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Must Start Sleepers

Each week I will present facts and opinions on 2 Must Start Sleepers and honorable mention(s).  The facts will be based on team and individual statistics from the current year and even trends from the past.  When examining facts one needs to consider the offensive and defensive of their team as well as the opponent’s team.  Keep in mind a wide receiver for instance will be used more if their own team has a weak defensive or if the opposing team has a good offensive.  In both these situations typically more passing will be present giving you a better chance of bigger numbers.  In regards to opinions fantasy football is inevitably a crap shoot.  We don’t play the game or sit in on team meetings during game plan discussions so the more expert opinions you can get the better chance you have of making the right move.   


Recap from week 2.  Well let’s say a little disappointing.  Lamar Gordon couldn’t get anything going with their offensive line in shambles.  All you needed to see was Randy McMichael yelling on the side lines at the offensive line.  However, all wasn’t lost if you receive points for catches as Gordon had 8 receptions for 44 yards.  Muhammad meanwhile caught 2 balls for 26 yards.  Delhomme throws 3 touchdowns and 2 go to their tight ends who totaled 2 catches for 4 yards.  This week we will do better.


Sleepers of the week: 


Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals against the Atlanta Falcons.  For some of you Fitzgerald might be a regular in your starting lineup however for those who have relegated him to a backup should consider strongly this weekend.  There are a number of factors that should contribute to good numbers.  Atlanta’s defense is ranks 28th against the pass thus far.  They are giving up and average of 285.5 yards through the air. The 49ers had 285 and the Rams 286.  How did the 49ers have 285 might be a mystery but numbers don’t lie and the Falcons pass defense is quit frankly, horrid.   On the other side of the ball Atlanta has only given up 61.5 yards on the ground.  This ranks number 2.  Rocket science says the Cardinals who can’t run the ball (76.5/game) will be throwing it around the dome in Atlanta.  To the next point, Atlanta should score pretty regularly throughout this contest meaning Arizona will have no choice but to throw the ball.  Knowing Dennis Green who loves Fitzgerald he will be the focus of the game plan.  For the Cardinals to have any chance and I believe they do Green knows his main man will play a big part.  Year to date Fitzgerald has 9 catches for 106 yards.  If you’re deciding between Fitzgerald and a second/third tier receiver this weekend go with Fitzgerald as the matchup looks promising.


Jeff Garcia will rebound from last week 0 quarterback rating.  How bad did Garcia look last weekend; 8 completions in 27 attempts for 71 yards and 3 interceptions.  After an embarrassing week like that a good quarterback like Garcia will undoubtubly make amends.  Explaining why Garcia played so bad is easy.  It was a bad game simple as that.  There is no need to look deeper.  Garcia and the Browns play the New York Giants this weekend.  The Giants rank 27th in passing giving up 282 yards through the air in 2 games.  However the best part is allowing 6 touchdown passes.  That’s just plain awful.  While I think Garcia will put up solid numbers this week don’t except Mcnabb type statistics but I would play Garcia with full confidence if you are either in a very deep league or have Tom Brady, Chad Pennington, or Jake Delhomme all on a bye.



Honorable mentions:


David Carr has a great matchup versus the Chiefs this week so good numbers should be counted on. Expect Dominick Davis to load up again as the Texans will be playing 11 on 7 but Carr should find the end zone once or twice.  Sorry to Chief fans but their defense is just comical.


TJ Duckett looks to carry the load this week for the Falcons against Arizona.  Warrick Dunn is listed as questionable with a sprained knee.  Even if he plays expect limited movement which will give Duckett the bulk of the carries.  To add sugar on top of this great play Arizona is 30th in rush defense allowing 174 yards a game.  Duckett would be a must start if Dunn is out but a very good start otherwise. 


Aaron Stecker will replace Deuce McAllister for the next 6 weeks or so.  This week Stecker and the Saints play the Rams.  This should be fairly high scoring as both defenses have been sub par at best.  The Rams rank 29 in rush defense allowing 172.5 yards a game.


Best of luck, as always when choosing between equal talent go with the matchup and getting numerous opinions can only help.



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