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NFL Draft Analysis – AFC South

Houston Texans

With 2 first round picks and 6 of the first 125 picks, the Texans are in position to put a Texas-sized beating on this draft. They also hold the rights to Drew Hanson (drafted in last year’s Round 6). This means they could very possibly put a deal together for an additional pick.

The Texans offense caught traction last year and really took off. With the defense finishing last in the league and 31st in sacks, look for Houston to shore up the defense, especially the front line.

Picks: 1-10 (10), 2-Supp (32.5), 2-8 (40), 3-8 (71), 4-7 (103), 4-26 (122), 5-6 (138), 6-5 (170), 6-35 (200), 7-10 (211), 7-47 (248)

Indianapolis Colts

We all know the Colts have an explosive offense. They showed everybody last year that they could put points on the board seemingly at will. There were times, however, when they really counted on that ability to make up for a porous defense.

Interestingly, the Kansas City Chiefs have the very next pick after the Colts in the first round. Does anyone remember last year’s AFC Divisional playoff game between these two? I’m sure the Colts do, and they’ll pick up the top remaining Cornerback before the Chiefs can get him. The rest of the draft will also be very defensive for the Colts.

Picks: 1-29 (29), 2-27 (59), 3-27 (90), 5-29 (161), 6-28 (193), 7-28 (229)

Jacksonville Jaguars

Continuing with the Defensive-minded AFC South, the Jags will also look to add some size to their Defensive Line. What a boring draft for this division…

Picks: 1-9 (9), 2-7 (39), 3-7 (70), 3-9 (72), 4-6 (102), 5-5 (137), 5-18 (150), 6-10 (175), 7-9 (210), 7-48 (249)

Tennessee Titans

Several high profile retirements (Wycheck, O’Donnell, and Gary Anderson) along with the departure of Jevon Kearse (Unrestricted Free Agent to Philadelphia) and Justin McCareins (traded to NY Jets), have left some Titan-sized holes to fill. While several of these holes will be filled from within (Erron Kinney, Billy Volek, Carlos Hall, Drew Bennett), the Titans definitely have some work to do. Luckily, they have 3 picks in the top 57 and 11 picks overall. Look for a well rounded draft, but being in the AFC South, you can expect the first round pick to be used on a Defensive Lineman.

Picks: 1-27 (27), 2-10 (42), 2-25 (57), 3-29 (92), 4-28 (124), 5-27 (159), 5-33 (165), 6-26 (191), 7-29 (230), 7-38 (239), 7-40 (241)

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