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NFL DRAFT: Mock Draft – Round 1

Round 1

1.1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence, Clemson QB

The undisputed #1 pick. I don’t even want to put a lot of time into this one because I have 31 other picks. The Jaguars & Urban Meyer have been pretty clear they want a new QB and Lawrence is the best in the class. He’s the pick.

1.2. New York Jets

Zach Wilson, BYU QB

Personally, I would have stuck with Sam Darnold and dealt this pick for multiple picks but here we are. The Jets apparently like Zach Wilson as the number 2 QB in the draft and will draft him here. Possibly ruining his career in the process like all the others before him.

1.3. San Francisco 49ers

Mac Jones, Alabama QB

The first pick of the draft that actually has controversy around it. Many think it will be Mac Jones. Some think it will be Trey Lance. And some think it will be Justin Fields. I am in the mindset that it is Jones. The 49ers made sure they had front row seats at his Pro Day for a reason. Jones has a lot of qualities that Shanahan coached QBs have, and this will just be another product of the factory.

1.4. Atlanta Falcons

Trey Lance, North Dakota State QB

Trey Lance has a crap ton of talent. Honestly,  any team would be lucky to have him IF they have someone that he can sit behind (which the Jags & Jets don’t). In the Falcons, they can ride out Matt Ryan to see what he can do and then jump to Lance and use all their next years picks on surrounding him with protection and weapons.

1.5. Cincinnati Bengals

Penei Sewell, Oregon OT

I’ve seen plenty of mock drafts that have the Bengals selecting Kyle Pitts and while Kyle Pitts is for sure the most complete offensive weapon in the draft, that would be an awful mistake. The Bengals O-Line is trash, so trash that their new QB that they went all-in on got maimed last year. If they get a receiver, then the outcome will be the same this year and Burrow will never make it. Sewell is the best offensive lineman in the draft and Cincinnati knows that protecting Burrow is priority one.

1.6. New England Patriots (TRADE!!!): 

Justin Fields, Ohio State QB

Rumors are that the Dolphins are trying to trade down (presumably to stockpile even MORE picks) and I think that the Patriots might be itching to make a deal. Belichick has made a ton of moves this offseason for his roster rebuild and it’s got to center around getting a QB of the future. Fields was at one point, arguably the Number 1 or 2 QB of the class and has since fallen. Belichick can be the guy that can revive his game in New England as he learns behind Cam Newton how to be a pro quarterback in the NFL.

1.7. Detroit Lions

Ja’Marr Chase, LSU WR
Between Chase and Pitts, I’m going to be going back and forth on this one all the way until Draft Day. Pitts is the best pass catching option that could be selected but the Lions could benefit more from a receiver. Hockenson is a great weapon as-is and with BOTH of the Lions top receivers leaving the team this year, they have no other options. Enter Ja’Marr Chase, the TOP receiver in this draft that can do crazy things on the field. Goff would get huge numbers having Chase on the field to throw to.

1.8. Carolina Panthers

Kyle Pitts, Florida TE

Pitts can’t fall any further than here. The Panthers are going to try to give Darnold all the tools that he needs to succeed more then he could in Gotham, and that starts with Pitts. Pitts is a once in a generation type of player that can be the safety blanket for Darnold for years to come. Plus I can’t really buy the Panthers going into the season as Dan Arnold being their starting TE.

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