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NFL Draft Coverage – AFC North

Baltimore Ravens


Needs: Wide Receiver


The Raven lack a first round pick as they traded up last year to acquire their QB of the future, Kyle Boller.  They are set with a stud RB in Jamal Lewis (and Musa Smith as a backup),  a solid TE (Todd Heap), and a strong offensive line.  Ray Lewis leads their defense, and they drafted a top DE last year in Terrell Suggs.  The Ravens know the best defense is a good offense to keep the other team’s offense off the field.  Look for the Ravens to take a WR or large offensive lineman with their first pick .  Another possibility is a large defensive lineman to help free up Ray Lewis to make plays.  (Although it’s in the second round, they should be able to nab a top WR or Lineman).


First Round Player/Position Mock Pick: In this case, 2-19 (51), best lineman available.


Picks: 2-19(51), 3-25(88), 4-24(120),5-23(155), 5-28(160), 6-22(187), 6-34(199), 7-21(222), 7-43(244), 7-45(246)



Cincinnati Bengals


Needs: Defensive Lineman, Linebacker, Tight End


The Bengals traded down with the Broncos and acquired Deltha O’Neil and an extra 4th round pick.  Nicely done, as the Bengals were weak at CB, and weren’t in position at #17 to pick up a solid defensive player (which is what they need).  The Bengals have a franchise QB in Carson Palmer, and two decent RB’s in Corey Dillon and Rudi Johnson.  Their WR corps are excellent, (Chad Johnson and Peter Warrick).  Their TE’s have played adequately, but might want to draft another TE this year.  Their offensive line is stronger this year, so defense is the theme for this draft.  Look for the Bengals to try to pick up a large defensive lineman with their first pick.


First Round Player/Position Mock Pick: Vince Wilfork, DT Miami


Picks: 1-24(24), 2-17(49), 3-17(80), 3-33(96), 4-18(114), 4-21(117), 5-17(149), 6-18(183), 7-17(218)



Cleveland Browns


Needs: CB, S, Franchise QB


Team Analysis: The running back position is unsettled, with Willie Green’s problems, and is Lee Suggs ready?  QB and Wide Receiver are strengths of the team, although a nice, large offensive lineman to protect Jeff Garcia might be welcomed.  On defense, the Browns could use a hard-hitting safety like Sean Taylor.  There’s also the chance the Browns select Big Ben Roethlisberger… to prevent the hated Steelers from drafting him.


First Round Player/Position Mock Pick: Sean Taylor, Safety, University of Miami


Picks: 1-7(7), 2-5(37), 3-5(68), 4-10(106), 5-9(141), 6-8(173), 6-11(176), 7-7(208)



Pittsburgh Steelers


Needs: Cornerback, Offensive Lineman, Franchise QB,


Pittsburgh should be a playoff contender this year, so I find it hard to think they will spend early picks on a non-immediate impact position like QB.  The Steelers need a big offensive lineman to open hole for the running game and to justify the free agent signing of Duce Staley.  The Steelers are always weak at CB, and could certainly draft there as well.  Tommy Maddox plays well for his salary, and the Wide Receivers are quite talented (Hines Ward, Plexico Burress, and Randel-El).


First Round Player/Position Mock Pick: Shawn Andrews. Offensive Tackle, Arkansas


Picks: 1-11(11), 2-12(44), 3-12(75), 4-11(107), 5-13(145), 6-12(177), 6-29(194), 7-11(212)


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