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NFL DRAFT: Quarterback-needy Teams

There are 7 quarterbacks that could potentially get early round consideration come the 2017 NFL Draft:

  • DeShaun Watson, Clemson
  • DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame
  • Brad Kaaya, Miami
  • Chad Kelly, Ole Miss
  • Luke Falk, Washington State
  • Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State
  • Davis Webb, California


Teams that Should be looking for a Quarterback Early in the Draft

1)  Cleveland Browns – They tried the Robert Griffin III experiment, it only lasted one game, and it failed once again. Josh McCown is injured and getting old, and Cody Kessler has shown grit, but that doesn’t make you a franchise quarterback by itself. They will likely have two early picks in the draft due to their rough roster and Philadelphia not being an elite team. They should definitely use one of those in trying to find their quarterback of the future under coach Hue Jackson. The Browns could be set up for success, believe it or not. Josh McCown has proven that he is a reliable veteran who can maintain the offense until a rookie is ready, as long as he can stay healthy.

2) Chicago Bears – Jay Cutler will be 34 next season and is not the long-term answer in Chicago. We do know that Jay Cutler is also a terrible quarterback that makes awful decisions, so maybe they should just cut bait and go with a rookie quarterback next season. Brian Hoyer is an interesting veteran you could keep on the team to possibly play a few games next season while the rookie quarterback develops. This is a team in desperate need of a spark within the organization and the hype surrounding a rookie quarterback could finally get the ball rolling for this franchise.

3) San Francisco 49ers – Coach Chip Kelly can’t move forward into Year 2 of his regime with Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick right? Sure they beat Los Angeles in Week 1, but we are talking about a Jeff Fisher coached team they played against. They have talent and have shown savvy on defense, but lack explosiveness on offense. That is surprising due to the nature of Kelly’s offensive scheme. He has two ideal quarterbacks coming out of the draft for him to have a true young quarterback he could mold his offense around. DeShaun Watson and DeShone Kizer are two quarterbacks who can also beat you with their legs outside the pocket or actually running the ball. Does Kelly pull the trigger on getting his franchise quarterback in this year’s draft?

4) Washington – Kirk Cousins is an average NFL quarterback who has really struggled this year. With Cousins at the helm, the team’s ceiling is only so high. The ownership and management have to understand this and is probably the main reason why they didn’t sign him to a long-term deal. General manager Scott McCloughan selected an offensive lineman (Brandon Scherff) and wide receiver (Josh Doctson) in the first round the past two years, but is lacking the quarterback to lead this offense into an elite level.

5) Arizona Cardinals – They passed on selecting a young quarterback in 2016, but will have no choice as Carson Palmer will be 37 next season and backup Drew Stanton being 32. I see them turning themselves around a little bit and getting back to .500. I think coach Bruce Arians would like the gunslinger Chad Kelly from Mississippi, as Kelly seems like a guy who would be willing to rip the ball down the field often. Arians’ vertical offense would need a quarterback willing to take shots and stretch the field.

6) Kansas City Chiefs – Alex Smith is a good placeholder right now for coach Andy Reid’s Chiefs. They need to think about their future and possibly invest a high draft pick in a quarterback. Reid has always been good at developing young quarterbacks, but hasn’t invested in a young high-potential quarterback yet in Kansas City. Alex Smith will be 33 next season and gives the Chiefs offense a ceiling, while a new young quarterback could open up the possibilities and playbook for Reid.

7) New York Jets – What!?!?!?!? They have drafted Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty as young developmental quarterbacks, so why would they be looking for one? If you have a Top 3 pick and have a shot at a young quarterback who has more potential than the two young ones you have on your roster, are you passing on that opportunity? The only reason they should pass is for Myles Garrett, but more on that later.

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