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My Utility Spot Carousel

Invariably when I was doing research for my fantasy baseball
drafts, I read about the importance of bench depth.

  It seems that every expert thought it was
crucial to have extra players to fill holes as they arise due to injuries,
slumps, etc.

  This advice all seemed to
make sense, so I went ahead and drafted accordingly.

  I concentrated on filling positional needs
while also picking guys who I thought may have slipped a couple of rounds,
knowing I could use them to build up my team depth if nothing else.

The result?

  I own
Jeff Francoeur, Jeremy Hermida and Carlos Gomez.

  All good players, right?

  Well I only have two spots for those three guys,
so I am left to make the daily decision of who to play.

  Francoeur has usually been a definite start
for me (thank the Lord I didn’t bench him for his 2 HR, 7 RBI outburst), so the
actual decision came down to playing Hermida versus Gomez.

  No problem, you say… just start the guy who
has been hot, or decide based on the pitching matchups.

  Sure thing!

I can do that…

Let’s take a look at what each of these players has done
this year.

Jeremy Hermida 28 6 26 0 0.262
Carlos Gomes 31 4 23 17 0.282


Now let’s see what each of these guys has done during games
when I actually started them for my fantasy squad.

Jeremy Hermida 16 3 13 0 0.270
Carlos Gomes 9 0 13 8 0.201

For Gomez alone, I have left 22 runs, 4 HRs, 10 RBIs and 9
SBs on my bench.

  Not to mention the fact
that he’s hitting .280 on the year and only .200 when I play him.

  And I’ve missed out on 12 runs, 3 HRs and 13
RBIs with Hermida.

 I mean, are you
kidding me?

  Am I an idiot when it comes
to picking the best matchups or reading the trends?

  Does Gomez somehow know when I bench him and go
off just to spite me?

  I mean, did you
see that smirk on his face all throughout that game when he hit for the cycle
(which, by the way, came when he was on my bench?)

  He knows.

He HAS to…

  Or is this just awful

  It is killing me and makes me
question my every move every day of the year.

My solution?

bench depth.

  I just can’t deal.

  In the last three days I have made three
separate trades to address this problem.

In all, I have traded away Hermida, Francoeur, Sherrill and Smoltz for
Pence, Oswalt and Cain (and I picked up Wheeler to fill the extra spot).

  Is my team better?

  Maybe, maybe not.

  But at least all of this decision making for
my last Utility spot is settled.

  In the
words of

Tommy Boy’s Ted Nelson, “Yeah,
it makes a man feel good…”

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