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NFL DRAFT: Mock Draft 3.0

#1 Cleveland Browns — Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming

They get their choice of who they believe will be the highest ceiling at quarterback while he is groomed for at least half of his first season under a veteran quarterback on the depth chart. General manager John Dorsey will take an “in the mold” quarterback with the success he has had with the two franchises he has worked with at Green Bay and Kansas City. He was part of the front office that won a Super Bowl with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at Green Bay; both of those quarterbacks are known for their athletic ability and making plays outside the pocket. The quarterback that best represents the cannon-arm gunslinger format is Wyoming’s Josh Allen.

#2 New York Giants — Sam Darnold, QB, USC

I’m not sure if the Giants stay here at No. 2, but they also need to think about their future moving forward. Eli Manning may have two good years left before he is not effective anymore. Sam Darnold could be like Aaron Rodgers was in Green Bay and will spend time behind the veteran learning and preparing to be the starter. General manager Dave Gettlemen may never get another shot at drafting this high to get a franchise quarterback.

#3 New York Jets — Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma

I think the surprise of draft night will be that Baker Mayfield will go before Josh Rosen. Josh Rosen’s injury history and the negatives that come with some of his past, may let him fall down the draft boards a little.

#4 Cleveland Browns — Bradley Chubb, DE, North Carolina State

John Dorsey was chosen to be the new general manager of the Browns because he is a “football guy” not an “analytical guy”. He sits at four and can take a “football guy” in Bradley Chubb and take care of two of the most important positions on a football team with his two Top-4 picks.

#5 Denver Broncos — Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State

General manager John Elway believes he is still in the running to be a Super Bowl contender — it is why he nabbed Case Keenum this offseason. He believes that he is just a few play-makers away at key positions to be a force in the AFC once again. This is why I think Elway takes Saquon Barkley here at No. 5. The last two years, teams have taken running backs and it took them to the playoffs (see Ezekiel Elliott for Dallas and Leonard Fournette for Jacksonville). Elway will think he can do something similar with Saquon Barkley.

#6 Indianapolis Colts — Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia

The Colts received a great trade from the New York Jets to move down three spots while gaining three extra second-round picks over the next two years. It shows that general manager Chris Ballard is determined to stack the roster with young talent instead of just filling his roster with free agents. After trading down already and still having a lot of roster holes to fill, the Colts will be interested in trading down again to gain even more future picks. He knew he could drop three spots and still get the guy he wanted with his first pick of the draft. Roquan Smith would fit perfectly in the Colts’ new speed based 4-3 scheme as weak-side linebacker and be the leader of the defense for years to come.

#7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Trade

The Buccaneers do not need a quarterback and Josh Rosen is still on the board. They trade down and collect some more picks.

Trade Prediction: The Buccaneers trade their #7 overall pick to the Buffalo Bills for their #12 and #22 overall pick.

Buffalo Bills — Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

The Bills move up to get their quarterback of the future with Josh Rosen. Unless the Bills can move up to No. 2 overall with the Giants, they will likely have to wait it out and get with a team like the Buccaneers that do not mind dropping down a few spots and collecting more picks.

#8 Chicago Bears — Quenton Nelson, OL, Notre Dame

The Bears get a gift at No. 8 overall with Nelson falling to them and solidifying their offensive line. Now Mitchell Trubisky will have plenty of weapons and protection heading into next season as coach Matt Nagy looks to make a great first impression.

#9 San Francisco 49ers – Harold Landry, DE, Boston College

The 49ers think they can be a playoff contender this year with Jimmy Garoppolo leading the way on offense. They played really well down the stretch last season so their optimism is warranted. There biggest issue moving forward though is finding a true pass-rusher that can terrorize the opposing quarterback on third downs to get the defense off the field. Harold Landry would be a great fit in their 4-3 defense and is a true pass-rusher.

#10  Oakland Raiders – Tremaine Edwards, LB, Virginia Tech

Coach Jon Gruden gets a “Gruden Grinder” and future play-maker on his new team. He needs some time to adjust to NFL reads from the linebacker position, but he does have a high ceiling if he can put it all together.

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