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NFL Draft: 1st Round Scenarios

We are going to take a look at some of the scenarios that will impact the all-important first round of the NFL Draft. Scenarios including where quarterbacks go, which players are reached for, and which players may fall due to different players being taken.

Who are the Players that will go in the Top-10 of the Draft?

#1 Sam Darnold (QB) USC

Will be one of the Top-3 quarterbacks taken.

#2 Bradley Chubb (DE) NC State

Won’t drop past #4 as John Dorsey would be happy to go quarterback at #1 overall and then get a key defensive player with his second pick in the Top-4.

#3 Saquon Barkley (RB) Penn State

There is no way that Saquon Barkley drops below #7 overall to the Buccaneers who have been needing a reliable running back for the past few years.  If he is not off the board by the seventh pick, he’ll be packing his bags for Tampa.

#4 Baker Mayfield (QB) Oklahoma

I think he goes to the N.Y. Jets as their quarterback of the future, but if not, he will get traded up for and be selected within the Top-10.

#5 Josh Allen (QB) Wyoming

He is too polarizing a prospect to sneak out of the Top-10. He could go anywhere from #1 overall to the Browns, #5 to the Broncos, or be traded up for by another team.

#6 Josh Rosen (QB) UCLA

There are a lot of question surrounding him but a coach and general manager will fall in love with his smooth tape.

#7 Quenton Nelson (OL) Notre Dame

Even though he is a guard, he is the best player in the Draft, and the safest pick as a perennial pro-bowl caliber player for the next decade.

#8 Denzel Ward (CB) Ohio State

“Cornerback U” gets another addition as he is the best cornerback in the draft. The Browns, Broncos, Colts, Bucs, 49ers, and Raiders could all use his talent.

*** Not guaranteed to go in the Top-10 ***

#9 Roquan Smith (LB) Georgia

This linebacker is ready to play in the NFL now and could be picked as early as #6 overall to the Colts who desperately need talent at the linebacker position.

#10 Derwin James (Florida State)

He is an impact player and tone setter and can change the whole mentality of a defense as their leader on the back-end.

#11 Mike McGlinchey (Notre Dame)

I think he goes #10 overall to the Raiders who want to have all the pieces in place to be a physical running team. He is the safest offensive tackle in the class with the least question marks.

#12 Tremaine Edmounds (LB) Virginia Tech

Only 19 years-old, but has a tremendously high ceiling and ridiculously long frame for a linebacker.

#13 Minkah Fitzpatrick (DB) Alabama

Versatile player that can play safety, nickel cornerback, or linebacker that can play all three downs.

#14 Vita Vea (DL) Washington

He is such a rare specimen with his athleticism for his size that he may sneak into the Top-10.

#15 Calvin Ridley (WR) Alabama

Most scouts think he is the best wide receiver in the class and could sneak into the Top-10 for a team looking to get a receiver, maybe someone like the 49ers.

Top-15 Position Tally

So in reality, there are 15 players that are Top-10 worthy.

4 Quarterbacks

1 Running Back

1 Wide Receiver

2 Offensive Lineman

1 EDGE defender

1 Defensive Lineman

2 Linebackers

1 Cornerback

2 Defensive Backs

That leaves the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills (or possibly the team they trade with), Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers, and Arizona Cardinals (or possibly the team they trade with) with the next five picks to possibly collect some of the players that don’t go in the first ten picks.

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