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NFL Draft Coverage – NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

New head coach Dennis Green’s objective will be to build a high power offense for the Arizona Cardinals. However, don’t be so sure that he will spend their 3rd overall pick on a franchise quarterback like Ben Roethlisberger or a big time receiver like Larry Fitzgerald or Mike Williams. Josh McCown, who had some bright moments at the end of last season, has been named the starting QB by coach Green. It is only logical that McCown will be given the full opportunity to show what he can do. Based on Green’s history as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, he had always been able to find a QB to play on his high power offense without spending a 1st round draft pick on one until they drafted Duante Culpepper.

With last year’s first round pick Bryant Johnson making steady progress and last year’s rookie sensation Anquan Boldin at the wide receiver position, the Cardinals are not in immediate need of a wide receiver. So, if top offense tackle Robert Gallery is still on the board, it would be hard for the Cardinals to pass on him. But Larry Fitzgerald is still a strong possibility considered that coach Green believes in having big time wide receivers on his offense.

The team also needs to upgrade their 26th ranked defense especially on the defensive tackle positions.

Picks: 1-3 (3), 2-1 (33), 3-1 (64), 4-4 (100), 5-3 (135), 6-2 (167), 7-1 (202)


St. Louis Rams

WR Rashaun Woods has been mentioned as the possible pick for the St. Louis Rams at the 26th spot. Issac Bruce is getting up there in age and the two mid-round draft picks from last year – wide receivers Kevin Curtis and Shaun McDonald were both out with injuries most of last season and had not shown that they can step in. It is logical that the offensive minded Mike Martz would like to keep his “Greatest show on turf” fine tuned with some new blood at the wide receiver positions. The Rams can also use some help at the offensive line.

The Rams also need help in the defensive end position with the loss of DE Grant Wistrom. Their 1st round pick could be spent on DE’s like Antwan Odom of Alabama.

Pick: 1-26 (26), 3-28 (91), 4-27 (123), 4-34 (130), 5-26 (158), 6-36 (201), 7-36 (237), 7-37 (238)


San Francisco 49ers

With the departure of both of last year’s starting receivers Terrell Owens and Tai Streets, the 49ers will mostly look to draft a wide receiver with their 16th overall pick in the 1st round. WR Reggie Williams of Washington is a strong possibility at the 16th pick.

The 49ers can use help in many positions: quarterback, running backs, defensive tackles. The only quarterbacks on their current roster are two former 7th round picks Tim Rattay and Ken Dorsey; both with very little experience. Bringing in a veteran QB would probably be best for their situation. But drafting a QB is not a bad way to go just in case Rattay proves to really be a 7th round pick. They can probably use another RB to back up the now clear number RB Kevan Barlow.


Pick: 1-16 (16), 2-14 (46), 2-14 (77), 4-16 (112), 5-15 (147), 6-14 (179), 6-33 (198), 7-16 (217)


Seattle Seahawks

With the retirement of defensive tackle John Randle, the Seahawks will look for help at the defensive tackle position. DT’s Darnell Dockett of Florida State and Marcus Tubbs of Texas have been mentioned as draft possibilities at the Seahawks’ 23rd spot. The Seahawks’ draft will focus mostly on defense as they can also use some help in the linebacker positions and perhaps add depth in the secondary.

Offensivey, the Seahawks look to be in good shape in just about all positions. Perhaps adding another wide receiver and more depth in the offense line would figure into their draft plan.

Pick: 1-23 (23), 2-21 (53), 3-21 (84), 4-20 (116), 5-25 (157), 6-24 (189), 7-23 (224)

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