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NFL DRAFT WATCH: Players to Watch at the Combine

I will take a look at each position and talk about a player who will make waves at the combine or scouts will be watching closely.


Josh Allen – Wyoming

The guy has a cannon for an arm, there is no doubt about it. Scouts will easily recognize the throwing skills that Josh Allen possess and salivate having that kind of threat from the pocket. The issue is the level of competition, accuracy questions, and football IQ that will be looked at under the microscope at the combine. Someone will fall in love with him and draft him in the Top 5 as they look for their franchise quarterback.


Running Back

Sony Michel – Georgia

He put on a show and got some buzz for his performance during the College Football playoffs. Right now, Saquan Barkley is the only running back locked into the 1st round. With a couple teams in the past few years taking a running back in the 1st round and finding success could elevate another running back into the 1st round. If Sony Michel has an impressive workout, he could be in the discussion as the 2nd back taken in the 1st round of the Draft.


Wide Receiver

Courtland Sutton – SMU

It’s crazy how some people will not determine where a wide receiver should be drafted until they see his 40 time. If he runs a sub-4.5 40, he will be drafted in the 1st round without question based on what you see on tape. If he runs over a 4.5 40, there will be questions if he can separate from NFL cornerbacks. His 40 time may be the most important on whether he goes in the 1st round or will be a Day 2 pick.

Tight End

Dallas Goedert – South Dakota State

He is a player that is getting a lot of love on Mock Drafts and from scouts. He may be the only tight end that can make it into the 1st round discussion as a tight end. If he looks smooth running drills, soft hands catching the ball, and showcases some strength, he could reach the hype.

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