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NFL DRAFT: Top-5 Wide Receivers

1. Calvin Ridley – Alabama

An easy way to describe Ridley is as that he is an “electric play-maker”. He was the only true threat in Alabama’s passing offense and he carried the workload to prove it.

Pro Comparison: Brandin Cooks

He is an explosive player off the line of scrimmage that will beat you to get open and then excel with the ball in his hands.

2. Courtland Sutton – SMU

I am a big fan of a wide receiver that is a proven winner and has a great catch radius. Sutton is a huge target for a quarterback and will be a solid possession type receiver that any team in the league would be happy to have.

Pro Comparison: Michael Thomas

A large bodied receiver that can win in the red zone and over corners on the outside. He is a more athletic player than what he is given credit for, that can win one-on-one matchups.

3. D.J. Moore – Maryland

A player that has a high ceiling that may need some coaching to reach it. Has all the athletic ability you want, but needs to be put in situations where he can make plays early in his career as he develops.

Pro Comparison: T.Y. Hilton

Moore is much larger physically, but both are deep ball threats and will hurt you with open field in front of them. They are both athletic play-makers for an offense that keeps the secondary on their toes.

4. Dante Pettis – Washington

He isn’t going to wow you with overall athletic traits but he does look natural playing the wide receiver position. He runs very solid routes and his soft hands make him a solid addition to a team looking for a complementary piece.

Pro Comparison: Danny Amendola

Pettis can play either outside or inside and return punts on special teams. He makes an overall solid addition to any wide receiver depth chart and offers plenty of versatility on special teams.

5. Michael Gallup – Colorado State

Can play inside or out and has the versatility to latch on at the NFL level.  His “potential” and “coachability” is what most teams will initially like in Gallup.

Pro Comparison: Robert Woods

Gallup and Woods are similar in size and athletic ability. The way Robert Woods played with the Rams last year is the same role Gallup could take on in the NFL.

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