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Musical Chairs On Defense

Long gone are the days of picking one defense and riding them out until the final game of the season. Unless you have the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense, you should be worried about the matchup. I have been riding the Tennessee Titans’ defense most of the season.

We have hit a bump in the road lately. The Titans’ defense has been on the field more, and less effective. This week I will examine a few defenses that you should consider when playing “Musical D.”

1. Jacksonville Jaguars (at Tennessee Titans)

I don’t have to tell you how bad Rusty Smith is. The Jaguars have been much improved the past three weeks, including a six-sack performance against Cleveland. As long as Smith is the quarterback, I’m a believer that the Jaguars’ defense is the start of the week. Smith looked awful, throwing three interceptions and spoiling any possibility of fantasy points last week. Smith is about as talented as Max Hall.

2. St Louis Rams (at Arizona Cardinals)

Derek Anderson is not the poster child for stability. He forces the ball way too often and trips over his own big feet. They shipped Matt Leinart off for this clown. Chris “Beanie” Wells is rusty and fumbled one of his first carries against the 49ers.

The Arizona offense looks like a comedy of errors. The Rams have notched 31 sacks this year. Aside from facing Atlanta two weeks ago without getting one, they have been consistently pressuring opposing quarterbacks. Expect another good day for Rams fans and fantasy owners willing to roll the dice on defense.

3. Miami Dolphins (vs. Cleveland Browns)

Why the Dolphins? The last three games they have given up less than 17 points per contest. They have notched six sacks, four interceptions and three fumble recoveries in those games. That’s 2.5 turnovers a game folks!

While the Browns have found a juggernaut of a running back in Arkansas running back Peyton Hillis, they still are prone to turn the ball over. Jake Delhomme is prone to throw interceptions. If he starts this week, the Dolphins’ defense is a big start this week.

While I didn’t identify any top-tier defenses because you won’t have access to them, I did give you some real interesting things to think about. Personally, I hope to see the Rams’ defense mop up the mess that is Arizona. The smart money is on the Dolphins’ defense. I think that’s where I may be headed on the wire this week. If you are struggling to put consistent points on the board, look to one of these three plug-ins.

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