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NFL DRAFT: Fantasy Fallout – Day 1

Cincinnati Bengals

1.1 QB Joe Burrow, LSU
In a move that shocked no one, the Bengals got their franchise QB. While it is not enough to immediately make A.J. Green & Joe Mixon first round picks in fantasy drafts, their value has gone up a bit. As far as Andy Dalton‘s future, he should only be drafted by people who also got Burrow, just in case Burrow gets hurt.

Washington Redskins

1.2 DE Chase Young, Ohio State
For those playing in IDP leagues like myself, Chase Young is going to be a big pick for anyone. I don’t know how everyone else’s leagues score, but in ours, our linebackers are the breadwinners and DLs and DBs usually score a little lower. In the case of Chase Young, I fully expect Young to score among the top linebackers.

Detroit Lions

1.3 CB Jeffery Okudah, Ohio State
For us IDP people, I like Jeffery Okduah as a fantasy pick, especially since he plays in a division with a lot of pass heavy teams allowing for plenty of interceptions and blocked passes. Beyond that, for people who just play in standard leagues, I doubt you will see the Lions DST make that much of an improvement where you have to move them up your draft board.

New York Giants

1.4 OT Andrew Thomas, Georgia
Instead of getting the OT that was more well known for his pass protection, they got the guy who is more well known for his run blocking. That means that if Saquon Barkley could possibly gotten any more valuable than the stud he was, HE JUST DID. Barkley is now #2 overall on my early Fantasy Football Big Draft Board.

Miami Dolphins

1.5 QB Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama
1.18 OT Austin Jackson, USC
1.30 CB Noah Igbinoghene, Auburn
Miami has the quarterback that they need AND they get bonus points for spending their next pick on a great tackle to help protect him. It is clear that Miami values Tua and that he is going to be the focal point of the offense. However, due to their lack of other things on their offense, I can’t see Tua being an elite fantasy quarterback just yet. You can draft him in those middle rounds, but don’t take him high unless you’re in a dynasty league. For the supporting cast around Tua, even with the upgrade at quarterback, it is hard to get enthusiastic about any of the receivers or running backs that are currently on the roster.

As far as Noah Igbinoghene, there were plenty of better corner options in front of him so in an IDP league you can wait on him.

Los Angeles Chargers

1.6 QB Justin Herbert, Oregon
1.23 LB Kenneth Murray, Oklahoma
The Chargers are another team who got their signal caller of the future, but from a fantasy perspective Justin will have a harder battle getting through. The Chargers camp has made it clear that at the very least, he will compete with Tyrod Taylor for the starting role so he may not even be on the field Week 1. If you are spending a high- to mid-level pick on a quarterback, that’s not what I would want to hear. I might consider him at the bottom of my draft, but until I see how the QB depth chart looks, I’m not buying. While looking at where to draft Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, & Austin Ekeler, we really have to ask ourselves if Herbert/Taylor will be a better fantasy performer then Philip Rivers which already seems a stretch.

Kenneth Murray is however a very different story. Being one of the best linebackers in the draft, he is going to slide in to a starting role as soon as he hits the ground, and in an IDP league, he’s going to be valuable. In a rookie draft, I will take him pretty high. Even in a regular draft with IDP, he’s probably the 3rd best Charger on the defensive side of the ball.

Carolina Panthers

1.7 DT Derrick Brown, Auburn
Derrick Brown was the best pick the Panthers could make, but for any die hard Panthers fantasy fans, you probably won’t see any changes right away. Defensive Tackles have a funny way of not really showing up on the scoreboards unless your league scores VERY high on sacks. Derrick Brown is more of a pick that will give a slight boost to the Panthers DST in standard leagues.

Arizona Cardinals

1.8 LB Isaiah Simmons, Clemson
Being the best linebacker in the league AND a guy who can slide in at multiple positions, this is a guy who is going to see the field A LOT and being that their offense isn’t great, is going to have a lot of opportunities to rack up points. My dynasty league has a rookie draft every year, I have the 6th pick, and this is a guy I am highly considering taking with that pick. He will easily be a stud for any defensive lineup. As a bonus, we can also expect the Cardinals DST to see a bump upwards.

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