mock draft every year and to thank them for their efforts I devote the time and energy to skewer their picks.  Because that’s just how we do things around here.  And away we go…

Round 1

Pick #1 – Arizona Cardinals, Nick Bosa EDGE Ohio State. 

Will the Cardinals trade Josh Rosen?  Will they trade out of the pick to someone wanting Kyler Murray?  We don’t know right now and until that day comes, Bosa is the guy.

Pick #2 – San Francisco 49ers, Quinnen Williams DT Alabama. 

Is he really that much better than the other defenders available?  Probably not, but barring injury or something neck-up we don’t know about yet, he isn’t going to bust and there’s value in that.

Pick #3 – New York Jets, Josh Allen OLB Kentucky. 

Once you get beyond his actual name and the post traumatic stress nightmares from last year’s draft that result, there’s a lot to like about him.  He is an asset getting after the quarterback, in coverage, and against the run – a defensive coordinator’s dream.  The only problem is this coordinator isn’t any good.

Pick #4 – Oakland Raiders, Brian Burns EDGE Florida State.

He’ll look great opposite Khalil Mack.  He’s not the type that can anchor a line, but as a complementary piece that focuses on his strengths he’ll be put in a position to be successf….wait, what? the Raiders did?  Huh.  So who’s on their line now?  Oh…umm…well…yeah, good luck with this one.

Pick #5 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rashaan Gary DT Michigan. 

I don’t know if he played at half-effort because he was ensuring health for the draft or he just doesn’t care, but neither is optimal.  If your team picks him hope for the former, but then you’ll have ‘how will that change now that he’s gotten paid’ questions swirling around your head.  So instead, hope your team just doesn’t pick him.

Pick #6 – New York Giants, Devin White LB LSU. 

This will be a great foundation piece for David Gettleman’s replacement to build around in 2020, so there’s absolutely no way this actually happens in the real draft.

Pick #7 – Jacksonville Jaguars, TJ Hockenson TE Iowa. 

Great for fantasy and great for Foles, but may not be great for Jaguars fans.  Why?  Because a piece like him may lead to just enough wins for this current group not to get fired.  There’s many places one doesn’t want to be in the NFL and QB purgatory with decision makers you don’t trust is one of them.

Pick #8 – Detroit Lions, Montez Sweat EDGE Mississippi State. 

Man, this part of the draft is a who’s-who of teams that will be under different leadership this time next year.  And for the third pick in a row our mock drafter’s picked great foundation pieces for those new groups to build around.  Nice job everyone.

Pick #9 – Buffalo Bills, Jonah Williams OT Alabama. 

Appreciate the foresight and long view with this pick.  An upgrade for protecting Josh Allen isn’t necessary.  When your natural instinct is to run around like a chicken with its head cut off using scarce resources to protect that is just wasteful.  However, whenever this experiment mercifully comes to its bitter end this guy will be fully developed and ready to protect the next face of this franchise.

Pick #10 – Denver Broncos, Jawaan Taylor OT Florida. 

Wishful thinking – if the draft falls this way the pick is Drew Lock.  No matter what way the draft falls this pick is probably Lock.  He’s everything GM John Elway looks for in a quarterback.  He’s experienced, tall, has a big arm, plays under center in a pro-style offense, and most importantly – he’s terrible.

Pick #11 – Cincinnati Bengals, Kyler Murray QB Cincinnati. 

I have a lengthy history of making fun of Owner/General Manager/Czar Mike Brown for creating his draft board based on what #DraftTwitter thinks.  While I’d like to needle him for this pick it makes a ton of sense, mainly because of the change made at head coach.  It hasn’t been talked about much, but there are some rather critical issues in his game needing corrected/masked – and no, I’m not talking about his height.  I have more faith in a young offensive mind to successfully navigate them than I would a veteran coach who is more susceptible to traditional NFL methods.

Pick #12 – Green Bay Packers, Devin Bush LB Michigan. 

He’s every bit as strong as Devin White, but comes at a modest discount.

Pick #13 – Miami Dolphins, Andre Dillard OT Washington State. 

I don’t think he’s as great as most, but grading the offensive tackle position comes with a curve in today’s game because most of them aren’t that good.  His ability to maintain his blocks is going to frustrate if it isn’t masked, but there really isn’t much else to question about him.  So, I get it.

Pick #14 – Atlanta Falcons, Ed Oliver DT Houston. 

There’s a case that he’s the best player in this draft, so to get that quality of a talent in the middle of the first round is a steal.  I think there’s a better chance he goes Top-5 in the real thing than the middle of round one.

Pick #15 – Washington Redskins, DK Metcalf WR Ole Miss. 

There is no way you can convince me he justifies this pick and you also can’t convince me he’s a good fit with Case Keenum.  Is it possible he develops and beats expectations?  Sure, but expectations and upside aren’t the same thing – so I could totally see GM Bruce Allen making this pick.

Pick #16 – Carolina Panthers, Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson. 

If the Panthers stay put, I think you can probably pencil in a Clemson Tiger defensive lineman into this pick.  A surprise could fall and change course, but that’s why pencils have erasers.

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