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NFL Draft Grades

With the draft concluded, it’s time for me to once again break it all down for all of the draftniks and NFL diehards out there. Unlike other certain psuedo-columnists, I wont sit here and critique teams and say who they should have picked (except for one obvious instance), I’m just here to applaud or frown upon every teams selections. How’d your team do? Read on.


1 10(10) Matt Leinart QB USC
2 9(41) Taitusi Lutui OG USC
3 8(72) Leonard Pope TE Georgia
4 10(107) Gabe Watson DT Michigan
5 9(142) Brandon Johnson OLB Louisville
6 8(177) Jonathan Lewis DT Virginia Tech
7 10(218) Todd Watkins WR Brigham Young

– The Cardinals had a strong draft top to bottom. They made out like bandits with Leinart at #10, and with the weapons already residing in Arizona, he should be set up to be their franchise QB for a long time. I thought Lutui was overrated coming into the draft, but he will be better than average at opening up holes for Edge. Drafting Watson and Lewis on the interior could prove to be great value picks. Both dropped because of questions about commitment and durability, but if they can get motivated at all in the NFL, they should give the Cardinals a nice rotation next to Dockett.

Grade: B+


2 5(37) Jimmy Williams S Virginia Tech
3 15(79) Jerious Norwood RB Mississippi St
5 6(139) Quinn Ojinnaka T Syracuse
6 15(184) Adam Jennings WR Fresno State
7 15(223) D.J. Shockley QB Georgia

– They didn’t have a lot of picks, but the Falcons made the most of them. A lot of teams were turned off by Jimmy Williams’ attitude, but he is a more than welcome addition to the budding Hokie pipeline in Atlanta. He’s the definitive boom or bust pick, though, and here’s to saying he’ll pan out. Their best pick was definitely Jerious Norwood in the third. One of the fastest backs in the draft, he will fit in nicely in their run heavy system and should be Dunn’s eventually replacement as the featured back. With a little added bulk, he could be a regular 1,000 yard rusher down there. Outside of Shockley, though, none of their Day 2 picks excite me very much. Both Jennings and Ojinnaka never stood out in college, and I have a hard time believing they’ll make it in the pros.

Grade: C


1 12(12) Haloti Ngata DT Oregon
2 24(56) Chris Chester C Oklahoma
3 23(87) David Pittman CB Northwestern St
4 14(111) Demetrius Williams WR Oregon
4 35(132) P.J. Daniels RB Georgia Tech
5 13(146) Dawan Landry S Georgia Tech
5 33(166) Quinn Sypniewski TE Colorado
6 34(203) Sam Koch OG Nebraska
6 39(208) Derrick Martin CB Wyoming
7 11(219) Ryan LaCasse DE Syracuse

– Ray Lewis got his wish. He petitioned for a capable big body to play in front of him, and he certainly got it. Ngata is a huge man(6’4″ 340) with surprising athleticism, and he could become one of the best in the league if he plays at the same level play in and play out – which has been a problem for him in the past. Chris Chester is a nice sleeper pick, and he instantly became one of the NFLs most athletic centers when he was drafted. I also commend Ozzie Newsome for not waiting around to take Pittman, snatching him up right away in the third round. He could turn out to be one of the best corners in this draft. Their best value pick, though, was stealing Demetrius Williams in the fourth round. Some of the receivers that went ahead of him definitely don’t grade out as well as him, and he should develop into a very nice #2 down the road. They had a lot of picks, and they used them all wisely. A fine overall draft for Baltimore.

Grade: B


1 8(8) Donte Whitner S Ohio State
1 26(26) John McCargo DT NC State
3 6(70) Ashton Youboty CB Ohio State
4 8(105) Ko Simpson S South Carolina
5 1(134) Kyle Williams DT Louisiana State
5 10(143) Brad Butler T Virginia
6 9(178) Keith Ellison OLB Oregon State
7 8(216) Terrence Pennington T New Mexico
7 40(248) Aaron Merz OG California

– It’s never a good thing when your 3rd, 4th and 5th round picks are better than your 1st rounders, but that’s exactly the case with this clueless franchise. Look, Whitner is a good safety prospect who should make it in the NFL, but what makes him any better than Daniel Bullock, who went 40th, or Buffalo’s other pick Ko Simpson, who went 105th? It’s not like he’s a physically imposing presence. Buffalo better hope he turns into a Pro Bowler quickly, or else that will go down as one of the more hilarious moment in recent draft history. Not to be outdone by themselves, the Bills came right back and reached big time on another marginal prospect in John McCargo. I won’t even delve into that. With that said, the Youboty, Simpson and Williams picks were very nice, and that prevents their draft from looking like a joke.

Grade: D+


1 27(27) DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis
2 26(58) Richard Marshall CB Fresno State
3 24(88) James Anderson OLB Virginia Tech
3 25(89) Rashad Butler T Miami (FL)
4 24(121) Nate Salley S Ohio State
5 22(155) Jeff King TE Virginia Tech
7 26(234) Will Montgomery C Virginia Tech
7 29(237) Stanley McClover DE Auburn

– Value, value, value. Carolina stockpiled some incredibly value with most of their selections. Their draft is highlighted by Williams, of course, who will prove to be the feature back that they’ve been missing since their Super Bowl run. He should be a fantastic back in this league for years. to come. Richard Marshall in the second round was one of my favorite picks in the draft. He’s already better than Ricky Manning ever was, and if their starting corners don’t work their tails off, Marshall may sneak up to the top of the depth chart. He’s going to be a very good player in this league. I don’t really like the Anderson selection. I never saw him as more than a special teams guy, but Carolina obviously thinks he can contribute to the rotation. Butler is a very underrated tackle that could find himself a starting spot on the line in a year or two. Finally, the McClover pick to end the draft was fantastic. Don’t know whose Fruit Loops he pee’d in, but everyone elses loss is Carolina’s gain. He’s a pass rushing terror.

Grade: A-


2 10(42) Danieal Manning S Abilene Christian
2 25(57) Devin Hester CB Miami (FL)
3 9(73) Dusty Dvoracek DT Oklahoma
4 23(120) Jamar Williams OLB Arizona State
5 26(159) Mark Anderson DE Alabama
6 26(195) J.D. Runnels FB Oklahoma
6 31(200) Tyler Reed OG Penn State

– Y’know, I coud have sworn Chicago’s problems resided on the offensive side of the ball. They drafted a lot of good players like Manning, Dvoracek and Anderson, but where is the offensive help? Are the Bears serious about becoming regular title threats, or is it their intention to try and win as many 13-7 games as possible? The Hester pick was just flat out bad in my book. He would have been much better served staying in school another year, instead he will toil on special teams for the forseeable future.

Grade: C-


1 24(24) Johnathan Joseph CB South Carolina
2 23(55) Andrew Whitworth T Louisiana State
3 27(91) Frostee Rucker DE USC
4 26(123) Domata Peko DT Michigan State
5 24(157) A.J. Nicholson OLB Florida State
6 24(193) Reggie McNeal QB Texas A&M
7 1(209) Ethan Kilmer WR Penn State
7 23(231) Bennie Brazell WR Louisiana State

– Unlike Chicago, Cincinatti knew which side of the football to address. Cincinatti’s offense was very prolific last season, but their defense was atrocious at times – giving up big chunks of points in very short amonts of time. Johnathon Joseph is going to be a stud in this league. An absolute stud. I saw him play for the Gamecocks a few times last year, and he really locked down his man at all times. Perfect size for a corner, and excellent speed. Tory James and and Deltha O’Neal have wide receiver hands, but they can’t cover worth a lick. Expect Joseph to make an impact early. As for the rest of their draft, I though they really reached for Rucker and Peko. Neither of them were very impressive to me. AJ Nicholson is a steal in the 5th round. Teams were turned off by some of his off-field problems and slow 40 time, but the guy absolutely took over some games for the Seminoles(See: @BC). You have to like the McNeal pick in the 6th round. He has too much speed and skill to not make an impact somehow.

Grade: B+


1 13(13) Kamerion Wimbley DE Florida State
2 2(34) D’Qwell Jackson ILB Maryland
3 14(78) Travis Wilson WR Oklahoma
4 13(110) Leon Williams ILB Miami (OH)
4 15(112) Isaac Sowells T Indiana
5 12(145) Jerome Harrison RB Washington St
5 19(152) DeMario Minter CB Georgia
6 11(180) Lawrence Vickers FB Colorado
6 12(181) Babatunde Oshinowo DT Stanford
7 14(222) Justin Hamilton S Virginia Tech

– For the second year in a row, Cleveland really impressed me with their draft, but is there any doubt that Wimbley will tear his ACL at midseason? Sorry, sorry. Anyways, Romeo Crennel did exactly what he set out to do in this draft, and that was stockpile as much talent for his 3-4 defense as possible. They had a lot of misplaced personnel last year, but now they’re getting who they want, and I agree with most of their selections. Wimbley should be the stout pass rusher off the edge they sorely lacked last year, and D’Qwell Jackson should team up with Andre Davis to form one of the best tackling duos in the league. The wildcard is Leon Williams, whose computer measurables and tangibles leave you wondering why he never dominated the competition in college. If Romeo can tap his tremendous potential, the Browns have the linebacking core they need to be successful. I also like the Minter selection, who should provide valuable depth at the corner position, and Jerome Harrison at running back. He’ll be an excellent change of pace from Reuben. The only pick I didn’t like was Travis Wilson in day one. He never really stepped up at Oklahoma, and I don’t think he’ll fare any better in the pros. We’ll see, though. Excellent draft for Cleveland, regardless.

Grade: A-


1 18(18) Bobby Carpenter OLB Ohio State
2 21(53) Anthony Fasano TE Notre Dame
3 28(92) Jason Hatcher DE Grambling State
4 28(125) Skyler Green WR Louisiana State
5 5(138) Pat Watkins S Florida State
6 13(182) Montavious Stanley DT Louisville
7 3(211) Paul McQuistan T Weber State
7 16(224) E.J. Whitley T Texas Tech

– Dallas’ draft got off to a great start with the Carpenter selection, who should fit wonderfully in their 3-4, but their decisions over the next few rounds left me scratching my head. Fasano? Okay, we get it pundits, you love to see any sort of Notre Dame player taken, and you will call it a great pick based on his alma mater alone. Forget that. They obviously need a blocking TE to replace Dan Campbell, but couldn’t you have done that later in the draft, or even still in free agency? Fasano’s hype speaks much louder than his actions, and I never considered him to be that good. Hatcher in the third was another odd one. He fits in their scheme, I guess. Dallas finally righted itself with the Watkins and Stanley selections. Both should challenge for playing time right away. They finally addressed their Oline late in the draft, but there was no premium talent at that point, and they will once again enter the season with a lot to be desired in the trenches.

Grade: C+


1 11(11) Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt
2 29(61) Tony Scheffler TE W Michigan
4 22(119) Brandon Marshall WR UCF
4 29(126) Elvis Dumervil OLB Louisville
4 33(130) Domenik Hixon WR Akron
5 28(161) Chris Kuper OG North Dakota
6 29(198) Greg Eslinger C Minnesota

– While I may not be a huge fan of Cutler, it’s a big time coup for a team that finished 13-3 to be able to draft a potential franchise QB the following season. The Scheffler pick was a curious one, as he was virtually unknown until he clocked in with a fast time at the combine. Brandon Marshall is a nice sleeper pick. Tremendous size, good speed, he has a chance to contribute. You’ve also got to love the Eslinger selection. You’ve heard it before, but the guy fits perfectly into Denver’s system. Pretty solid draft for Denver.

Grade: B-

Oh, and if we were including acquired players, Denver would probably get an A.


1 9(9) Ernie Sims OLB Florida State
2 8(40) Daniel Bullocks S Nebraska
3 10(74) Brian Calhoun RB Wisconsin
5 8(141) Jonathan Scott T Texas
6 10(179) Dee McCann CB West Virginia
7 9(217) Fred Matua OG USC
7 39(247) Anthony Cannon ILB Tulane

– You read right. Not a single WR was selected by Detroit. Woohoo. You notice Marinelli’s impact being felt right away in this draft. Ernie Sims has the potential to become the headline linebacker from this draft class, reminding many scouts of Derrick Brooks. Daniel Bullocks fills in a need at safety. Detroit lucked out big time on the second day of the draft, drafting exceptional prospects like Scott and Matua for their Oline at a bargain bin price. Calhoun wasn’t drafted to be their starter, but he will spell KJ often, and Martz has plans to play him in the slot. Solid draft for the Lions.

Grade: B

Green Bay

1 5(5) A.J. Hawk OLB Ohio State
2 15(47) Daryn Colledge T Boise State
2 20(52) Greg Jennings WR W Michigan
3 3(67) Abdul Hodge ILB Iowa
3 11(75) Jason Spitz OG Louisville
4 7(104) Cory Rodgers WR TCU
4 18(115) Will Blackmon CB Boston College
5 15(148) Ingle Martin IV QB Furman
5 32(165) Tony Moll OT Nevada
6 14(183) Johnny Jolly DT Texas A&M
6 16(185) Tyrone Culver S Fresno State
7 45(253) Dave Tollefson DE Nwmost

– The Packers had a whole lot of picks, and they made the most of them. You already know about Hawk. Pretty much no bust potential at all, should start for them for a very long time. They got their Walker replacement in Greg Jennings, a very underrated WR out of WMU. Abdul Hodge in the third is a great pick. He and Hawk could be mainstays in Green Bay. Also love the Blackmon selection. Ingle Martin in the fifth is a gem. He might not make a splash any time soon, but he was the best QB at the combine, and he could surprise some people down the road.

Grade: B+


1 1(1) Mario Williams DE NC State
2 1(33) DeMeco Ryans OLB Alabama
3 1(65) Charles Spencer OG Pittsburgh
3 2(66) Eric Winston T Miami (FL)
4 1(98) Owen Daniels TE Wisconsin
6 1(170) Wali Lundy RB Virginia
7 43(251) David Anderson WR Colorado State

– By default, I can’t give them an A due to the sheer stupidity of their Williams over Bush decision. It’s a shame, too, because they really did draft quite well in the second and third rounds. Ryans is going to be an impact player and leader on their defense, while Spencer and Winston figure to challenge for starting spots off the bat. The Owen Daniels selection was kind of iffy, but Wali Lundy could prove to be a pretty decent value down there in the sixth round. I like the Anderson selection as well. He’s not starter material, but he’s sure handed and could prove to a be solid fourth or fifth receiver. He was extremely productive in college.

Grade: B+


1 30(30) Joseph Addai RB Louisiana State
2 30(62) Tim Jennings CB Georgia
3 30(94) Freddie Keiaho OLB San Diego State
5 29(162) Michael Toudouze T TCU
6 30(199) Charlie Johnson OG Oklahoma State
6 38(207) Antoine Bethea S Howard
7 30(238) T.J. Rushing CB Stanford

– Love the Addai pick. I held him in very high regard coming into the draft, and it’s nice to see him end up in a very comfortable situation. He should contend for rookie of the year honors. The rest of their draft was shifted towards their defense and depth along the line. Indy is becoming reknown for taking chances on small, speedy guys, and they held true to that in this draft with guys like Jennings and Keiaho. Not a very exciting draft, but they filled their biggest need and stockpiled depth everywhere else.

Grade: C+


1 28(28) Marcedes Lewis TE UCLA
2 28(60) Maurice Drew RB UCLA
3 16(80) Clint Ingram OLB Oklahoma
5 27(160) Brent Hawkins DE Illinois State
7 5(213) James Wyche DE Syracuse

– Jacksonville’s draft isn’t drawing a lot of praise, but it should. What a fantastic job by Del Rio and the crew. Lewis gives them a premier redzone target and a consistent presence in the passing game, and you have to absolutely love the Drew pick. If he were two inches taller, he’d be a sure-fire first rounder. He might not be their starter this year, but he will be down the line, and he will make his presence felt in the passing game with his great hands and in the return game. Clint Ingram is another solid pick in the third round, and he should fill the void left by Ayodele very quickly. He’s always in the middle of the action. Outstanding decision to go out and draft two underrated pass rushers at the end of the draft. Especially Wyche, who could prove to be a huge steal. He’s got a lot of athletic ability, he just hasn’t used it consistently. Del Rio will force it out of him. Once again, fantastic job by Jacksonville.

Grade: A-

Kansas City

1 20(20) Tamba Hali DE Penn State
2 22(54) Bernard Pollard S Purdue
3 21(85) Brodie Croyle QB Alabama
5 21(154) Marcus Maxey CB Miami (FL)
6 17(186) Tre Stallings OG Mississippi State
6 21(190) Jeff Webb WR San Diego State
7 20(228) Jarrad Page S UCLA

– People probably wont like the Hali selection very much, but just wait until he puts on the pads and outperforms most of the rookies picked ahead of him this season. You don’t like his build, you don’t like his computer measurables, and that’s fine. The guy is going to make plays for the Chiefs, and I applaud the selection. Bernard Pollard in the second round was kind of iffy. I thought he fell off dramatically(along with every other player in a Purdue uniform) this past season, but the Chiefs obviously didn’t. I love the Croyle selection. Trent Green will help him along immensely on his path towards becoming KCs next great quarterback. Marcus Maxey is the steal in 5th round. He was just as good as teammate Kelly Jennings this past season, and he went in the first.

Grade: B-


1 16(16) Jason Allen S Tennessee
3 18(82) Derek Hagan WR Arizona State
4 17(114) Joe Toledo T Washington
7 4(212) Fred Evans DT Texas State
7 18(226) Rodrique Wright DT Texas
7 25(233) Devin Aromashodu WR Auburn

– Jason Allen could prove to be a huge steal at 16. His injury history is about the only negative about him. He’s got good size, he’s very, very fast, and he covers better than most safeties. Hagan in the third was a steal. He could quickly find himself starting opposide Chambers if he works hard enough. The Dolphins were at their best late in the draft, picking up long-fallers Wright and Aromashodu. Wright has the skills to be a starter in the NFL, and Aromashodu one of the best size/speed ratios of anyone in the draft.

Grade: B


1 17(17) Chad Greenway OLB Iowa
2 16(48) Cedric Griffin CB Texas
2 19(51) Ryan Cook C New Mexico
2 32(64) Tarvaris Jackson QB Alabama State
4 30(127) Ray Edwards DE Purdue
5 16(149) Greg Blue S Georgia

– Their draft started out well enough with the Greenway and Griffin picks. Both guys should be mainstays atop their respective position depth charts. Then, Minnesota pulled, well, A Minnesota. As my good friend feral pointed out, the Vikings basically traded Culpepper for Ryan Cook. Dwell on that for for a moment. Cook isn’t a bad prospect himself, but I don’t grade him as high as Greg Eslinger, and he went in the 6th round. The Jackson pick was really puzzling. I guess he’s their QB of the future. Good luck. They did end the draft well with the Edward and Blue selection, both of whom were very productive in college, but failed to impress scouts in any of the elite offseason camps.

Grade: C-

New England

1 21(21) Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota
2 4(36) Chad Jackson WR Florida
3 22(86) David Thomas TE Texas
4 9(106) Garret Mills TE Tulsa
4 21(118) Stephen Gostkowski K Memphis
5 3(136) Ryan O’Callaghan T California
6 22(191) Jeremy Mincey DE Florida
6 36(205) Dan Stevenson OG Notre Dame
6 37(206) Le Kevin Smith DT Nebraska
7 21(229) Willie Andrews S Baylor

– Talk about offensive overkill. One of the leagues best offenses gets richer, as the Patriots use their first four picks on skill position players. I’m simply not sold on Maroney. I think he was a reach at 21, and I definitely don’t think he should have gone before Deangelo or Addai. The back-to-back TE picks are a bit of a headscratcher, but these guys are very good players. Especially Mills, whom I can see becoming an elite H-back type at the next level, a la Chris Cooley. Picking a kicker in round four is just bad. They rebounded nicely with O’Callaghan in the fifth, though, when I thought he would have been taken much earlier. He’s going to be a good one. Their best value pick was probably Le Kevin Smith, who has the skillset to become an instant contributor to their rotation.

Grade: B-

New Orleans

1 2(2) Reggie Bush RB USC
2 11(43) Roman Harper S Alabama
4 11(108) Jahri Evans OG Bloomsburg
5 2(135) Rob Ninkovich DE Purdue
6 2(171) Mike Hass WR Oregon State
6 5(174) Bernard (Josh) Lay CB Pittsburgh
7 2(210) Zach Strief T Northwestern
7 44(252) Marques Colston WR Hofstra

– The Bush selection alone makes their draft a success. What an enormous blessing he will be for that team and the entire state of Louisiana. As for the rest of their draft, I commend the Jahri Evans selection, whom many scouts were secretly high on coming into the draft, and especially the Strief pick. I thought he would have gone higher, but the All-Big Ten tackle should hold down a roster spot and compete for a starting job.

Grade: B

NY Giants

1 32(32) Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College
2 12(44) Sinorice Moss WR Miami (FL)
3 32(96) Gerris Wilkinson ILB Georgia Tech
4 27(124) Barry Cofield Jr. DT Northwestern
4 32(129) Guy Whimper T East Carolina
5 25(158) Charlie Peprah S Alabama
7 24(232) Gerrick McPhearson CB Maryland

– How exactly can you justify selecting a first rounder to be fourth on your depth chart? New York will have to answer that at some point in the future. Besides being a strange pick due to all of the depth, Kiwanuka simply isn’t a first round talent, and I think he’d have been much better off in a 3-4 defense, where is run-stopping liabilities can be forgiven. Their other day two picks were solid value, though, as both Moss and Wilkinson figure to play a lot right away. The rest of their draft was so-so, but watch out for McPhearson. I think he could contribute as a nickle or dime corner right away.

Grade: C+

NY Jets

1 4(4) D’Brickashaw Ferguson T Virginia
1 29(29) Nick Mangold C Ohio State
2 17(49) Kellen Clemens QB Oregon
3 12(76) Anthony Schlegel ILB Ohio State
3 33(97) Eric Smith S Michigan State
4 6(103) Brad Smith QB Missouri
4 20(117) Leon Washington RB Florida State
5 17(150) Jason Pociask TE Wisconsin
6 20(189) Drew Coleman CB TCU
7 12(220) Titus Adams DT Nebraska

– Can it be? Do Jets fans finally have a cause for optimism after draft day? Yes indeed. In my book, New York grades out better than any other team. In D’Brickashaw and Mangold, they’ve got two very stout blockers who could make life easier for their quarterbacks and running backs for years to come. They tabbed a very good QB prospect in Kellen Clemens, who could become their longtime starter soon enough. Anthony Schlegel is the sort of presence they need alongside Vilma to clean the garbage up in their new 3-4 scheme. The Brad Smith selection could prove to be a very good one, and he can be used in a variety of ways. I also love the Drew Coleman selection in the sixth round. Considering the talent(or lack thereof) NY has at corner, he may contend for a starting spot this year. Just a great draft all the way around.

Grade: A


1 7(7) Michael Huff S Texas
2 6(38) Thomas Howard OLB UTEP
3 5(69) Paul McQuistan T Weber State
4 4(101) Darnell Bing S USC
6 7(176) Kevin Boothe OG Cornell
7 6(214) Chris Morris C Michigan State
7 47(255) Kevin McMahan WR Maine

– Speed kills, and Oakland definitely got plenty of it with their first two picks. Huff should be able to line up all over their defense, a la Troy Polamalu, and excel. Thomas Howard in the second is a bargain. He’s got fantastic range for a linebacker, and he fills a big sore spot in their 3-4. Darnell Bing’s a big name player and big time hitter, but I don’t think he’ll translate to the pros very well. I really like the Boothe selection as well.

Grade: B


1 14(14) Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida State
2 7(39) Winston Justice T USC
3 7(71) Chris Gocong DE Cal Poly
4 2(99) Max Jean-Gilles OG Georgia
4 12(109) Jason Avant WR Michigan
5 14(147) Jeremy Bloom WR Colorado
5 35(168) Omar Gaither OLB Tennessee
6 35(204) LaJuan Ramsey DT USC

– I’m not on the Bunkley wagon, but I can see how he fits into Jim Johnson’s defense. Still, I think he’s very overrated. Every team in the league shied away from Justice in round one, with good reason, but Andy Reid has got himself a steal if the kid can grow up and get his act together. I like Gocong, but he seems to be more of a 3-4 edge rusher. If Jean-Gilles can keep his weight down, he and Shawn Andrews could turn out to be one potent bucket of goo in the trenches for Philly. Guys like Avant and Gaither have a lot of character and will provide solid depth.

Grade: B+


1 25(25) Santonio Holmes WR Ohio State
3 19(83) Anthony Smith S Syracuse
3 31(95) Willie Reid WR Florida State
4 34(131) Willie Colon OG Hofstra
4 36(133) Orien Harris DT Miami (FL)
5 31(164) Omar Jacobs QB Bowling Green
5 34(167) Charles Davis TE Purdue
6 32(201) Marvin Philip C California
7 32(240) Cedric Humes RB Virginia Tech

– Excellent draft by Cowher and the gang. The headliner, of course, is their bold trade up for Santonio Holmes. Great move. I think he was far and away the best receiver in this draft, and he could prove to be an excellent successor as the teams #1 wideout once Hines Ward hangs it up. All of their day two picks held tremendous value. Philip went a lot later than he should have, and he too should success a Pro Bowler at his position in a few years. They ended the draft by selecting Cedric Humes, a prototypical Pittsburgh runner who could be their third back when the season starts.

Grade: A-

San Diego

1 19(19) Antonio Cromartie CB Florida State
2 18(50) Marcus McNeill T Auburn
3 17(81) Charlie Whitehurst QB Clemson
5 18(151) Tim Dobbins ILB Iowa State
6 18(187) Jeromey Clary T Kansas State
6 19(188) Kurt Smith K Virginia
7 17(225) Chase Page DT North Carolina
7 19(227) Jimmy Martin OT Virginia Tech

– Interesting draft for the Chargers. Outside of their day one picks, I really don’t see any other potential contributors. If their day one guys can play up to their potential, though, this draft will be a success. Cromartie was one of the most enigmatic prospects coming into the draft. He has everything you’d love to have in a corner…except that he didn’t play a single game last year due to injury. Definitely a boom or bust pick for the Chargers. Marcus McNeil falling to them at 50 was a sweet deal, and he could figure into their plans along the Oline early on. I like Whitehurst, but I don’t see him mounting to much for them unless Rivers completely flames out.

Grade: C

San Francisco

1 6(6) Vernon Davis TE Maryland
1 22(22) Manny Lawson DE NC State
3 20(84) Brandon Williams WR Wisconsin
4 3(100) Michael Robinson WR Penn State
5 7(140) Parys Haralson DE Tennessee
6 6(175) Delaine Walker WR Central Missouri
6 23(192) Marcus Hudson CB NC State
6 28(197) Melvin Oliver DT Louisiana State
7 28(236) Demetrice (Dee) Webb CB Florida
7 46(254) Vickiel Vaughn S Arkansas

– Mike Nolan is brewing something tasty over by the bay. Both Davis and Lawson are standout prospects at their positions, and they should both make huge impacts in their rookie years. I wasn’t very fond of the Williams or Robinson selections. Do they really expect those guy to develop into solid complimentary receivers? I don’t see it. Parys Haralson was a highly acclaimed DE at Tennessee, and he should be a fine player in their 3-4 rotation. I also loved their late round corners in Hudson and Webb. Both of them should make the team and make their presence felt. It’s not like their awful secondary can’t use them.

Grade: A-


1 31(31) Kelly Jennings CB Miami (FL)
2 31(63) Darryl Tapp DE Virginia Tech
4 31(128) Rob Sims OG Ohio State
5 30(163) David Kirtman FB USC
7 31(239) Ryan Plackemeier P Wake Forest
7 41(249) Ben Obomanu WR Auburn

– The Seahawks did a nice job of filling up their needs in this draft. Jennings should be a fine compliment at corner opposite Trufant, and Tapp gives them the sort of pass-rushing presence they lack on the edge of the line. Rob Sims is an underrated prospect out of OSU who will be groomed to replace Hutchinson. Don’t overlook the Kirtman selection. He’s a good all-round FB who can catch, block and run. He’ll be Mack’s understudy.

Grade: B-

St Louis

1 15(15) Tye Hill CB Clemson
2 14(46) Joe Klopfenstein TE Colorado
3 4(68) Claude Wroten DT Louisiana State
3 13(77) Jon Alston OLB Stanford
3 29(93) Dominique Byrd TE USC
4 16(113) Victor Adeyanju DE Indiana
5 11(144) Marques Hagans WR Virginia
7 13(221) Tim McGarigle ILB Northwestern
7 34(242) Mark Setterstrom OG Minnesota
7 35(243) Tony Palmer OG Missouri

– Excellent draft by Linehan and the St Louis brass. Tye Hill is the drafts best pure corner, and he should give their secondary some instant credibility. They landed two quality TEs in Byrd and Klopfenstein. They’re both light years better than anyone else that has played the position for them lately. Claude Wroten’s stock really took a hit thanks to a positive drug test, but there’s no denying his talent. He’s a steal in the third. Alston is a heat-seaking missle who may switch to S in the pros. Adeyanju is an ideal 43 end. McGarifle and Setterstrom are great value picks.

Grade: A-

Tampa Bay

1 23(23) Davin Joseph OG Oklahoma
2 27(59) Jeremy Trueblood T Boston College
3 26(90) Maurice Stovall WR Notre Dame
4 25(122) Alan Zemaitis CB Penn State
5 23(156) Julian Jenkins DE Stanford
6 25(194) Bruce Gradkowski QB Toledo
6 33(202) T.J. Williams TE NC State
7 27(235) Justin Phinisee CB Oregon
7 33(241) Charles Bennett DE Clemson
7 36(244) Tim Massaquoi TE Michigan

– I like the Joseph pick. He can play both guard and tackle, and he’s pretty solid in pass protection – which was a big problem for the Bucs last season. Stovall is a nice value pick in the third round. He’s the kind of redzone threat they lack. I also like the TJ Williams selection. If he didn’t play in such an awful offense, he’d have gone much higher. He was still pretty productive, and he’s a decent blocker. Zemaitis is a good sized cornerback who was very productive at Penn State. Not many think he’ll work out in the pros, but I do.

Grade: C+


1 3(3) Vince Young QB Texas
2 13(45) LenDale White RB USC
4 5(102) Calvin Lowry S Penn State
4 19(116) Stephen Tulloch OLB NC State
5 4(137) Terna Nande OLB Miami (OH)
5 36(169) Jesse Mahelona DT Tennessee
6 3(172) Jonathan Orr WR Wisconsin
7 7(215) Cortland Finnegan CB Samford
7 37(245) Spencer Toone OLB Utah
7 38(246) Quinton Ganther RB Utah

– They’re investing their future in Young, and while I don’t think it was wise picking him over Leinart, he should still be very exciting to watch early on. The real gem is LenDale in the second. A bunch of hogwash about his conditioning and effort sent him dropping in the draft, which the Titans had no problem with. He will be a great back in this league. Terna Nande is a favorite of mine; a workout warrior with the results on the field to back him up. I don’t know Mahelona fell so far. He’s a pass rushing terror. Also like the Orr selection. I think he’ll have a better pro than college career.

Grade: B+


2 3(35) Roger McIntosh OLB Miami (FL)
5 20(153) Anthony Montgomery DT Minnesota
6 4(173) Reed Doughty S N Colorado
6 27(196) Kedric Golston DT Georgia
7 22(230) Kili Lefotu OG Arizona
7 42(250) Kevin Simon ILB Tennessee

– Thanks to the genius known as Dan Snyder, Washington had one first day selection. They traded away valuable picks to move up for McIntosh, whom I really like, but I don’t think was worth that much. He should be an admirable fill-in for Arrington in their linebacker rotation. The only other notable pick is Kedric Golston, who was one of the more athletic DT prospects in the draft. I don’t expect this class to be a very memorable one for Washington fans.

Grade: D

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