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Notable Numbers – Week 2

This weekend was a weird one for the NFL, with deliberately dropped balls in

Dallas, horrible blown calls in

Denver, and in

St. Louis

a left-handed pass from Eli to avoid a sack and a Torry Holt touchdown catch on his back. We can’t see all the plays though, so here are this week’s Notable Numbers.



: Total rushing yards for

Ricky Williams and

Ronnie Brown this year

In case you needed more evidence of


being a fantasy wasteland, they got spanked by another underwhelming team, the Arizona Cardinals.

Kurt Warner was also 100% through the first quarter and much of the second with his first nine attempts, which included two of

Anquan Boldin’s three touchdowns on the day. Warner is off to a strong start, but with tougher opponents ahead he’s probably a good sell high candidate.



: Minutes before snoozing through the



Also the total receiving yards for

Braylon Edwards who reportedly has a case of the dropsies, but should have an opportunity to turn it around against


in a couple of weeks. He’s done well against his next opponent, the Baltimore Ravens, and I would have a hard time benching him this week. Meanwhile,

Willie Parker and

Hines Ward continue to outperform their draft position with solid performances. If you’re someone who got Parker in the 4th round or later on Mendenhall hype, you’ve probably got some excess rushing capacity to trade for other needs.



: Yards per carry for

LaDainian Tomlinson

A toe! A toe! My kingdom for a toe! Tomlinson remains optimistic, and if he’s on your team, you’ve probably got no choice but to start him and hope for the best. If

Darren Sproles is somehow still on your wire, you should correct this immediately. On the other side, while

Jay Cutler and

Brandon Marshall were working on single-game receiving records,

Selvin Young took the rushing lead in the


tag team, but largely thanks to breaking off a 49-yard run in the second quarter. If you picked up

Eddie Royal after his big splash, hold on to him for at least another week or two.


can’t pull in 18 receptions every week. This is also my last call on

Matt Prater, who nailed a 52-yard field goal last night on top of a bunch of XPs.



: NFL Record for most sacks taken in a game

Marc Bulger

began the game on pace to break this against the Giants, but ultimately let us all down.

Torry Holt finally hit the stat sheet, doing about as well as you can expect for a team that took nearly six quarters to get it’s first 3rd down conversion of the season. On the Blue side,

Amani Toomer had a nice day for himself with six receptions and a ton of looks. This is common for him in blowouts, but it seemed like they were really trying to force the ball to him. Either he or

Steve Smith is bound to emerge on the Giants as the #2, so watch and plan accordingly.



: Total albums in Carlos Santana’s official discography, and longest reception for

Santana Moss

The deputy to

Sherriff Gonna Getcha pulled in seven receptions for over 160 yards, while

Reggie Bush continues to show off his explosive talent everywhere but behind the line of scrimmage. If you’re desperate for a running back,

Deuce McAllister is back from knee rehab, and supposed to be worked back into the game, and is probably worth stashing.



: Total yardage for the rookies at Bank of America Stadium

Other banks of


are looking shaky, as Lehman Brothers joins the list of casualties in the financial sector, but Bank of America Stadium was rich in rookie running back performances this weekend. It’s uncommon for rookies to make an immediate impact on their team, but it’s looking like

Matt Forte entered the league ready for prime time.

Jonathan Stewart won the latest round of the backfield battle in


to tie the score one apiece, but neither are looking like good options against

Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings in Week 3.



: Total combined yardage for

Aaron Rodgers and

Jon Kitna



defense continues to look horrible, while

Aaron Rodgers continues to help Packers fans forget about that Favre guy they used to watch.

Jon Kitna looked good until late-game desperation gave way to three picks.

Calvin Johnson owners rejoiced as he made his another big showing, while

Ryan Grant owners join

Vince Young on suicide watch after a miserable 20 yards on the ground. Grant was likely limited by the hamstring injury he’s been working through, and it’s a long way until the Packers bye. Now is probably a good time to hedge your bets with

Brandon Jackson if it isn’t too late in your league.



: The number of Kansas City Quarterbacks it takes to screw in a lightbulb

It only took three to lose to the Raiders, while

Larry Johnson is 22 yards closer to fantasy retirement. Despite this,

JaMarcus Russell was arguably the worst quarterback to see the field in this game, completing just six of his 17 passes. If you were hoping

Javon Walker would provide a late season spark to your receiving corps, it’s time to make different plans. Facing

Kansas City, if you can’t make it there, you can’t make it anywhere.



: Percent of

Peyton Manning’s passing yardage through

Anthony Gonzalez

The Vikings really did have Peterson All Day, while the Inexplicable Colts not only saw Gonzalez lead

Reggie Wayne and

Marvin Harrison in receiving, but two Manning interceptions, and a 30-yard miss by

Adam Viniatieri. Let me know when the former Super Bowl Champion team returns to the field or if it becomes Sorgi time.



: Number of games last season

Kevin Faulk caught more balls than

Randy Moss

Foxboro, we have a problem.

Matt Cassel got the job done against the Jets, but seemed reluctant to throw it downfield, which is where Randy Moss earns his paycheck. Moss only pulled in two receptions, fewer than

Kevin Faulk, and even

Chansi Stuckey, who might be making a bid for

Wayne Chrebet’s old job of occasionally making Coles and Cotchery owners miserable. As for Moss, it’s only a matter of time before he and


get on the same page. You don’t want him on your bench when it happens.



: Longest yardage

DeSean Jackson can hold on to a football

Brian Westbrook

falling at the 1-yard-line to let the clock run out last season was brilliant.

DeSean Jackson flipping the ball at the 1-yard-line in celebration was ridiculous. Equally ridiculous is not jumping on a loose ball in a shoot-out after watching a stupid move like




: Square root of

Chad Ocho Cinco

Two top receivers, still no performance. I’m one week away from being convinced

Carson Palmer has been abducted, and the Bengals have quietly slipped in

Matt Leinart, whose weekends are mostly free.



: Total touches for

Fred Jackson

With six carries and seven receptions against the Jaguars, he should jump on to your radar. He’s firmly behind

Marshawn Lynch on the depth chart, but he could become an interesting option in weeks likely to produce a lot of garbage time. Finally, congratulations to

James Hardy on his first NFL reception and first NFL touchdown. At 6-foot-5 – that’s 196cm for you metric fans – there are surely more to come, maybe even this year.

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