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Night Before Draft Day

‘Twas the night before draft day and all thru the house,
All you could hear, was the clicking of a mouse.
The cheat sheets were marked up with the upmost of care,
In hopes that late round sleeper, would still be sitting there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of fantasy football winnings danced in their heads;
And wife in her ‘kerchief’, and I with my thinking cap,
Had just settled down, for a late summer nap.

When out from the tv arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Away I flew to the remote without fear,
To turn up the volume so that I could hear.

The words came on out, they were pretty quick,
A key player had been injured, broken leg Michael Vick.
Then there was more, the bad news was not done,
A serious hand injury to Chad Pennington.

So back to my cheatsheets, I’d have to erase,
The players that were injured, subs taking their place.
The lists were adjusted without any doubt,
So that I’d be prepared on draft day, and ready to shout:

To the top of my list! to the top of my dream!
I hope to get two of these guys on my team!”

The newscast was over, no more players left to change,
It was 2 in the morning, my wife thought I was strange,
To be up at that hour, on the computer I’d type,
After I win the championship, she’ll no longer gripe.

And then, in a twinkling, a thought in my head,
One last thing I can do before returning to bed.
I drew up my hand, and then I just laughed,
What’s a few more minutes up, doing another mock draft?

So I went about my business, drafting for ten pretend teams,
No longer would I have to worry about this in my dreams.
The players I’d call out, then issue some chatter,
My wife again looked over and wondered what was the matter.

My eyes must have twinkled, my dimples turned merry!
Would I get a good team? I’d have to say, very!
I would not be made at the draft to look like a fool,
Because I’d be using, the FantasySharks Draft Tool!

The mock draft went on, between me and the Shark,
It really didn’t matter, that it was well after dark.
The Shark would exclaim, that my picks were pretty good,
I was doing the very best that I could.

And soon it was over, the teams were all set,
I got the best players that I could possibly get.
The Shark did well too, and I had much to learn,
From the master of drafting, more information I did yearn!

One last sweep of the net, to read more player news,
And even some columns, to get the expert’s views.
Preparing for the draft is really hard work,
But it’s worth it so on draft day you don’t look like a jerk.

The draft was tomorrow, now time for some rest,
I want to be alert and feeling my best.
The cheatsheets were ready, I was high as a kite,

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