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My God its December Already

Having been fully consumed in this Fantasy Football game for the last 3-4 months, I am finally coming to terms with the fact it is all over..

A resounding loss in the first round of the playoffs, should I be disappointed – obviously a little, but the positives from my first season far outweigh these.

For instance running the table to actually make the playoffs (Thanks to Donk I now know what that means), after my disastrous start to the season, mostly due to the pile of garbage I actually drafted.

With much time and thought and no little help from the regulars on here, I transformed my train wreck of a team into one that at least looked good on paper, which as I have realized counts for very little if the FF Gods are not smiling down on you.

For instance D McNabb is a stud QB, but not for the first half of the season, his main problem lied with the players he had to throw too, and their obvious coordination problems. To think I drafted Pinkston as my number 1 wide receiver and quickly got rid of him due to the advice on here, smart move.

My wide receiver core have continued to plague me all season, I changed Pinkston/Wayne and Galloway for David Boston, Toomer and Chambers. Boston has had a few good games when he sorted his mental problems out, but in my opinion, he and Brees are not the best of friends, and Brees adopts the its my ball mentality and refuses to pass it too him.

Toomer also suffers from the inability to catch a ball on a regular basis, partly due to coordination problems, but mainly due to the fact he plays for the Giants, what a flop.

As for Chambers, see Boston / Williams.

Ricky Williams was aquired for Tommy Maddox much to the disbelief of a few sharks in here. In my opinion a much hyped player who failed to deliver. Thats not to say I wont grab him next year.

Steven Davis was a straight swap for Joey Galloway. Not much else needed here, except the Galloway owner failed to make the playoffs.

Shockey. Huge potential, but oh yes its that NYG thing again.

The Baltimore defense have been awesome, a great pick up. In all but the very last game in which they failed against Oakland.err the Gods did not smile.

Which leaves the absolute stud of fantasy Football, week in week out the supreme power of my team. The indespensible player all teams should own. Thats right Mike Vanderjack.. now I know you Americans are not overly keen on the kicker chap, but this guy doen’t miss. I know I am new to this game but he has posted between 7-20 points every week, far more than Williams et al. Surely ranks more praise than you lot pass on.

So there you have it, the season is over, and already I am preparing for next year. I have been asked into a money league, I sense their motives are not sincere, but little do they know I have some help, and of course will be competing with the supreme FF posters right here on this messageboard in the form of the Uber league, I think I was asked to join for the entertainment factor. Who knows when the draft starts I may even be a whale shark myself. Matt will probably be a cyber shark or something. Remember quality not quantity.

I managed to watch a NFL game myself, the Saints versus the Bears, which all in all was not a great game, but there is something obviously right when you are sitting in an indoor air conditioned stadium, and some bloke is bringing you beer to your seat.

Until next time,

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