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NFL DRAFT: Top-5 Quarterbacks

1. Sam Darnold – USC

The highest ceiling of all quarterbacks, not necessarily ready to start Day 1 in the NFL. Has the “it” factor, but needs work with mechanics.

Pro Comparison: Sam Bradford

The ceiling is high for Darnold, just like it was with Bradford coming out. Bradford has shown flashes of being a franchise quarterback, but he just can’t stay healthy.

2. Josh Rosen – UCLA

The most natural passer and most pro-ready in this Draft class. He is a pocket passer who could be an above average starter in the league for long time if put in the right situation.

Pro Comparison: Eli Manning

Nailed the eyeball test of an NFL quarterback in college. Eli had the Manning last name that brought attention, but Rosen’s natural ability mirrors Eli at Ole’ Miss.

3. Baker Mayfield – Oklahoma

He is the vocal and “swaggy” leader for a team to rally around. He shows great accuracy and ability to improvise and make plays out of the pocket.

Pro Comparison: Jeff Garcia/Philip Rivers

The swagger and emotion of Philip Rivers, plus the play style of shorter quarterback Jeff Garcia. He will lead the team with fire like Rivers, but be the play-maker and decent NFL starter like Garcia.

4. Lamar Jackson – Louisville

A rare athlete for the position that could make him a real weapon on the field. The only concern is if he can withstand the punishment of NFL defenses.

Pro Comparison: Vince Young

Lamar Jackson may not be as big as Vince Young was coming out of college, but he is a more explosive athlete. Vince Young had to learn how to be an NFL quarterback and could of possibly gotten there if Jeff Fisher wasn’t his coach early in his career. Lamar Jackson with the right system and coaching, could be the play-maker that Young was, just with a higher ceiling.

5. Josh Allen – Wyoming

The cannon that people love that also covers up some of the other flaws. He is an athletic quarterback with a rocket arm that will need time and the right system to succeed in the NFL.

Pro Comparison: Jake Locker

Locker was drafted 8th overall in 2011 due to his impressive arm and athleticism, but really struggled with accuracy. Sound familiar?

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