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NFL DRAFT: Fantasy Fallout – Day 1

Dallas Cowboys

1.12 LB Micah Parsons, Penn State

I know the Cowboys wanted a corner, but after watching the top 2 get drafted before them, they traded back and landed THE BEST Defensive player in the draft. And no, that’s not the Cowboys fan in me saying that. Micah Parsons is a monster on the defense and with the health concerns of Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith, this is a pretty solid pick. Parsons will be a tackling machine in IDP leagues, so he should be the 1st Defensive player drafted in rookie drafts and go right around with Vander Esch and Smith go in regular leagues. As far as the Cowboys DST, I don’t think that moves very much because there’s still too many other issues with their defense.


Los Angeles Chargers

1.13 OT Rashawn Slater, Notre Dame

A solid pick for the Chargers. The Chargers have the QB, they have weapons, now they get protection for all those investments. Herbert could be in for another amazing season due to this pick and after the initial mad grab of QBs, I would go for Herbert as my starter. I see him being in the Top 10 of QBs (probably just ahead of Matt Ryan).


New England Patriots

1.15 QB Mac Jones, Alabama

Wow, I am shocked that Mac Jones fell to here, but props to Bill for being able to get him. Will Mac Jones be the new Tom Brady? Absolutely not. Will Mac Jones be a great Patriots QB? Heck yeah. I don’t know if we see Mac Jones as the starter at the beginning of the season, because I think Bill will want to play it smart and let him learn and just let Cam Newton finish out his time in New England, but this is a guy that you can stash on your dynasty roster for sure. I probably wouldn’t draft him in any re-draft league unless I hear some news out of New England that he’s going to potentially start. I will say this, with all the moves the Patriots made this year, they are building up and Mac Jones could be the beneficiary of all this.


Arizona Cardinals

1.16 LB Zaven Collins, Tulsa

This is a solid pick for the Cardinals. Zaven Collins is going to be a great IDP and I would endorse drafting him right after Micah Parsons in rookie drafts with IDPs, and probably right around the same area in re-draft leagues. This guy is going to give you points. I also am VERY HIGH on the Cardinals defense despite their lack of secondary. Depending on how your league does scoring, the Cardinals are going to see an increase in sacks and forced fumbles with J.J. Watt and now Zaven Collins.


Las Vegas Raiders

1.17 OT Alex Leatherwood, Alabama

This is a pick that looks better in real life than fantasy. Personally, I think Gruden stretched here. Leatherwood (while good) could have easily waited until the later picks of the 1st round, if not the 2nd. He isn’t a HUGE upgrade over what they already have so I don’t think that Derek Carr‘s numbers move any here. Wherever you previously valued Derek Carr, keep him there.


Washington Football Team

1.19 LB Jamin Davis, Kentucky

Wow, the rich get richer. I like Jamin Davis as a IDP, he should be drafted maybe 1 or 2 rounds after the other LBs in this class in a re-draft league and maybe 1 round after in a rookie draft. I think the Washington DST is the big winner here, because they just keep getting better. The Washington DST should finish in Top 10 defenses for sure with how they’ve built that unit and may fly under the radar on draft day.


New York Giants

1.20 WR Kadarius Toney, Florida

Interesting pick for the Giants to trade down and get Toney, but hey it’ll be a fun thing to see in New York. The Giants now have Golladay, Shephard, Engram, AND Toney on the field at the same time. That is going to be a lot trouble for opposing defenses so Daniel Jones and ALL offensive players on the Giants get a leap in value. Toney himself, is more of a gadget kind of receiver, so I don’t think his contribution will be huge, he will probably get around 600 yards and a handful of touchdowns. Draft him in the Top 100 overall in re-draft leagues and in the Top 50 in rookie leagues.


Indianapolis Colts

1.21 DE Kwity Paye, Michigan

A really solid pick for the Colts. Their pass rush was struggling and Paye is a great answer to that solution. Had the Vikings not traded back, I feel like he would have gone there, but the Colts got him instead. From a fantasy perspective, he presents an interesting pick. Defensive Ends on a whole score more than Defensive Tackles, so he’s a good pickup late in drafts. As far as the Colts DST, one player does not make too much of a difference yet.


Tennessee Titans

1.22 CB Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech

Wow, this guy gets COVID and slides all the way down to 22? Caleb Farley was one of the top corners in the draft and almost every mock draft I read had him going in the top 16, so going to the Titans ,who lost a lot of secondary talent is a steal. I won’t draft him as a rookie corner, but I love the pick from the real life perspective that the Titans can still have a defense that functions. Titans DST should still be valued a little less than what it was last year.


Minnesota Vikings

1.23 OT Christian Darrisaw, Virginia Tech

Back to back Virginia Tech picks? Funny. Vikings trade back and get a really good offensive tackle. This bodes really well for Kirk Cousins & Dalvin Cook (as if Dalvin Cook needed more reason to move up). I think we can pencil Cook in for a Top 5 RB for sure, and Cousins maybe will be in the Top 10, but for sure the Top 15.

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