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NFL, the CBA, Money and Rookie Salaries

It’s in the NFL’s and the NFLPA’s best interest to negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  And both parties actually agree on that point – but as always its the money and how to dibby the $$ up that’s the sticking point !

Some controversial ideas:

1.  Negotiate a salary cap structure similar to what is in place and require    teams to meet say 80% minimum player salaries each year.

2.  Retain the ‘Franchise Player’ tag but not allow it to be used on the same player in consecutive years.  Allow two ‘Restricted Free Agent’ tags per team per year.

3.  Negotiate a ONE YEAR salary structure for all rookies rounds 1-4 or 1-3.  This would be a graduated structure based on draft position taken and serve only to be used if a player/team negotiated agreement can not be achieved.  Any player so ‘signed’ would automatically become an ‘Unrestricted Free Agent’ the following year – a ‘Franchise’ or ‘Restricted’ tag could not be used for any player so ‘signed’. 

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