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NFC East Preview


QB – Tony Romo – Looks like Tony Romo’s contract talks are going to wait until the end of the season.

  Tony will try and pull a “ROD TIDWELL” on Jerry Jones this year.

  With two exceptionally talented receivers to throw to (not to mention a great TE), he has to be considered a top 10 fantasy QB and will be yelling at Mr. Jones to, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!” after they lose the 2008 Super Bowl.


RB – Marion Barber – What a shame…. RBBC.

  But if you MUST have a RB that has a star on his helmet, take Barber.

  I’m hearing he’s literally running over defenders in training camp.

  He’ll have just as many total yards as Julius Jones while getting you more touchdowns.


RB – Julius Jones – It’s just the lack of opportunity that may hinder the Juice’s fantasy value.

  Rarely will he get a goal line carry.

  He won’t even be in that often on 3rd downs.

  About the only thing you can expect from JJ this year will be yards. 


WR – Terrell Owens – Practiced for the first time in 3 days this past Thursday due to a sore hamstring, then missed last Sunday’s workout due to sore back.

  However, there should be nothing to worry about once the season starts.

  Expect 10+ TD’s this year from TO as he has another fantasy top 5 finish.


WR – Terry Glenn

(had knee surgery last Tuesday and should be out for two weeks.

  Is expected to start season opener) Doesn’t this seem a typical stat line for the man Parcells calls ‘she’:

  3 receptions, 93 yards and 2 TD’s.

  I’m not saying to expect 2 TD’s a game from her, but you could do worse than having her as your #2 WR.


WR – Patrick Crayton – Patrick’s getting reps with the 1st team currently in Glenn’s absence.

  That time to gel with Romo can’t hurt, but realistically should not be drafted, assuming Glenn and TO are healthy.


TE – Jason Witten – NFC EAST = Best TE division in football!


Witten is Mr. Consistency…. You know he’s good for 40-50 yards just about every game.


Witten’s TD #’s (1) were extremely disappointing for fantasy owners last year.

  He’ll finish in the top 10 as he improves on those TD’s by 500%!!!


TE – Anthony Fasano – Fasano shouldn’t be drafted (under new regime, they will be using much less 2 TE sets than last year), but I just want to include him in here.

  I understand he is catching every thing thrown his direction thus far in camp. 


Witten were to go down, I would expect there to be no drop off in numbers from the Dallas TE position.



QB – Donovan McNabb – Wow!

  You could possibly get one heck of a steal with this guy (ADP has him going in Round 5) if he picks up where he left off prior to last year’s knee injury.

  Or your season could be shot if he goes down again.

  If he’s healthy, he won’t be running as much, that’s for sure.

  If he’s your guy, make sure you have a quality #2 for insurance.

  In addition, I sure wouldn’t mind finding him on MY roster!


RB – Brian Westbrook – I love this guy!


Philadelphia has one of the very best OL’s in the game.

  Is it because the OL is ACTUALLY that good or is it because of the RB?

  Who cares?

  No matter how you spin it, Westbrook will have HUGE total yardage figures with moderate TD’s (10-12).


WR – Reggie Brown – Brown will be the Eagle’s #1 WR this year and will be expected to succeed.

  He averaged 17.7 ypr last year with less than 50 catches.

  Being Mr. GO TO this year, he should have more grabs but is unlikely to maintain that reception yardage average from a year ago.

  He’d make a decent #3 WR.

WR – Kevin Curtis – McNabb loves to throw the ball around to multiple receivers so I just don’t see a lot of value for a

Philadelphia #2 WR.

  With that being mentioned, reports out of training camp are that Curtis and McNabb are developing quite the chemistry.

  He may have a couple matchups where you may want to start him, but consider Curtis a #4 WR at best.


WR – Hank Baskett – Baskett will not have much value this year unless one of the other two receivers gets hurt.


TE – L.J. Smith – Smith had off season sports hernia surgery and is recovering nicely.

  He’s consistent but would have to be a below average 1TE in Fantasy Leagues.

8/9 Update- Smith was carted off the field after ‘tweaking’ the before mentioned injury.  Keep monitoring his status as your fantasy drafts get nearer.

TE – Matt Schobel – Matt had some decent games while in Cinicinnati before coming to Philadelphia last year as a free agent.  Had a couple TDs in ’06 and if Smith is out, Schobel would be upgraded to a mid-low #2 TE.



QB – Eli Manning – You wish you were in

San Diego NOW, don’t ya, Eli???  Little bro’ Manning has a new Offensive Coordinator this year in Kevin Gilbride and a new QB coach (Chris Palmer) to boot.

  Wahoo!!! (insert sarcasm)

  Will it help?


  He’s a turnover machine that is no more than a #2 Fantasy QB.


RB – Brandon Jacobs – 6’4” – 265 pounds!!!!!


  Somewhat surprisingly, Jacobs is actually a pretty good receiving back and will get you those yards as well.

  He’ll have the majority of goal line opportunities and probably twice as many carries as Droughns during the season.

  You can slot Jacobs in as a low end #2 Fantasy RB.


RB – Reuben Droughns – Droughns will spell Jacobs as he tires (this will be quite often!) and will come in for a change of pace back.

  He’s great insurance for Jacobs’ owners but does not have much more value than a #4 RB.


WR – Plaxico Burress – Plexiglass recently turned an ankle and has been taking it easy ever since.

  This shouldn’t keep him from Week 1 v. DAL, however.

  Now this may be because of Manning, but Burress will get you some big games, then he’ll lay a couple eggs for you.

  For instance, take a look at the Giants last 3 games for the 2006 season; PB finished the regular season with only 3 receptions in Weeks 16-17 combined!!!

  Then he pulls in 2 TD’s in their bon voyage show v. the Eagles.


WR – Amani Toomer – Toomer only played in half the games last year.

  Compare that with playing most every game in the previous 7 NFL campaigns.

  He’ll be 33 once the season gets under way (are you catching the warning?) Multiply that by 2 and you should be very close to his Fantasy WR ranking!


WR – Steve Smith – Keep your eye on this guy!

  He’s done nothing but impress in camp thus far.

  If Toomer misses time, Smith will greatly benefit.


WR – Sinorice Moss – For him to be selected in your draft would absolutely be a reach, unless you’re in one of those 12 team, 7 starting receiver leagues.

  If that’s the case, consider him an 8-9 WR and PICK HIM UP in rounds 50-55.


TE – Jeremy Shockey – A true warrior….

  Puts it ALL out there every single play.

  You may not like the attitude or what he says, but you’ll surely like those fantasy points when you outscore your opponents TE.

  This year, Shockey will assume more of a leadership role on the team with the absence of Tiki Barber.



QB – Jason Campbell – This year’s sleeper QB???


Campbell has a pretty talented group of receivers to aim at and is one years worth more comfortable in the

Washington system.

  He could be a spot starter for you, depending on matchup, at best.


RB –

Clinton Portis – BUYER BEWARE!!!

  As long as SOUTHEAST JEROME is healthy, he will be the primary back, even with the impressive performance by Betts in ’06.

  His health issues will make him just too high of a risk for a 1st rounder but could provide you a fantastic 1-2 punch with Portis being the ‘2’.





RB – Ladell Betts – Betts made everything of his opportunity to shine last year with Portis missing ½ the schedule.

  His 4.7 ypc were well over Portis’ 4.1 and even finished the year with 53 receptions!

  Someone like Betts can surely stir up the 2007 NFL Fantasy Football season (as he did last year!).With Portis in, Betts will get a handful of carries and the occasional goal line attempt.

  But with Portis out, it’s just about 100% Ladell!


WR – Santana Moss – Moss missed a couple games last year in a very mediocre 2006 campaign.

  Even now, he’s a bit banged up.

  But he will be

Campbell’s primary target this year and should catch in the neighborhood of 60-70 passes.

  Last year in games spent with

Campbell, the two hooked up for 24 rec. 338 yds and 3 TD’s in 6 games (Averaged out over 16 games would be 64 / 901 / 8).



WR – Brandon Lloyd / Antwaan Randle El – At this point, Randle El appears to be the starter opposite Moss.

  Lloyd averaged less than 2 receptions a game last year and you’d sure think he’d improve, but that’s not saying much.

  Randle El will also chip in a little with rushing and passing stats other than what he catches.


TE – Chris Cooley – Heading into his 4th year, CC is ready to hang with the BIG BOYS (Gates, Gonzalez) of TE’s.

  There may be very few QBs in the league that will rely on their TE more than


  Check this out…  Cooley’s average pre-Campbell last year (9 games):

  3 rec. / 36 yds / .3 TD.


Campbell then came in to start the final 7 games.

  In those games, Cooley averaged over 4 rec., 59 yards and .4 TD.

  Now let’s see how that would play out for 16 games…

  It’ll look something like this – 69 / 939 / 7.  Would you take that from your TE???

  That’s what I thought!

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