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Monday Morning Takeaways – Super Bowl

San Francisco 31, Baltimore 34


In terms of fantasy football, the end of one season is the beginning of the next. Projecting into 2013 we must recognize Michael Crabtree has come of age. Crabtree looks poised to join the ranks of the fantasy WR1s next season. If he slides into the fourth round, guarantee, I’ll own him.

Colin Kaepernick is a fantasy super-stud in the making. He’s Cam Newton with better accuracy, a better offensive line and better play calling. I’m always a proponent of waiting for a quarterback, but using last season as the measuring stick, I believe Kaepernicks’ risk/reward becomes undeniable in the late third round.

Finally, Vernon Davis was a fantasy migraine all season but made a reappearing act over the past two games. His fantasy value may be waning, but his talent certainly hasn’t. With the growth of Kaepernick, Davis has the upside to again be a solid mid/lower TE1.

The ancillary benefit to owning Niners players next season is the extra motivation a team plays with the year after losing the Super Bowl.  Add Frank Gore to the list above and they all have appeal.


First and foremost, congratulations to Ray Lewis. Every football Sunday for the past 17 years we had the opportunity to marvel at one of the best to ever play the game. It was only fitting that Sunday would be the final act of this illustrious career before riding of into the sunset.

As for the future fantasy value of the Ravens, this is a team set to go through some major changes in the offseason. The defense will regress with Ray Lewis retiring and Ed Reed all but gone. Budget cuts and cap space could very easily send Anquan Boldin into free agency.

Is Joe Flacco an elite fantasy quarterback? I’m not willing to go that far, and the possible loss of Boldin doesn’t’ help. Flacco is a solid matchup starter/low end QB1. He does have enough arm talent to keep Torrey Smith as an upper WR3, while Dennis Pitta is a sneaky lower TE1 in 2013.

Congratulations to Braccioles for taking the Fantasy Sharks Postseason league championship. Golden Tate in week 19! That was ballsy.

Finally, I’d like to thank Tony Holm, Jim Bukowski and the entire Sharks team for giving me an opportunity to join this group of professionals and voice my opinion every week. I know you don’t see it on the front end, but the whole team is supportive while dealing with the shortcomings of a “newbie.” Plus, no better reward than the Sharks gear I received, although my pregnant wife has already commandeered the sweatshirt. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Much thanks to Eric for stepping up and taking on the daunting task of writing a weekend review article for Monday mornings. He met a stringent early morning deadline and for that we thank him!]

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