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Must Start Sleepers

Each week I will present facts and opinions on 2 Must Start Sleepers.  The facts will be based on team and individual statistics from the current year and even trends from the past.  When examining facts one needs to consider the offensive and defense of their team as well as the opponent’s team.  Keep in mind a wide receiver for instance will be used more if their own team has a weak defensive or if the opposing team has a good offensive.  In both these situations typically more passing will be present giving you a better chance of higher stats.  In regards to opinions fantasy football is inevitably a crap shoot and when playing sleepers percentages need to be used.  We don’t play the game so the more expert opinions you can get the better chance you have of making the right move. 


Review of last week:


Pretty good last week.  Here’s a quick rundown:  David Carr put up a dream day for fantasy owners and turned out to be the number two quarterback behind Culpepper.  372 yards and 3 touchdowns.  WOW!  He is a quality play.  Michael Clayton had 4 catches for 61 yards and had a touchdown overturned somehow.  Amos Zereoue only had 42 rushing yards but did manage 7 receptions for 53 yards to salvage his day.


Sleepers of the week: 


Jimmy Smith if you haven’t watched the past two games, Leftwich is throwing the ball more and more often in shot gun formations which he has said he is very comfortable with.  Because of this offensive transition Smith has been seeing more and more balls. This week he goes up against the Chiefs.  I can probably end this explanation now on why to play Smith but let’s explore.  Obviously the Chiefs will score their points versus the Jaguars and therefore Leftwich will be airing the ball out again along with Fred Taylor having a breakout game.  There will be plenty to go around and Leftwich and Jimmy Smith will continue to hook up on short and long passes. The past two weeks Leftwich has gone deep to Smith about 5 or 6 times with a couple completions including a 40 yard touchdown.  Smith the last two weeks has 11 receptions for 172 yards and a touchdown.  He could manage those numbers this weekend.  To be fair Kansas City has only given up 185 yards via the air but they have surrendered 8 touchdowns in 4 games.  That is number 26th in the league.  Leftwich, Smith and obviously Fred Taylor are must plays this week. 


Lee Suggs looks to have won the majority of the carries over William Green.  Last weekend Butch Davis started William Green over Lee Suggs and said he would go with whatever back got hot.  Well it turned out neither got hot and Cleveland fell behind to Pittsburgh by double digits early forcing Garcia to throw 34 times and only 14 running plays between Suggs and Green.  Suggs got 11 of the 14 carries and had 30 yards.  Obviously Suggs didn’t get hot but Davis stayed with him.  That should say a lot not to mention he is much more talented than Green.  This Sunday Suggs goes up against the Bengals who are ranked DEAD LAST in rushing defense allowing 165 yards on the ground and 5 touchdowns this year.  I would expect Suggs to have a similar day to week 4 when he had 80 yards and a touchdown. 


Honorable Mentions:


All Detriot Lion players as they host the Packers.  How bad is Green Bay?  They are ranked 30th in run defense and have allowed 6 rushing touchdowns this year.  Artose Pinner should get the nod again unless Kevin Jones gets healthy.  Expect a nice fantasy day from Pinner if he gets the nod.  Check the Friday injury report to confirm.


Byron Leftwich will have another nice fantasy Sunday.  Read comments on Jimmy Smith.



Best of luck as always.



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