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New Quarterbacks On the Block

This season many NFL teams will be giving a new signal caller a try.  Fantasy managers may be reluctant to draft a quarterback with a new team or new role, but often these moves can be the key to a winning season (see Aaron Rodgers).

Kevin Kolb
– Is two games too small of a sample size? If not, then Kolb could provide dividends for those who draft him. Although, it is not recommended drafting him as QB1, he may put up similar statistics if he performs close to Week 2 and 3 of last season, where he threw for more than 300 yards and two touchdowns each game. With a healthy DeSean Jackson catching the deep ball, Kolb has very high upside this season.

Jason Campbell – Campbell has never put up huge numbers in the fantasy world. Is he only a moderately talented quarterback, or were the Washington Redskins simply a lackluster offense? Unfortunately, the scenery in Oakland will not better his situation. With an improving defense and two talented running backs, he may be a matchup quarterback to fill in on a bye or a very deep league this season.

Donovan McNabb – With six Pro Bowl selections, eight playoff berths, four straight conference championships and one Super Bowl appearance, McNabb was dumped by the Philadelphia Eagles in a trade to Washington. Although, it will be difficult to avoid rooting for McNabb as he plays his new division rival, Washington does not have the explosive offense of Philadelphia. Without a star receiver and with a focus on the running game by coach Mike Shanahan, McNabb may have a few big games, but will unlikely match his stats over recent years.

Matt Leinart – Arizona’s quarterback situation will be changing from a Bible-toting, cannon-armed, former Super Bowl MVP to a young, unproven college star who has dated Paris Hilton and the blonde from Laguna Beach. Leinart has experienced a handful of highlights in his early NFL career, but certainly does not have the skill set of Warner. Although, Arizona should still be competitive in a weak division, temper your expectations for Leinart and Larry Fitzgerald this season.

Matt Moore – The Jake Delhomme era in Carolina has reached an end. Moore will take the reins on a high-powered run offense. I was optimistic about Moore this season, until Steve Smith’s latest injury. During the final five games of the season, Moore began to place decent fantasy numbers with back-to-back three-touchdown games, but coach John Fox will continue using DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart to run wild of opposing defenses.

Sam Bradford – With a Heisman on his mantel, Bradford may have NFL potential, but it will not be displayed in 2010. The only consistent fantasy player for the St Louis Rams has been and will continue to be Steven Jackson. On the bright side, Bradford has a few young and talented receivers with which to work. Last season, St. Louis threw for only 12 touchdowns, two plays over 40 yards and suffered 21 interceptions. Be optimistic, but do not expect a miracle.

Byron Leftwich/Dennis Dixon – While it looks like Leftwich will be the starter during Roethlisberger’s six-game (may be reduced to four-game) suspension, I would avoid either of these options unless you are in a very deep league. Leftwich has not started since Week 3 where he was 0-3 with Tampa Bay. With games against the Tennessee and Baltimore defenses early in the season, wait for Roethlisberger to return if you insist on using a Steelers’ quarterback.

Although, most of these quarterbacks will not be your first choice, it is important to always have a strong backup for injuries and bye weeks. A moderate quarterback can often be successful in a strong offense so keep your eyes peeled for a quality sleeper to fill in as a QB2 or QB3.

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