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NFL DRAFT: Is it possible? Two First Round TEs

There are 2 Premiere TE’s in O.J. Howard and Jake Butt, who should possibly invest?

We haven’t seen two tight ends taken in the first round since 2006 (Vernon Davis and Mercedes Lewis) but may have that opportunity this year. Howard and Butt are very talented and could even be ready to contribute in Year 1, which is rare for a rookie tight end. We will have to see how they do for the rest of the season and the draft process, but the potential is there.

Dallas Cowboys – Jason Witten is great and a future Hall of Famer. He is heading towards the end of his career and Dallas needs to start thinking about the future. Imagine the potential of 2017 with a new young, very talented tight end getting to learn under Jason Witten and lining up in two tight end sets with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield behind that offensive line. That sounds like a very scary offense against which to match up.

Arizona Cardinals – Coach Bruce Arians is missing a tight end in his offense. He will be losing Larry Fitzgerald in the next few years and will be needing a new big target in the red zone. He could invest in one during the draft who could be ready when Fitzgerald calls it a career. That same tight end could help their offense stretch the field even more during the last few years of Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald.

Houston Texans – They have DeAndre HopkinsWill Fuller and Braxton Miller as receivers and Lamar Miller as a main back. They are just missing a tight end who can stretch the middle of the field. This offense could take a big step if they can force defenses to recognize a tight end as a viable offensive threat. There is potential here.

Who will get a game-changing edge presence in Myles Garrett?

Easily the premier pass rusher in this class, and that is saying something. Some scouts and analysts think this is one of the best years for edge rushers in quite a while. He will be the first non-quarterback taken off the draft board. Some have compared him to Von Miller, another former Texas A&M standout pass rusher and No. 2 overall pick behind Cam Newton in 2011. If you are a general manager next year sitting in the Top 3, and as long as you are not in dire need of a quarterback, you take Garrett and feel real good about yourself.

What position does Jabrill Peppers play in the NFL?

He is one of the most electrifying players in college football. Right now, he looks to be more of a safety hybrid type player. I’m not sure what player that I can compare him to yet in the NFL, but the closest one that I have come to is a young version Adam “PacMan” Jones. Jones was/is a good return player on special teams and a playmaker in the secondary. I think he could be a great defensive player in the right scheme with some creativity. If Arizona can put Tyrann Mathieu and Deone Bucannon out on the field in different positions, I think a good head coach or defensive coordinator can make Peppers an impact player somewhere on the defensive side of the ball.

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