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NFL Draft Coverage – NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Their ultimate needs are all on the defensive side of the ball. Sure, it would be nice to have a top notch WR opposite of Peerless, but at the 8th spot, there is too much talent at DE or CB to take a WR. We shall see what McKay does with his first draft at Atlanta.

Picks: 1-8(8), 2-6 (38), 3-6 (69), 4-5 (101), 4-29 (125), 5-10 (142), 6-9 (174)


Carolina Panthers

At 31, there will be a tall, fast, surehanded WR that would compliment Steve Smith nicely. I can’t be sure who that will be, but he will be available. Carolina might also try to cover a few holes on the defensive side of the ball. They have little or no chance to move up in the draft with the rest of their picks, so I don’t expect that to happen.

Picks: 1-31(31), 2-30 (62), 3-31(94), 4-31(127), 5-31(163), 6-31(196), 7-31(232)

New Orleans Saints

The Saints are a wildcard in this draft. There has been speculation that they want to move up to the top-10 and get an “immediate impact” player. Haslett has traded down in the past and might do that. I personally don’t think they have enough picks in this draft to move into the top-10, but they could trade future picks in order to move up. If they stay where they are, then I expect a defensive player to be taken, probably a cornerback. If there is a run on CB’s before they pick, I see a DE or top LB being taken.

Picks: 1-18(18), 2-16(48), 2-28(60), 3-18(81), 6-17(182), 7-5(206), 7-39(240)


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TB has only 2 picks in the top 100 of this draft and they need WR help as well as fill several defensive holes created in free agency moves. If they stay put at the 15th pick, they will call a receiver name. As much as Gruden’s team needs help on defense, he won’t be able to suppress his offensive mind. They are in an interesting position in the draft. There are 3 teams that are expected to take a RB in the first round: DEN(17), NE(21) and DAL(22) . Denver swapped places with Cinci (24) presumably to get the top RB in the draft. I would be very surprised if NE or DAL don’t leap frog ahead of DEN. Look for this to happen when a pick is on the clock and not before. Neither Bill wants to show his hand too early. If TB sees 3 top WR on the board, then they would be willing to slide 6-7 spots in exchange for a late second round pick, which the could use to fill a S or DT hole on defense.

Picks: 1-15(15), 3-16(79), 4-15(111), 5-14(146), 6-16(181), 7-15(216), 7-27(228), 7-51 (252)

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