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NFL DRAFT: QB Landing Spots

While this year may not be as rich in the Quarterback class as last year, there are still some big names and speculation swirling around some of the rookies. Following my Quarterback Free Agent Landing Spots from last week, it is now time to take a look at some potential landing spots for the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft.

Kyler Murray, Oklahoma – Arizona Cardinals

With Cliff Kingsbury taking over the Cardinals, it is no surprise that he will go all-in for Murray and build his offense around him. Rosen didn’t live up to expectations and Kingsbury will want a person he is very familiar with, dating all the way back to recruiting Murray out of high school for Oklahoma. The Cardinals are in rebuild mode, and this is the perfect time to get their quarterback and trade Josh Rosen to a QB needy team for more draft picks.

Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State – Oakland Raiders

The Raiders have been attracted to Haskins and Kyler Murray, but with Kyler Murray gone, they would have to go get Haskins. This pick could potentially change if the Giants trade up as they are apparently big on Haskins too — it will come down to that maneuver and whether they make it or not.

Daniel Jones, Duke – New York Giants

I believe the Giants will unfortunately miss out on being able to draft Haskins and will have to go to their next choice, Daniel Jones, which isn’t a bad second choice to have. Daniel Jones has been linked to the Giants for awhile because of his connection in coaching the Manning brothers, and with the obvious success of them, it stands to reason that Eli could mentor Daniel to be the next Patriot Killer for Big Blue.

Drew Lock, Missouri – Washington Redskins

People may be thinking that the Redskins are out of the Quarterback market with the trade for Case Keenum, but I believe the exact opposite is true. Case Keenum is merely a stopgap quarterback, and the Redskins still have an eye-out for a future signal-caller. They are in a great position in that they can get a prospect that is in the top crop of QBs, that they can groom for a year or two behind experienced people like Case Keenum and Alex Smith.

Ryan Finley, NC State – Los Angeles Chargers

With Ryan Finley, it’s a total dart throw, there are many teams that could be in the market for a QB when he is projected to come off the board, but with Phillip Rivers getting up there in age and no clear young option to take over for him, I have to think the Chargers will be looking into finding that next man up. Finley looks to be an Alex Smith type quarterback that with some years of holding a clip board, could be the guy for the Chargers.

Clayton Thorson, Northwestern – New England Patriots

Similar to the Chargers needing an eventual replacement for Philip Rivers, Tom Brady will need a successor, and I got news for you, it’s not going to be Brian Hoyer. Clayton tends to get left off many lists because at Northwestern he wasn’t playing with any A+ Caliber players around him, but he actually is very athletic, smart, has a great arm, and can make tight throws. Remind you of anybody? Bill Belichick could work with him and make him into his new Brady.

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