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Money, Money, Money

There are four big-name, elite fantasy players that are pushing the money card. It’s not the first time this has ever happened, and I’d be willing to bet it will not be the last. Problems come and either leave or stay. Is there any real chance that these problems could blow up and potentially ruin a player’s value? Well, that also wouldn’t be the first time either. This season alone, Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes have pushed their way out of the Top 3 rounds and into the ninth potentially. Who’s next?

Andre Johnson, Texans – I have three words for you … “Pay the Man”. Of course nobody put a gun to his head when he signed his last contract. They wanted to but Pacman Jones was trying out for the Dallas Cowboys that day. Sorry to tell you the truth here Houston, but he’s your franchise. Matt Schaub is a good quarterback, but he’s not a franchise Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees. At the current time the only two well-known, marketable names on the team are  Mario Williams and Johnson. This is going to get resolved. It will probably turn into one of these back end loaded contract that the player doesn’t even stick around long enough to see, but it’ll ease his ego. I wouldn’t skip on Johnson in the draft due to this hiccup. He’s worth a first-round pick.

Chris Johnson, Titans – This one’s a little bit stickier. For one, Jeff Fisher isn’t going to put up with any problems. There seems to already be a feud brewing Fisher and Johnson. Did you see that interview with both Johnson and Fisher? The one where Johnson said that after the Titans were out of the playoff running that Fisher told the team all they were going to do was get Johnson the record. Fisher was on set and walked onto the stage and called him out. It was a sign that Fisher isn’t putting up with Johnson’s antics. Johnson could sit and wait to get paid. I mean, why didn’t the Titans resign Keith Bullock or Kyle Vanden Bosh? Why did the Titans trade away Johnson’s primary backup if they felt this wasn’t going to be resolved? It’s clear that they are saving cap room to make Johnson the face of the franchise. With the latest and greatest antics from Vince Young, the club could use a new personality. Pay him. Draft him.

DeSean Jackson, Eagles – Apparently one breakout year is all that is needed now in the NFL to deserve a new contract. He’s an obvious talent and deserves more money. What’s scary, though, is that the Eagles had to deal with a star, diva wide receiver not too long ago and things got messy. Terrell Owens talked his way into suspensions and being sent home in his tenure with the Eagles. And he was a very established, proven veteran. Given the history of the Eagles and how they deal with these kinds of personalities,

could be in for a long wait. They have plenty of offensive talent around that

’s absence wouldn’t cripple the team like Andre Johnson’s absence would. In this case, they’ll probably make him play or allow him to skip. Monitor this closely leading up to the draft.

will most likely see the light and put on the cleats.

Vincent Jackson, Chargers – Can you say “Marshawn Lynch the Sequel?” This is getting really, really bad and things are heading for an awful ending. First off, he was looking at a four-game suspension to begin with. He’s collected a couple of possession charges, mixed with multiple DUIs and a domestic violence accusation if I’m not mistaken. Fantasy land has been waiting for the Roger Goodell Hammer to drop on yet another troubled athlete since the Super Bowl. He has since demanded more money and refused to sign his tender offer. He’s now threatening to hold out until Week 10 and then return to gain his prorated contract. Here is a case where it’s very clear that a line in the sand has been drawn, and he jumped right over it. He’s also has the least leverage out of anyone else on this list due to his suspension and the fact that he is more expendable than the others. Philip Rivers, Ryan Matthews and Antonio Gates are going to be offensive powers next season. The Chargers have a couple of young wide receivers ready to step up if

sits. This is the sloppiest situation out of them all. My suggestion: pass the headache to someone else. Since last season he has pushed himself from a top two or three round draft pick to closer to seven now. Avoid him like the plague.

There will be other contracts worth monitoring. Miles Austin has the right attitude about his contract … for now. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are up after this season. But these guys aren’t like “Fat Albert” Haynesworth and whining about money. These guys will do it the right way: play for their supper, whereas

might be having his supper off the dollar menu.

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