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NFL DRAFT: Fantasy Fallout – Day 1

Pittsburgh Steelers

1.24 RB Najee Harris, Alabama

The first running back of the draft and it’s pretty much who and to where everyone predicted. The Steelers get Najee Harris. Harris is a complete back that will absolutely start day one and start punishing teams in the process. He should obviously be the first rookie RB off the board, and in overall rookie drafts he should go in the Top 20, and could make an argument to go in the Top 20 RBs in re-draft leagues. I know that seems high, but I think he’s going to be BIG. 1,000 yards and at LEAST 10 touchdowns are on the table from him this year.


Cleveland Browns

1.26 CB Greg Newsome II, Northwestern

Solid pick for the Browns. I love the Browns DST already, and this just adds more value to it so I would recommend drafting them if you can. As far as IDP leagues, I sound like a broken record, but I want to see him before I draft him.


Baltimore Ravens

1.27 WR Rashod Bateman, Minnesota

Really tough to get excited for this pick because Lamar does so much work on the ground himself, but Bateman is going to be the best receiver on the team. Bateman just has more skill to offer than Brown and it will show this season. Draft Bateman around where you got Brown last year (WR50ish?) and take him in the Top 30 in fantasy drafts. This guy will probably get around 600 yards and it would be a lot more if Lamar  Jackson wasn’t the quarterback.

1.31 LB Jayson Oweh, Penn State

The Ravens got the other Penn State linebacker. He’s definitely not a bad pick, and he will be an asset in real life and in fantasy. I don’t have a solid handle on where I would take him in a re-draft league but I think he’s got to go in the Top-10 Overall defensive rookie in all rookie drafts.


New Orleans Saints

1.28 DE Payton Turner, Houston

Man I feel awful for saying this because I live in Houston, but this pick sucked. Turner IS NOT a 1st round talent and the Saints had bigger issues in the secondary that they could have addressed. But whatever, the Saints took Payton Turner and hopefully they can do something with him on their defense. I don’t think the Saints DST moves in value and I don’t think that I would even advocate drafting Turner in any kind of draft unless he just has a phenomenal training camp.


Green Bay Packers

1.29 CB Eric Stokes, Georgia

Why? The Packers are just actively messing with Aaron Rodgers. They could have gotten a great WR here, but went with a corner. Corner does nothing for me in a fantasy draft and I don’t think Eric Stokes is going to be big enough by himself to do anything for the Packers DST right now.


Buffalo Bills

1.30 DE Gregory Rousseau, Miami

I usually don’t get hyped for defensive ends, but I REALLY like Rousseau. In my rookie draft, I will probably try to sneak Rousseau in as my 3rd round pick. I think he is a monstrous prospect that has a lot of potential that can get you the points you need from the DL position. He may make the Bills DST move up a small percentage in value, but not enough to get crazy about.


Carolina Panthers

1.8 CB Jaycee Horn, South Carolina

Didn’t see this pick coming. I really thought the Panthers would have been better off getting Darnold a weapon to work with, but here we are. From a fantasy standpoint, corners are never really the point generators in IDP leagues, so there’s not much there. If your league REQUIRES a corner, Horn is a surefire player to pick, but for the most part you can leave him out till he shows up. I don’t think the Panthers DST raises any in value as well.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1.32 LB Joe Tyron, Washington

The Bucs definitely needed to add some youth to their defense and that’s exactly what they did. Joe Tyron won’t be a stellar defensive pick THIS year, but he is a guy to watch for in Dynasty leagues as a tackler who will be big in the future.

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