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NFL Draft Coverage – NFC North

Chicago Bears


Chicago handed the reins over to young QB Rex Grossman at the end of last season.  Immediately he showed signs that he is the Bears QB of the future.  They also believe they resolved the Running Back question with the signing of Thomas Jones in the offseason.   He will compete with Anthony Thomas to get the carries.  WR Marty Booker appears to be fully healed from his injuries of last season.  Defensively they still have some holes, specifically on the Defensive Line.  Look for the Bears to use their first pick on a Defensive Lineman.


Picks: 1-14 (14), 2-15 (47), 3-15 (78), 4-8 (104), 4-14 (110), 5-16 (148), 7-14 (215)



Detroit Lions


Last season’s first round pick Charles Rogers was a disappointment after he broke his collarbone early in the season.  He has been rehabbing the injury and should be ready for the start of training camp.  Combine Rogers with QB Joey Harrington and RB Artose Pinner, the Lions have a young strong base to build their offense around.  The team is hoping that Pinner can be the starter and improve the league’s worst rushing offense.  Shawn Bryson will also get some carries.


There are several rumors that Detroit will be looking to trade the 6th pick for multiple picks.  Since Detroit still has several holes to fill, a trade down is not out of the question.  However, I think they will keep the pick and take the best offensive player available.  It may even be TE Kellen Winslow Jr. who is visiting Detroit this week.


Picks: 1-6 (6), 2-4 (36), 3-10 (73), 4-9 (105), 5-8 (140), 6-7 (172)



Green Bay Packers


The Packers had a good season last year, winning the NFC North.  They have one of the most balanced offenses in the league with Brett Favre, Ahman Green, Javon Walker, Robert Ferguson, Donald Driver and Bubba Franks.  The Pack may also do a draft day trade for one-time top pick Tim Couch to back up Favre until he is ready to retire.  With the offensive primarily set, look for the Packers to focus on defense in the draft.  Last season LB Nick Barnett was the top choice and made a big impact on the team.  Possessing a late first round pick, look for the Packers to go after the best defensive player available.  DE Jason Babin or Marquise Hill are possibilities with their first pick.


Picks: 1-25 (25), 2-23 (55), 3-23 (86), 4-22 (118), 5-21 (153), 6-23 (188), 7-25 (226), 7-50 (251)



Minnesota Vikings


There were Rumors this offseason of the Vikings looking to trade star WR Randy Moss.  Since, he is worth much more to the team than what they could get for him in any trade he is not going anywhere.  The biggest question to be solved is:  Who is going to run the ball?  Michael Bennett had the job until he got hurt and was unable to start the season.  Moe Williams and Onterrio Smith filled in until Bennett was able to return.  All 3 showed that have talent enough to deserve playing time.  The dreaded RBBC could be a problem for fantasy owners unless one back steps up to a primary role. 


To give QB Daunte Culpepper another weapon, the Vikes signed Marcus Robinson away from Baltimore.  He will compete with Nate Burleson and Kelly Campbell for the WR#2 spot.  Re-signed TE Jim Kleinsasser rounds out the offense and this unit is ready to make a move in the NFC North. 


With the 19th pick, look for the Vikings to take a LB.  There is a good chance it could be one of the University of Miami’s LBs D.J. Williams or Jonathan Vilma.


Picks:  1-19 (19), 2-18 (50), 3-19 (82), 4-19 (115), 5-19 (151), 6-19 (184), 7-19 (220)


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