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MOCKING THE MOCK: 2019 Shark Tank Draft – Round Two

Round 2

Pick #33 – Arizona Cardinals, Elgton Jenkins OL Mississippi St. 

I’m a broken record at this point, but this draft is littered with unexciting but likely effective starters on the offensive line.  This will be a good exercise to determine how long teams can wait in the real thing, but as I said with McCoy four picks ago in the first round, this is not a bad place to start picking them.

Pick #34 – Indianapolis Colts, Hakeem Butler WR Iowa State. 

Chris Ballard knows how to draft.  It isn’t about what can you do for me this year; it’s about what can you do for me next year.  Next year he may want someone to replace Devin Funchess and this guy will slide right in.  He may overtake him prior to then, but on this roster he doesn’t have to…because this roster is being built the right way.

Pick #35 – Oakland Raiders, Marquise Brown WR Oakland. 

This isn’t a bad pick, but it isn’t the direction I’d go in if I were running this show.  There’s a time and a place for this team to start looking for receivers in this draft, but that time isn’t now.  If they’re going offense then it needs to be Tight End or Offensive Line.  There are simply too many holes littered throughout the defense (even after their three 1st round picks) to target a luxury that isn’t better than the alternatives at other positions.

Pick #36 – San Francisco 49ers, Nasir Adderley S Delaware. 

Burnt toast immediately comes to mind.  I am not confident he can hold up to the physicality at this level, but even if he does he guesses wrong too often to justify a dice roll this early.  He isn’t going to fall far enough for me to like the gamble on traits on draft day.

Pick #37 – New York Giants, Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State. 

He benefited from excellent coaching and superb protection in college.  His problems the few times he was pressured is why he’s available this late.  Since he declared, there’s no way for him to prove he can develop past that potential fatal flaw until he’s actually under-the-gun.  There’s very little reason to expect a front office and coaching staff as over matched as this one to help him figure it out, so he’s on his own.  I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I sure wouldn’t bet on it.

Pick #38 – Jacksonville Jaguars, Parris Campbell WR Ohio State. 

The Jaguars drafted this guy last year.  His name is D.J. Chark and he was a major reach.  He was also picked 23 spots later than this guy.

Pick #39 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Greg Little OT Ole Miss. 

I am legitimately confused about what’s happened with this guy over the last few months.  He didn’t test well, but to go from potential Top-10 pick to a guy that’s increasingly talked about as a day two pick?  Maybe if the subject weren’t at a talent deprived position like Offensive Tackle I’d follow.  It is though.  Ultimately, I think his fall over the last few months is the NFL outsmarting themselves again and not putting enough stock in the tape, but I’m keeping an open mind (both ways) with this one.  I’d be comfortable with him once the bottom falls out of the first round.

Pick #40 – Buffalo Bills, Jerry Tillery DT Notre Dame. 

I was very dismissive of this player early in the process, but as I’ve learned more I’ve changed my tune.  I had him pegged as a traits prospect and thought he was being propped up due to what he did in shorts and a T-shirt.  Then I found out he played through an injured labrum most of the year and it all started to make sense.  Why did he explode out of the gates early in the year, a continuation on his breakout in 2017, then blend into the background as the sun set on the season?  I was wary he was prioritizing his health for pre-draft season, but that wasn’t the case at all.  When I said the list of (sort of) round one prospects is now over it’s because I could be talked into these last two picks.

Pick #41 – Denver Broncos, Drew Lock QB Mizzou. 

Whoops, sometimes mistakes are made in these mocks. You already drafted him round one, so unless you invented a cloning machine I just don’t know about yet, you’re going to have to take this one back.

Pick #42 – Cincinnati Bengals, Yodny Cajuste OT West Virginia. 

After the Bengals hilariously re-signed Bobby Hart to play tackle again in 2019 I’d argue the position became an even bigger need than it already was.  Last time I checked Cajuste had a pulse, although he may or may not have both functioning knees, so he’s already an improvement.

Pick #43 – Detroit Lions, Jace Sternberger TE Texas A&M. 

Is he better than Irv Smith?  Maybe, maybe not.  Is he a better receiver than Smith?  Yes, absolutely.  If your team is looking for a move tight end then he absolutely justifies being as high as the third tight end selected.

Pick #44 – Green Bay Packers, Irv Smith TE Alabama. 

He has the potential to develop into a multiple All-Pro type of player, but it’s just that – potential.  Under developed players from Alabama usually come with a raised eyebrow, but while his range of potential outcomes is wide the low end is still playable.  He’s the type of player I’d love my team to take a shot on round two, need or no need.

Pick #45 – Atlanta Falcons, Darnell Savage S Maryland. 

I usually have a soft spot for these under-sized types and think the NFL is finally starting to properly value them, but I don’t see it with Savage.  He’s good for the splash play here and there and if that’s how your team’s defense utilizes him then this could work, but he has a tendency to get washed out of the play.  When he guesses right and has leverage he pops, but when he doesn’t, he plays small and is consistently late.

Pick #46 – Washington Redskins, Jeffrey Simmons DT Mississippi State. 

Washington’s decision makers certainly don’t care about his character, but they’re way too short sighted to take the long view approach a pick like this requires.

Pick #47 – Carolina Panthers, Amani Oruwariye CB Penn State. 

The Panthers may be tweaking their defense, but they should still be a heavy zone defense.  This fits perfectly with this guy’s weakness.  There’s a lot to like about him, but he can’t be left on an island.  He shouldn’t have to worry about that much should he end up on this team.

Pick #48 – Miami Dolphins, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson S Florida. 

This pick has Brian Flores written all over it.  Just about any coach would watch a player like him and say I can be the one to fix him.  Will they?  That’s why he’s available now and wasn’t picked in round one.  He has the talent to be successful in a variety of different roles, but he isn’t there yet in any one of them.

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