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NFC East Player Analysis

Dallas Cowboys

QB Drew Bledsoe: A strong armed statue that reunites with Parcells and Glenn in Dallas after spending most of his last three seasons in Buffalo picking dirt clods out of face mask. He does have a solid TE in Witten (Look at what Bledsoe and “Big” Ben Coates did in New England) and old pal Terry “Crutches” Glenn but until he proves that this hodge-podge geriatric WR crew still has some fight left and that he won’t pitch a tent in the pocket he is nothing more then a solid #2.

Clipboard Jockeys: Tony Romo and Drew Henson fight for the #2 spot but neither have much if any fantasy value.

RB Julius Jones: This kid is a stud and the sky is the limit if he can stay healthy all season. In just 7 starts he racked up 800+ yards and 7 TDs, a grand and double digit TDs isn’t a far stretch at all for this fantasy stud.

RB Others: Anthony Thomas comes to Dallas as the #2 and carries only limited value and Marion Barber will be the #3 and used on special teams giving him even less fantasy value.

WR Keyshawn Johnson: A solid possession receiver that will get you close to 1000 yards and 7-8 TD’s with Bledsoe chucking the rock, not bad 2nd or 3nd fantasy WR numbers.

WR Terry Glenn: The oft injured Glenn is excited to be reunited with the QB that helped him break the century mark twice in New England and early reports have him in great shape. Too bad this guy has played a 16 game season only once in the last 10 years. He is a risky #2 with a tendency to get bitten by the injury bug.

WR Quincy Morgan: The last two seasons have been busts for Morgan and until he proves otherwise stay clear of him.

WR Others: Patrick Crayton, Ahmad Merritt, Terrance Copper, Zuriel Smith, Reggie Harrell, Jamaica Rector, and Reggie Love hold little to no fantasy value.

TE Jason Witten: A top 5 TE that will be one of Bledsoe’s favorite targets. If Bledsoe can stay upright and Witten continues to take advantage of the 5 yard no touch rule look for 1000 yards and 8-10 TDs.

TE Others: Dan Campbell, Sean Ryan, Brett Pierce, and Tony Curtis have little to no fantasy value.

K Billy Cundiff: They brought in Visintainer to compete with Cundiff but by all accounts it sounds like neither of them have much value as they both are struggling right now.

New York Giants

QB Eli Manning: Eli took over the snaps in week 10 of last season and struggled until the last three games in which he put up some fair numbers. The Giants organization went out and picked up OT Kareem McKenzie and WR Plaxico Burress to give Eli more time and more sizeable targets but don’t think for a minute that this means he will lead them to glory. Eli is a 2nd year QB and though he has talent and supporting cast he still has a lot to learn. Reports out of camp say that he is picking up the offense quickly and it appears as though he will make better decisions on the field. You can expect better numbers from Eli but they won’t be anything that makes him more then a solid to fair #2 fantasy QB.

Clipboard Jockeys: Jesse Palmer, Tim Hasselbeck, and Jared Lorenzen hold no fantasy value as of yet.

RB Tiki Barber: If there was ever a doubt about whether or not Barber can handle the load it is safe to say that question is squashed. With his 1518 yards and 15 total TDs, Barber’s fantasy value has skyrocketed. The off season additions of OT Kareem McKenzie and WR Plaxico Burress will not only open up more holes for the little man but Burress as a downfield threat will keep those safeties from creeping up. Barber should be able to maintain his superstar numbers and remain a top tier fantasy RB.

RB Others: Michael Cloud, Derrick Ward, Brandon Jacobs, Ryan Grant, and Mike Jemison have no current fantasy value.

WR Plaxico Burress: Plax was a huge addition to the passing attack of the Giants but since the start of camp he has suffered two minor injuries. Not the kind of start they were looking for. Burress has all the physical skills to be a top WR in the league but with the young gun Eli Manning chucking the rock I would be cautious. If Manning gets comfortable and Plax stays healthy he could break the 1000 yard mark but in this run first offense his TD totals aren’t going to skyrocket. I expect Plax to see around 700 to 800 yards receiving and 4 to 6 TDs. Plax is a solid #2 or #3 with upside.

WR Amani Toomer: Before last season Toomer had recorded 5 straight seasons with 1000 yards or more but with Eli taking the snaps his yardage numbers took serious damage and he goose egged the end zone. Toomer isn’t the receiver he once was, he has lost a step or two, and he suffered a problematic hamstring last season. But don’t count him out. I don’t know if he will get back to the 1000 yard mark but he will have solid #2 or #3 fantasy numbers similar to Plax.

WR others: Jamaar Taylor, Tim Carter, Willie Ponder, David Tyree, and Brandon Smith have little value right now though Taylor is listed as the #3 receiver.

TE Jeremy Shockey: Shockey fell out of the top 5 fantasy TEs in most rankings because of injury issues but word out of camp is he is looking good and is excited to back on the field. Shockey has seen his yard per catch drop over the past three seasons and though he will be a center piece in the Giants passing attack he more then likely will remain a short yardage threat. Shockey will be utilized in the red zone as his size and athleticism make him a great end zone target. Expect similar numbers to last year (666 yards and 6 TDs…eck) for a solid but not outstanding fantasy TE.

TE Others: Visanthe Shiancoe, Darius Williams, Victor Sesay, and Wade Fletcher hold little to no value.

K Jay Feely: When was the last time you saw a Giants Kicker with any real fantasy value? And this guy has been kicking in a dome for the last 4 years. Don’t expect much consistency. Don’t expect much at all.

Philadelphia Eagles

QB Donovan McNabb: A top three QB that holds the team record with 3,875 passing yards and is the first player in NFL history to throw for more then 30 TDs and fewer then 10 INTs. In his 6 year career he has been to the Pro Bowl 5 times, this isn’t the kind of guy that is going to let Terrell Owens’ greed, Freddie Mitchell’s mouth, or Westbrook’s hold out get in his way. With or without T.O., McNabb is still a top flight fantasy QB.

Clipboard Jockeys: Koy Detmer, Mike McMahon, and Andy Hall have little to no value unless Superman McNabb gets hurt which is unlikely considering he has missed only 7 games in the last three years.

RB Brian Westbrook: While everyone thought that it was going to be T.O. that held out of training camp it turns out Westbrook was the one to decide “he” was more important then “we” though it appears this hold out won’t last long whether Westbrook likes it or not. Because he signed a one year tender during the off season he is subject to a rule under the collective bargaining agreement that requires him to report to camp by August 8th. If he doesn’t then he will lose his unrestricted free agent status next season. Bye-Bye bling-bling. This is good news for those you that already drafted and carry Westbrook on your roster. Westbrook proved last season that he is capable of putting up solid numbers (812 rushing- 703 receiving – 9 TDs) and is ranked as a top 20 fantasy RB but with contract issues, Buckhalter coming back, and the Eagles third round investment in Ryan Moats you best beware. This could easily turn into a RBBC situation at the drop of a hat. Even if Westbrook pulls his gigantic melon out of his can and gets the starting nod at the beginning of the season remember that he will lose some carries to Buckhalter if not split them altogether. With that said, his numbers make him worthy of a spot on your fantasy roster but you might want to consider handcuffing him with Buckhalter who is currently listed as #1 RB on Philly’s depth chart.

RB Correll Buckhalter: Buckhalter has lost two seasons to injuries and reports out of camp are that though he is sore he is still on pace for a healthy return at the beginning of the season. With contract issues lingering for Westbrook, Buckhalter has to know that this may be his chance to silence all doubters and take the starting spot so expect him to make the most of every opportunity. With Westbrook’s return seeming close at hand we have to consider Buckhalter as only a threat to steal some carries. Keep a close eye on Buckhalter because should Westbrook continue to throw his little temper tantrum his fantasy value would skyrocket.

RB Others: Reno Mahe, Eric McCoo, Ryan Moats, and Bruce Perry have no to little value right now but keep a close eye on the situation.

WR Terrell Owens: I wonder if Philly had any idea of what type of showboating, self centered, media monster they were getting when they got T.O.? When he puts up numbers like he did last season, I don’t think they care. The bottom line is this guy is one of the best WRs in the game and he WILL be hauling down the rock from McNabb this season. The contract issues will get resolved and even if they don’t T.O. isn’t stupid enough to sit out the season…Philly fans would hunt him down and pull his braces out with needle nose pliers and vice grips. Look for continued success (and headaches) from this guy and with his 1200 yards and 14 TDs he remains a STUD fantasy WR.

WR Todd Pinkston: Out for the season with a ruptured Achilles tendon. Ouch.

WRs Reggie Brown and Greg Lewis: With Pinky out for the season the stocks on these two just went through the roof. Where Brown was once fighting for third receiver slot with Greg Lewis, they are now fighting for the #2 spot. Though Lewis is currently listed at #2 on the depth charts, Brown has got great hands and has been impressive during the off season so beating out Lewis isn’t a far reach. Keep an eye on this situation as who ever gets the #2 spot will benefit from the double coverage that T.O. will draw.

WR Others: Billy McMullen, Grant Adams, Jared Jones, Chauncey Stovall, and Isaac West hold little to no fantasy value.

TE L.J. Smith: Smith suffered back issues last season that limited him but that seems to be behind him now as off season back surgery has him going 100% in camp. L.J. posted improved numbers last season due to T.O. drawing attention away. During the Playoffs only Westbrook had more receptions then Smith so McNabb is showing more faith in his TE and hopefully that will continue making L.J. a decent starting fantasy TE.

TE Others: Mike Bartrum, James Whalen, Stephen Spach, and Andy Thorn have no value.

K David Akers: Akers is a top notch kicker who has averaged 121 points over the last 5 seasons. With leg strength to kick from 50+ and accuracy to hit from sideline to sideline, Akers will continue to give the Eagles a consistent touchdown alternative.

K Others: Jimmy Kibble has no fantasy value.

Washington Redskins

QB Patrick Ramsey: Though currently listed as the starter, Ramsey has got to know that if he falters he is going to get yanked quickly. Reports out of camp say that he seems at “ease” and the Washington organizations says he is their man but this is looking more and more like a QB by Committee everyday. Would you trade up for a second first round pick if you didn’t have plans for that player? Ramsey’s days are numbered as he sits in the crosshairs so stay clear.

Clipboard Jockeys: Mark Brunell & Rookie Jason Campbell have little value as of yet but keep a close eye on Campbell because although he is listed third on the depth charts reports out of camp say he is tearing it up.

RB Clinton Portis: Portis is a top 10 fantasy RB averaging 1471 yards per season and 13 TDs. Seeing as he is the only real threat on this shaky Redskins team they will look to him to carry the offense until the QB situation is settled and the offense gels. Portis may lose a few short yardage TDs with the addition of FB Manuel White but the holes this guy will help create will allow Portis more opportunity to break a few long ones as well. Portis recently suffered some swelling in his knee but reports say its nothing to worry about so he remains a premiere fantasy RB.

RB others: Ladell Betts, Rock Cartwright, Mike Sellers, Dahrran Diedrick, and Brock Forsey have little value but should Portis go down Betts will get the nod.

WR Santana Moss: Santana made out huge when the Jets traded him to Washington for Coles. Washington gave him a 6 year deal worth 31 million and 11 million in guaranteed bonuses. Not bad for a guy that had only 838 yards receiving and 5 TDs last season. I would steer clear of Moss or any wide receiver on this team until the QB situation settles down and we see some sort of chemistry between them. If I have to put a tag on Santana I would have to say he is a grossly over paid #2 will some minimal upside.

WR David Patten: The speedy Patten faired well in the share the wealth New England passing attack but in a Washington system with no clear cut starting QB I don’t expect him to fair too well. Look for Patten to pull down his fair share once the passing attack gels but until then it will be rough going for Patten. Stay away if possible but if you’re stuck with him don’t expect anything other then fair numbers for a #2 fantasy WR.

WR Others: Darnerian McCants, James Thrash, Taylor Jacobs, Kevin Dyson, Gari Scott, Antonio Brown, Jimmy Farris, and Jamin Elliot have little value as of yet. With Gardner going to Carolina one of these gents will slid into the #3 spot and carry some value but just like Moss and Patten until the QB situation calms you should be cautious.

TE Chris Cooley: Cooley was a favorite target of Ramsey’s and if Ramsey can hold on to the starting job for any length of time its Cooley that will benefit the most. In the 7 games that Ramsey started Cooley netted 26 passes for 218 yards and 3 TDs. If these two remain a tandem expect Cooley’s numbers to improve in yardage and end zone visits.

TE Others: Robert Royal, Jabari Holloway, and Kori Dickerson have no fantasy value.

K John Hall: Injuries and declining accuracy have Hall falling off the charts so Washington brought Jeff Chandler to camp this year. Not that it matters because neither of them have much fantasy value anyway.

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