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NFL DRAFT 2018: Quarterback Needs

Cleveland Browns

Coach Hue Jackson for right now seems to be the head coach in 2018. John Dorsey was an excellent pick for the Browns as their new general manager. The Browns will be examining the 2018 NFL Draft as a course to find their starting quarterback in 2018. I don’t think Cleveland will be too excited to see DeShone Kizer as a starter again.

Good Fits: Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield.

If Darnold officially declares for the 2018 NFL Draft, he is the No. 1 pick and is a “no-brainer” for the Browns. Allen could be the next best fit just based on physical tools to be an NFL quarterback. Dorsey would have to believe that Hue Jackson can coach him up on the IQ portion of the NFL, which he has not shown yet with Kizer. You could say that Kizer and Allen are very similar coming out of college with their physical skill sets. Lamar Jackson could be a game-breaker with solid coaching. I’m not sure you get that with Hue Jackson. It seems like I am saying that the Browns’ quarterback situation will not get better unless a head coach who can work well with quarterbacks is there. Mayfield could be the competitor who the Browns need to jump start the franchise. I wouldn’t take him No. 1 overall, but maybe later in the first round.

Bad Fits: Josh Rosen.

If a prospect has questions about having passion for the game, you don’t want him to be the quarterback of a struggling franchise. He is also a California kid who likes his sunshine and beaches and many scouts says he has a bad personality of being a “know it all.” Does this fit the Cleveland Browns and where they are as a franchise?


New York Giants

Will they keep Eli Manning, or trade him to another team this off-season? The rumor is also that Dave Gettleman will be the new general manager of the Giants. That is a big decision to make right off the bat in the first few days on the job. I’m not sure at this point that they will move from Manning and just draft a quarterback at No. 2 due to not knowing anything about Davis Webb moving forward. They also have had bigger issues with the offensive line that Gettleman may look to solve this off-season and see what Manning is capable of next season. If they decide to take a quarterback at No. 2, let’s look at fits.

Good Fits: Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Jackson, Mayfield

Out of the first-round quarterbacks, there is not a bad fit in the bunch. Rosen would see the spotlight in New York and may thrive in it. Allen is coach-able and could do really well with receivers like Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram. Remember that Gettleman drafted Cam Newton for Carolina and could see the multipurpose weapon that Jackson is and take him. Mayfield in New York would just be fun due to the media attention and passionate teammates like Beckham Jr.


Denver Broncos

John Elway has a quarterback crisis on his hands and needs to do something fast. I expect him to attack free agency as his avenue of getting a starting quarterback for 2018. The jury is still out on Paxton Lynch, but he has shown flashes of possibly being their guy for the future. I would doubt that the Broncos take the No. 5 overall pick and grab another young quarterback when their defense is built to win now.

Good Fits: Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Mayfield.

If anyone could maybe get Rosen to really buy into a scheme or franchise, a fellow Californian legend quarterback could do it. Allen going from Wyoming to Denver seems like an interesting match. Allen’s strong arm will remind some of Elway while he was at Stanford. Mayfield’s tenacity could intrigue Elway enough to take him.

Bad Fits: Jackson.

I don’t think Elway would put his chips on the table for Jackson, who doesn’t seem like an Elway type of quarterback.

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