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It’s New! It’s Hot! It’s Fantasy Sharks!

Welcome to the new look! We have a new look and it’s all designed to serve you better. From the easy-reference tabs at the bottom of the page to the easier-to-read projections, this complete site redesign was done with your comfort and enjoyment in mind. The good news doesn’t stop there, as July 1 we’ll be unveiling our new multi-tiered premium content. But don’t worry, all the great content that you’re used to getting for FREE, will still be FREE.

We’ve been hard at work for essentially the last couple of years working toward this day.  When we opened our doors in 2002 the site was well..  “rustic.”  Until a guy with an eye for design (Paul Fountain) came along and offered to help us out.  We’ve been running with that design for approximately the last 10 years and about 5 years ago it started to show it’s age.  In this world of mobile dominated connections and an aging Content Management System internally (that was no longer supported by the original company that wrote it) it was long past time for a change.  Not only does Google Search now ding you if your site doesn’t work well on mobile devices, but our HTML code also needed a complete refresh to stay relevant.  It seemed, that the world was passing us by and that feeling was not a good one.  So even if it was and likely still will be painful, change was not only desired from an aesthetics standpoint, but necessary from a relevance standpoint.

We knew it was going to take a lot of work as Fantasy Sharks was coded from the ground up from scratch by opening up a text/code editor and coding away.  Many developers have had their hands in the code, most are long gone, so to try and convert to something a bit more industry standard we knew was going to be a bear.  But once again, we started from square one and completely rebuilt the site from the ground up.

Many have had their hands in this redesign.  Robert Cobb (coding/styling), Peretz Mockin (design), Yisroel Goldstein (coding), Jim Bukowski (content), Dish Adams (subscribers), Jeff Clausen (artist), Mike Shackelford (style) and I had my hands in all of it while trying to be the best ringmaster that I could be.

Literally countless hours have gone into this.  We’ve gone down roads that led nowhere, scrapped some complete designs that were far along because they just weren’t as scalable as we needed, we’ve had disagreements, we’ve had high fives, but through it all, as a team (including all of our 45 staff contributors that needed to also do some work to get themselves converted to the new system) I believe we’ve completed something truly special.

We are a LONG way still from being done, software is like that, you’re never done.  I’m proud of this first version and hope you like the changes but I also know that it will likely take us the remainder of this calendar year to truly be at the point where we’re “cooking with gas” again.  It’s a whole new system from the inside-out and I realize that will take some time for the writers, editors and readers.  When the load hits in August we’ll be fighting performance fires again, after over a decade of continuous improvements to help with performance every season, reducing more and more bottlenecks each year, we’ll be back to square one.  The same goes for spammers, the spammers out there and the bots are brutal.  We have spent years working on custom changes to continuously try and protect the site from them.  Sometimes we’d shut the gate for a few months, sometimes a few weeks, but that too is another fight I know we’ll have to wage.  It will take us a little time to fight each fire and then try to make that area fire proof again but in time, we’ll wrestle this new code base to the ground and I guarantee that we’ll come out on top!

I’m excited about the prospects for Fantasy Sharks going forward as I know that what we’ve put in place for our base is really solid.  We’ll ultimately be able to do more with the site across all deliverable media and platforms and that’s a good thing for you and us.  So for now, enjoy the new look, excuse any gaps that you notice and please do reach out to us via our contact form, facebook and/or Twitter to give us feedback.  Any problems, hate mail, praise, it all works.  We learn from hate mail too!

Let me be the first to welcome you to the NEW, we sincerely hope that you enjoy your swim.

– Tony Holm,

About Fantasy Sharks launched in 2003, disseminating fantasy football content on the web for free. It is (or has been) home to some of the most talented and respected writers and content creators in fantasy football.